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Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:39 am
by Eloisa
Hey Guys,

I am happy to write up a strike for Rita R, Maureen, Cari or Marjorie if any are left to do.

Let me know if you have completed them all yet or if the opportunity still exists.



Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:49 am
by Lena


Admins have had a long discussion about some of the women interactions on the forum, and it has been decided to expose as many addictions and intentions as we can at this time.

In order to help these women, and women&men who are reading, to learn from these interactions, which without a doubt happen in their private life, and for majority cases these women do not know that they happen.

I have decided to issue Marjorie with an AMBER STRIKE due to the posting in addiction to avoid her fears in the following thread:


Marjorie in your post you have emotionally sided with domineering, arrogant woman in this case being Rita R.

You have stated:
“I must say that I felt the same way as Rita about your response to her initial question.”

You were completely unable to feel and see that Rita R had very strong unloving emotions projected at Maureen and has been initially unloving to Maureen, in fact to anyone who was reading her posts, by being arrogant, in facade, dismissive, attacking.
It is out of harmony with God’s truth and love to side with an abuser, as this only supports the abuser and promotes more unloving justified actions on their behalf.
You have completely missed out on the strong emotions coming from Rita R towards Maureen.

Which indicates, that you are either afraid of the more dominating woman and will side with her, or actually agree with her being arrogant, dismissive, angry and insincere.
I feel it is more of an fear issue for yourself here.

You were only able to see or comment on Maureen’s post.
This is due for a couple of reasons:
1. Maureen is not in a facade so very easy to understand
2. She is expressing how she feels in writing, sincerely, whether it about loving or unloving feelings

You note:
“Your second reply back to Rita was angry in my view and your response seems to be related to an injury you have regarding being misunderstood:”
I would recommend you to investigate your own feelings of discomfort while you were drawn to read the exchange between these women, and maybe even feel reasons why Maureen felt the need to defend herself. What could she feel coming at her from Rita R. etc..

Being unaware of the full picture in the event can be a very dangerous place to be, while being on the forum or in your private life.
Looking at the current example it indicates that you can not feel when a woman is in a facade and is arrogant and insincere.

I have decided to outline the issues you have, in a hope that this may help you raise some questions about your own attractions in life, your blocking emotions to feel women completely.
As just like yourself I have had many struggles with the very same issue and I know how much this has affected my personal life and still does to a large degree, this addiction to placate to dominating, angry or powerful women, or to be exact to placate to your own fear is a very blind place, as it does not allow you to fully be aware of situations in your life, it will not allow you to grow closer to God on these issues either.

You will be able to read more thorough feedbacks, once they become available here, to each one of these women who were involved in the conversation, and I suggest if you read them to investigate your own feelings you had in comparison about the interaction.
Or simply by going over the original exchange and try to feel again what was really going on for you.

Anyways, I hope this will be of help to you.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:41 am
by Lena
Hi guys,

I feel Cari may need 2 Amber Strikes what do you recon?

1. Posting on the forum in facade 'wanting to know', asking questions without humility to want to know all Truth on the matter, invested in her own opinion of her intentions and wanting to maintain that facade when it is confronted.
2. And attempts to manipulate and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over situation or others while resisting feedback and remaining to be insincere


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:03 am
by Lena
Cari AMBER SRIKE 1 & 2


As some of you may have noticed there has been a number of feedback from admins going towards women on this forum, in order to expose as many addictions and intentions behind these posts as we can at this time.

I have decided to issue Cari with 2 AMBER STRIKES

1. Posting on the forum in facade 'wanting to know', engaging to ask questions without humility to want to know all Truth on the matter, staying invested in her own opinion about her intentions and wanting to maintain that facade of herself even when it is confronted.
2. And attempts to manipulate and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over situation or others while resisting feedback and remaining to be insincere

This disciplinary action is due to posting in the following thread:

Cari, first of all, I feel you have not posted your initial post with a sincere desire - an open heart to know the Truth on this matter. I feel you have posted still in addiction to want only people comment what you wanted to hear from them. Thus already preventing any possibility of a feedback to be received.
The highlighted issues will be visible in my comments below and in the quotes.

The following shows that you do have some issues with humility and to be sincere enough to ask for help and stay open to that help. And you actually go on and act out the very emotion you describe, below, in the entire exchange.

You said:
“ I know that AJ has said previously that we only really need to pray to God, but at the same time there are also so many spirits that are trying to help us as well. I get very conflicted with this. Not because I disagree, but because I have been in a place for so long that I would not ask for help, that I really feel I need help now and am still judging myself for feeling that way. Judging myself still that I really shouldn't ask for help, I should be stronger than this. “
After you have received many suggestions from Maureen on the post subject, you show your ongoing resistance and an attempt to manipulate what you said in order to get what you wanted to hear from people, rather than see what has been suggested to you:

It is obvious here:
“I don't know that I really communicated what I was thinking.”
As it is difficult to write what we feel and often can be an issue with misunderstadnigns, I do not feel this is the case here. I feel you use this comment to try to get your way over Maureen and to brush off anything that she has actually suggested to you, suggesting that she has misunderstood you.

You continue to ask:
“ The over cloaking and all the things that these spirits can do to influence us makes me feel like I want to communicate with the ones that are with me. Is that an acceptable thing to do?”
And while Maureen has suggested for you to look at possible addictions you may have in having this desire, you have reacted to such a suggestions with a strong feeling that your intentions are actually pure.
However it is evident to me from your own post that you do have a self serving intention in this desire.

I will be direct with you on the question you have actually raised in your post and will say, that it is actually hypocritical, selfish of you and arrogant to think, that you can help spirits to progress or to leave you, when they have been attracted to you due to the feelings you have but you not yet had a desire to release, however you want to help them to feel theirs feelings while you are bloked to yours, do you see an issue with that and that it will never work in practice.

You say here:
“One told me that I did not want to know and the other one told me that it wouldn't let me move forward, because "I couldn't handle it" the answer that was to come.”
I would suggest to you, that what spirits were telling you, were your own actual blocks and beliefs about being emotionally overwhelmed. And once you will work through those issues, you would no longer have/need spirits who would tell you such a things.
And even if they were still around, they would be more willing to know then than any other time.

You state:
“I love you all and I am asking you to please be open and allow me to move forward with this, I really need to do this and I would appreciate it if you could support me and just love me through this. “
You are engaging in addiction with these spirits and actually emotionally asking their permission to feel your stuff. Which is a codependent relationship. So again, this is a good place for you to come back to and re-read your own comments.

While this may have made you feel like their oppression has stopped and maybe has worked once, which I can not comment about what emotions you were able to feel under such a circumstances.
I can tell you from my personal experience that this will not work with spirits who will do anything to get their addictions through your addictions met and will feel very angry with you about wanting to confront them, your addictions and people on earth with the same feelings as them.
They will not want to budge or relief you of their oppression, while there are things that they know they can get from being around you.

So do you see now that what Maureen has actually been trying to tell you is very valid and relevant. To look at your intentions behind wanting to engage with these spirits and telling yourself a story that you wish to do so out of love for them.

The following quote I feel especially outlines your resistance to look at your addictions and resistance for self reflection on this subject:
“Thank you again for continuing with me in this thread as it definitely has given me some things to consider about my intent, belief systems, communication in relationships, and so forth. I absolutely do mean it when I tell these spirits that I love them, no matter what condition that they are attracted to me in. “
I feel some annoyance in this first sentence, and not a true gratitude on your part. So you are not honest when you say thank you to Maureen. Which highlights the addiction of wanting to appear nice and polite. This addiction only accelerates in your second sentence. When you insist to love spirits who oppress you and slow down your progression towards God.
I feel you have an big addiction to feel like you love others. Which actually you may find out, will be another block in your progression towards God. As God only will respond to your true feelings and not a facade of being loving.

I can see now how this entire paragraph actually feels to me as a facade and not sincere statements. In fact the first sentence contradicts your second sentence to a large degree. You say that you will consider your belief systems and so forth, however want to insist on one of your addictions and false beliefs in the very second sentence.

And here:
“You have mentioned a lot of your personal things in this thread as well. I want you to know that I have read them and that what you are going through, discovering, sharing, and so on is important. At this time though other than what I just said, I do not feel that I want to make any additional comments about it.”
In this comment your ongoing frustration with Maureen is more obvious. As it feels like you grew tired of yjod interaction, due to not having addictions met. And I also feel that you felt some degree of condescension towards Maureen and her sharing with you therefore did not appreciate her honesty with you contrary to what you said.

And finally the last bit:
“While I may not have addressed everything that you said or think that I should have responded to ,if you choose to would you please share with me where I actually expressed in this communication that I would not look into the the things that you had said?”
Well Cari, I feel it is unloving of you to expect somebody who was honest and has spent hours of time to share with you some truth to want them do extra work, in the meantime you have remained in your facade and resistance and have been very dismissive, but now wanting Maureen to work harder to help you with it.

I have tried my best to outline the issues I have seen in your exchange with Maureen and give you some examples and my feedback about your comments. So I hope this is what you wanted.

I feel this disciplinary action may help you see the lack of sincerity and amount of resistance you have and desire for your facade and addictions to be maintained which all needs your attention and work if you wish to grow closer to God.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:55 pm
by Nicky
Hey guys

Eloisa, I read your strikes to Emily and Abram and I reckon you did a great job. I felt I would just like to offer you my
feelings on it and also because I know you had a bit of apprehension with feeling through the stuff and issuing the strikes.

In addition to your question, I have written up and issued the strikes to Rita R and Maureen as I felt to write them in such a way to connect them with one another in the hope that it is clear to people whom read it as to why the disciplinary action was taken but also, in taking up a great opportunity in providing an awesome lesson to everyone else on the forum in terms of how I feel the loving way to engage here looks like (or seemingly, what it doesn't look like!) Apologies for this as I can see you were quite keen to go for these.

After reading your strike threads I can see why 2 amber strikes are probably more appropriate for Cari, rather than the one I initially thought about.

Thanks so much guys for all of this, I reckon we are doing a decent job here with dealing with a number of very tricky and lengthy issues that have come up on the forum as of late, particularly with these women. I am enjoying the experience of working together with you all.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:53 pm
by Nicky
Oh Lena, I forgot to add, I did provide Cari with some feedback 1-2 months ago in the below thread:


I don't know if you might like to refer to this when finalising your strike thread.

Also Eloisa, just noticed, you missed issuing Em with a second board warning. I believe she only has 1 warning against her profile.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:15 pm
by Lena
Hi guys,

I just would like to say to everyone here a big thank you.

Nicky thanks for your encouragement, and a gift to allow me to express my observations and feelings, i am sure there are better ways you may have felt to do it, and yet have given up the task to me to try at.

My experiment with writing up the strikes has exposed some interesting emotions which I did not anticipate to be.
eg Like I thought I have no idea about anything, and then when I started writing and reading and feeling, it was easier to know the feeling then I thought initially, however I did find that I actually had some resistance about spending so much time on this exercise. As it took me many hours to do it. and I had some supporting feelings for this resistance which I am yet to fully feel about.

Hey and I also noticed that I had a slightly different feeling towards each women I was writing to. So Marjori, I had a lot more compassion vs I had for Cari. So there maybe an issue of love for me too.

I also feel why I have avoided to write to Maureen, as I had some old fears about her not liking me anymore. Which I found, while I was writing strikes to Marjorie and Cari, that that fear was not true, as I had more love for these women than I initially thought I had and Maureen would probably have felt it this time better than in my engagement with her in the past. As I had many fears and blame rather than love for her.

anyways, thanks again everyone, I cant believe the opportunity and what it has shown me!


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:18 pm
by Mary
Hi guys,

Please stop with your strikes - I have just recorded you a sound file cause I feel that you guys have a lot going on here (not the people you are striking but you guys yourselves...)

Sorry I haven't been more on top of this - it is only today that I have managed to go and actually read some of the threads you are discussing here and I feel that a lot of your interpretation and the timings of giving the strikes is not loving.

So, I'll send that sound recording through to you shortly - but till then its important you stop striking people.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:00 am
by Lena
Hi Mary,

thank you for offering that, it would be good to know what's going on for us.

will be away from computer until tonight though


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:08 am
by Nicky
Hi Mary

Thanks a lot for your post and recording the sound file. Look forward to learning/understanding what's going on.