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Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:18 am
by Eloisa
Thanks Nicky,

Sounds good in regards to suggestion re feedback, agreed we want to address it all really clearly. I will keep checking in and feeling about it.

I agree it is really cool to read each of our feelings on the matter and what is going on. It is quite interesting to see where I am skipping stuff/missing stuff or have similar feelings.

Thanks, Lena and MM too.

Love Eloisa

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:26 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

Another unloving woman vs woman interaction here between Patricia and Tara again, which I have addressed:


After giving myself more time to feel about what has gone on between these women, I'm feeling reasonably confident that we have identified most of the dynamics at play between them (very open to any pointers from Mary and/or Jesus and would be massively appreciated to see if there are certain things we may have missed, depending on your guys' time constraints!)

I reckon these strikes should be issued:

Cari: 1 Amber Strike

Maintaining facade, being resistive/not humble to other suggestions from women who do not agree with her own thoughts and feelings on things

Marjorie: 1 Amber Strike

Pointing out her unloving behaviour in the thread with Rita R and Maureen, providing support to the abuser (Rita R) due to her not being sensitive to her own injuries with placating angry women. I feel Marjorie genuinely didn't have much of a clue as to what was going on with Rita R and maureen.

Rita R: Red Strike

Being condescending, manipulative, abusive and dismissive towards Maureen whilst maintaining a heavy facade.

Maureen: 2 Amber strikes

Choosing to retaliate in defensiveness by not being humble to her own hurt feelings when exposed on the forum, particularly in the thread with Rita R.

Being drawn back to these threads out of compulsion/addiction at wanting to feel valued, recognised etc by these women.

If any of you guys feel the strikes should be different, I would appreciate your thoughts and feelings! There is a heck of a lot going on in these forum interactions with the above peeps.

Also, if any of you would like to write up somebody's strike thread, let me know! We can then arrange things here before posting publicly.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:29 pm
by Mary
Hi guys,

I'm sorry I haven't had more time to catch up with EVERYTHING that is going on here!! It's out of control with these ladies.

Just saw the thread with Patricia and Tara - to be honest I did feel that P's response was actually quite sincere and I think it was fine that she did it publicly. It is a public forum and she acted unlovingly publicly, so I see it is appropriate to at least acknowledge that she now sees that publicly. I didn't feel that she was addictive in the way she did this.

HOWEVER Tara - I feel A LOT of bitchy facade coming from her and as you point out Nicky a desire to hurt Patricia.

This comment for example:

"The way you treated me has shown me I still have lots of work to do on myself."

is complete bollocks. She is actually feeling high and mighty over P throughout her post.

Also, she gets really condescending:

"A good start is realizing you have been unloving, at this point I feel that most of the reasons are unknown to you and it will take time to go through to feel your way through the process of recognizing these things and healing yourself. It may help you to watch the videos AJ has done on Forgiveness, Repentance, Compensation, and Prayer."

I feel I need to be a bit more specific about some of my feedback to P as this comment from Tara:

"Also Mary has pointed out you have done this to others besides me, so why am I the only one to get a public apology?"

shows that what I said could be clearer. I don't feel that P has behaved in exactly the way she did with T with others, only that she has a tendency to withdraw and avoid feedback - not to be harsh on others!

In short I feel T's condition is much darker than P's and I am wondering why she isn't being given a Red Strike? or at least a few Ambers? :)

I also acknowledge that Elo you felt that there was stuff going on for Tara in her thread with P, and to be honest I was so busy that I didn't take the time to consider what was going on. So, a big lesson I reckon is feel through everything before I give the feedback!

OK guys - I'll try for the audio recording TODAY :) and raise a few other issues that I reckon could improve things.

You are all ace.

MM xo

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:05 pm
by Nicky
Thanks a lot for sharing your feelings Mary and pointing the stuff out about Patricia, which I've corrected. :)

Yes it has been crazy here with these girl vs girl interactions.

It's been taking a while to feel through things due to the tonne of stuff going on with these girls. Things literally just erupted with these women over the space of 2 days. I'm just glad we managed to lock the thread to give ourselves time to reflect/feel before going public with feedback/strikes!

The Tara response to Patricia is a RED STRIKE definitely. I'll write that one up now.

Ooooh awesome thanks Mary, looking forward to hearing it soon!



Mary, I've just written the strike thread to Tara. Not sure if you are wanting to add a bit of your own stuff to the thread regarding the misinterpretation Tara made of your feedback to Patricia? Didn't wanna go ahead and do this on your behalf in case there was anything more that you would have wanted to add.

Thanks :)

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:26 am
by Eloisa
Hey Nicky,

I would like to have a go at writing up one of the ladies. I don't mind which.

Thanks for pointing out what you feel goes to who. I have been hanging back I must admit due to feeling quite afraid of potential rage and not trusting what I am feeling.

Thanks for the feedback and thoughts Mary.

I have a couple of others to also reply to about their angry responses to addictions being pointed out, Em & Abram. I have felt uncertain the last few days so have been procrastinating. My addictions have been exposed too and I didn't want to be posting 'out of them'. I am still worried I might be, but will keep feeling.

I feel that this is a positive step in making this forum as you envisaged Nicky. And since being bumped up to be able to give strikes things have definitely come up for me. As you said 'trust your gut' and go for it ....

Love to you all,


PS I am really glad you wrote to Tara and issued the red strike...

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:39 pm
by Nicky
Hi Eloisa

Yea I feel Emily should be issued with two amber strikes due to her 2 posts on the forum - The intro and also her response to you which was also addictive/resistive as well as the anger contained within it.

I have seen your interaction with Abram and reckon he should now be issued with 1 amber strike for his response to you. As you pointed out to him, I have given him numerous feedback since he joined the forum over time. He is visibly still the same as he was months ago. His response to you was resistive and as you said, there was some anger/frustration that I feel he was just projecting rather than feeling privately about. Maybe issuing an amber strike to him will allow him to self-reflect further and look at his emotions more sincerely. I feel he has a big addiction going on with wanting to feel comforted by women, and as you were more direct/honest with him about his procrastination, it challenged his addiction and he wasn't humble to that. The vast majority of his threads attract a stream of women offering "advice" to him.

I feel you will be challenging your addictions/fear in the best possible way by issuing these strikes (taking action) to Abram and Em. Of course take however much time you need to feel about these interactions that have come your way following the feedback you gave to them if you are still unsure of the issues going on for these guys.

I have been learning that the best way is to take the action and allow the expression of these feelings (fear or whatever it may be) which come up naturally/automatically once the action has been taken. It's pretty intense but you grow the fastest like this, which I feel is living more in harmony with God's way.

I was relying heavily on my guide to help me in the early days of the forum going live with facing my own addictions with women that were exposed pretty much instantly....cheers God! :shock: Jesus did give me the best advice to "trust my gut feelings" and I recognised that this was where my guide's assistance was found. It has massively increased my trust in him up until recently where he has backed off from assisting me as much with some things ha

There's a big old list of strike threads to get through this week!


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:52 pm
by Lena
Hi guys,

I have seen Abram's response to Eloisa and thought it wasn't right, so have written a small response. I should have checked this space with your recent decision to strike him.

I don't think my comment would conflict this decision in any way though, however my comment is not complete in any way, as he does have an addiction going on, which you guys have been addressing with him for some time now. He actually feels similar to spiritinfluence2 to me, with the similar demand to alleviate his responsibility to feel his stuff.

sorry if I have doubled up on anything

x Lena

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:21 pm
by Lena
... So I was self reflecting a bit though, and found interesting that I wasn't following any of the women threads, until I visited one day and saw the opening post by Nicky here.
Since then I have found that I am not drawn to investigate the depths of the issues that are going on. Like I am avoiding diving into it all.
While I was just feeling few things at home, I feel it is still not the reason why I have pretty much avoided the entire drama series here.

I would like to see if I can issue a strike in a loving manner, following many examples Nicky and Mary have done so far.
I know that it means I will investigate the matter more deeply and will need to connect to it emotionally.

My main fear that I don't think I can do it though, but I have to try.

Anyways Nicky, if you haven't started on writing anything to Cari or Marjorie I would like to give it a go. I thought I would leave the heavy lifting to you for Rita R and Maureen. And I am thrilled that I can type it here first.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:27 pm
by Nicky
Hey Lena

Haha! Yea sure if you would like to experiment with writing the strikes out for Marjorie and/or Cari, that would be great. I very much look forward to reading your strike thread(s).

If there is anything else that I would like to add, I'll just write a post on the strike thread itself afterwards but I'm confident both you guys will be fine though. We have discussed a lot of the stuff in here which has been an awesome exercise for us all I reckon.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:35 pm
by Eloisa
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Really appreciate them.

I will get onto responses to Em and Abram.

Love Eloisa