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Women >< Women

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:39 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

So I am noticing a theme going on here on the forum with regards to how the women are interacting with one another, as you may have noticed yourselves.

There is stuff going on here for Patricia (and a bit for Tara):


Stuff here for Jem & Niky (I addressed Niky's stuff in the strike thread concerning her yesterday):


Stuff going on here between Moti and Cari


Stuff going on here between Moti and Rita R


I have some feelings as to what may be going on for these girls which I will be giving myself a couple of hours to feel about them more tomorrow. Just thought i'd make a thread listing the topics to give you guys a bit of a heads up and see what you think may be going on.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:52 pm
by Lena
Hi Guys,

Thanks Nicky for bringing it all together here.
As it gives an opportunity for learning what it's all about. I appreciate it.

Yes I thought these communications were all very interesting.
I really don't think I have a clear view on any of them. And to be honest I saw myself in many of them, at times I would have engaged in the similar manner.

Just a few observations:

For Patricia and others on that thread about water. I actually would have preferred to just see the extracts from seminars about water, as I personally do actually find that info is of value, well to me it was very much when I heard it first.
That is without Patricia's personal input, however since she has done it the way she has, it than attracted women "peaking" on her post, sort of speak.
And she then, what feels to me, became defensive.
So there is a self-invested thing going on for Pat there perhaps...?

As for the Jem and Niki.
Well honestly I don't feel Jem was really asking, but more sharing, with a long story, rather than a summary. When Niki replied I felt they were in codependant addiction with each other.
Exactly what Niki has been looking for on this forum.

And for Maureen and Cari and Rita.
I found Cari is in a self controlled, facade like, state while Maureen is going out of her way to explain things (which is something I have been compelled to do myself). A big addiction covering a lot of fear and grieve. I felt Maureen's gifts were not received but rather looked down upon and emotionaly rejected. I feel mainly because Maureen is over sharing herself, and feels to me has been judged for that by Cari (and later by Rita)

Similar thing feels with Rita.
I feel she wasn't very sincere in her asking.
And Maureen didn't pick up on that and again went out of her way to help Rita.

I feel Rita and Cari both are maintaining a facade, and a desire to stay in control of their emotional responses, which feels very harsh toward Maureen.

I do feel this is a great opportunity for everyone.
I just don't think i can feel it all very well.

Thanks guys

P.s a little disclaimer.
I know Maureen has a history with women treat her in this way. She has attracted this harsh treatment often whenever she is sharing herself, often addictively, but with her best intention in mind at the time. However she also has a tendency to overreact when ever she is not received and get upset about that very quickly, almost explode with reaction.
I have had a similar interaction personally with her, when we both have not been humble to our feelings, and the interaction has turned very ugly very quick, and abusive to a large degree.
So under all of that was an avoidance of deep hurt for Maureen, and for me a massive fear and self doubt and self attack, covered over by addictions which has brought us into the engagement of that kind.

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:29 pm
by Mary
Hi guys,

I'm just doing a bit of catch up. I just posted a strike and response to Patricia that I had been working on. I feel confident about what I have written there - based on finally pinning down the feeling of what was bugging me about Patricia's postings since the commencement of the forum!

There may be more but I am clear on the dominant feeling I feel from her.

I will take a look at the others. I haven't read Rita's postings but what I feel from her already is tonnes of facade and anger (that she is denying).

If I have the chance to 'feel' out anything :) I'll post here or direct in the threads - unless Nicky you would like to do the direct posts?

Also, I will try and do a sound recording for you all in the next couple of days.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:40 pm
by Lena
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your insights I am very looking forward to see the lessons of love on all of this.
As I feel this is a massive gift for me to learn from emotionally, not to sound selfish about it.

Sorry if I missed it somewhere, how or where do you post sound recordings? Or are they just for Nicky, which is cool.

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:48 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

Thanks Lena for your thoughts and feelings on what may be going on. Lena, I agree with what you said about Jem. She was just sharing a story in a very addictive way. There are also a number of things in her initial post that are just not true due to facade/denial stuff (the bit about she was innocent and like a child until 27 years of age and that being her real self being one example). I feel she is sharing in a narcissistic manner which is further highlighted by her decision to post the thread in the assistance section of the forum to get attention and bring others into her narcissism i.e. Niky who is the same.

Jem wasn't really asking a question either. She just wanted someone to tell her she was right about her own conclusions of herself which Niky did. I reckon it is quite clear to see that Jem got her addiction met with her response to Niky as it made her "feel good"

Yes Lena I agree with what you shared about Maureen, particularly the last bit of your post. It got quite ugly towards the end of the desire thread for all involved so that's why I ended up locking it.

Thanks Mary for writing up a strike and offering feedback to Patricia....4 strike threads in two days. It's gotta be done though I reckon. I've started noticing a bit more clearly how addictively/facade/insincerely people are engaging on the forum so I reckon these strikes may increase over the next week or two. In response to your question Mary, as all you guys can issue strikes and give feedback, i'm completely cool with you sharing publicly or privately in here, I don't mind either way.

I think there could also be a strike or two on the cards for Emily as well.

I reckon if Jesus was running the forum, there would be nobody left at this rate! :lol:

Awesome, cheers Mary 8-) Lena, Mary tends to record a file and send via email so if Mary is planning on recording one for us all, I reckon it will come through into our emails.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:27 am
by Mary
No worries Nicky. I thought that since you mentioned these threads specifically you may have already started writing feedback etc and I didn't want us to double up.

Yes, I'll email the sound file to each of you.

Just starting to review the threads you highlighted Nicky and I feel that I would like to a general posting on the forum about women and their mothers. I feel a lot of what is going on is reflecting a tonne of stuff about each women's relationship with their mother (no surprise there!) and I think it would be a great time for me to write something general about this.

Time is tight here while we are attempting to complete the content for our first AG but I will try to compile something (even if it is brief) in the next day or two and then perhaps that can be a reference for other feedbac you give

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:32 am
by Lena
Hi Nicky,

I had a look at how Emily responded to what you said to Max and what Eloisa said to her. And yes she is in resistance and admits it to a degree.

I do feel there was a mother daughter theme playing up between Max and Em. Em wanting support and encouragement from Max.

I initially wanted to issue her with a warning, to outline that she has to be more honest about wanting a feedback but when she gets it she rebels against it publicly so, without much feeling about it, but while continues to state that she is grateful. Which is confusing her self and others from the real issue.

Do you feel that a strike is more appropriate in this case, based on lacking sincerity and posting in addiction and resistance?


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:12 am
by Nicky
Hi guys

Ah ok Mary, I see what you probs at all. Yea I reckon that would be wicked and really beneficial to everyone here, not just for the women. I will try to tie it in with the feedback I will share with the women involved.

Thanks a lot for the sound file too, really appreciate all of your help Mary, particularly as like you said, the AG's are coming up so your pretty hectic right now!

Yep Lena, I feel there is some more addiction in Em's response and I feel it does show a lack of sincerity. I don't feel she has taken the time to properly reflect and feel about the feedback shared with her as the same addiction is coming through in her reply and I can feel a bit of anger there too as a result.


Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:06 am
by Eloisa
Hi Guys,

I had some clear feelings and parts that I have no idea about, like WHY they are choosing to act as they are. I got a few feelings on some of it but wasn't 'sure' with every interaction.

1. Thanks MM for writing up the strike for Patricia. I had begun with what I could see, which was how she contradicted herself, but I didn't feel clear about the underlying addiction and issues going on, so it was great to read your response. I also felt that she got condescending in the post towards the feminine side of the soul not being logical?. Anyway thanks and for clarifying the water thing giving your real opinions on that too :) .

I did feel Tara had stuff going on too, but I felt that Patricia's frustration at her was not warranted towards her. And as you point out Mary and Nicky did also to me, that Patricia began the thread and she had set herself up as an expert which was bound to attract questions.

2. Nicky, thanks for locking the thread with Maureen and Rita R. I realised I ought to have done that when I woke up saw you had done it and Majorie had jumped in backing up Rita.

3. My feelings between Maureen and Rita are that there is a lot of anger from Rita towards Maureen for 'suggesting' things she doesn't like or want to see within herself. I feel looking at her threads that as long as you 'agree' with her everything is 'okay' when you don't she gets a bit nasty. I felt that Rita got really nasty actually, suggesting that Maureen is like her husband - psychologically and emotionally abusive - and I feel that there are a lot of things she is saying that are actually untrue and off. Like she say's that she is 'facing a fear of attack' when she is the one who feels attacking. Also she tries to twist her words to make out she is the one receiving the unloving treatment and that it is maureen fault.

Interesting that Majorie backed Rita R up which could be about her fear of the likes of Rita so she is jumping in to defend her, or because she actually agrees too? or due to spirits using her to help attack Maureen? I don't feel clear on this.

I feel that Maureen attracts this type of woman, and as Lena said it has happened before and due to knowing this I wondered if this was a similar attraction, particularly with others jumping in and supporting the attacker rather than feeling how sad she feels about it (similar to myself here, gets defensive rather than grieving).

What I notice for Maureen is that she feels 'hurt' and goes and defends herself and gets angry at being attacked. Some of what she shares is really interesting and some I felt that when Lena said it that she could be oversharing as her posts are really long and sometimes a bit overwhelming to read through. I also feel this feeling of wanting to 'help' others and really tries to make them understand. I notice also that she notices that it is off and she needs to head off and feel about it, but she is pulled back into defending herself when again attacked.

It saddened me that they all are attacking each other and it feels really horrible.

4. I noticed stuff going on with Matt Mondragon and Rita R also, how she claims that she 'started the Divine Love party 18 years ago before she even knew about Jesus and Mary' which I feel is a bit arrogant suggesting she is somehow far more spiritually developed than others? might be off on that. I feel she is condescending to her son and I also wonder if she has set up an emotionally incestuous relationship with him due to what she has shared about her former husband and son?.

link to Matt and Rita interaction


5. I find Cari harder as I feel she is totally in facade, sometimes I feel some annoyance from her when feedback is given she doesn't like but she really wants to appear 'nice' and 'grateful'. I don't feel she really wanted all Maureen's feedback very much, and likes the discussions where it is far more addictive and everything is 'nice'.

6. Emily: I feel she is more coherent in this email, I feel she is more honest that she doesn't like the feedback and she is resistive & rebellious, but wants to justify it and I feel feels that I am 'just like her mum', which is a way I feel of trying to get me to not be as honest with her and I can identify some manipulation in it with my personal injury set at this time (my feelings coming in here). I don't think she is thankful for what was raised for her, she is okay with what was raised for Maxine. I was relieved to feel her being a bit more truthful re the rebellion and anger rather than totally overcloaked.

7. Jem - I agree with Lena, I feel she is just getting into a story and wanting to avoid a heap of painful things that she has experienced, but likes sharing rather than feeling about it. Niky I feel wants to have others do the work for her and not feel about anything for real. I wrote to her but didn't follow up re-reading over all her interactions that stack up to a big addiction going on. I reckon the feedback you gave her was really good Nicky.

I feel really sad that women treat each other so badly and they treat men so badly, I had a chat to some women about this last Friday and here it is - for me to feel about. I remember you writing something Mary about how a real loving woman would treat others, with kindness, compassion be soft, but still be herself, honour truth and love in all interactions and I feel that this is something that I have yet to grow into and I notice other women being really unkind for lots of different reasons. If only we choose to stop attacking and begin feelings and loving for real. I see that error wants to defend itself and humility and a real desire to love are quality to be sincerely developed (reflections for myself).

Thanks so much to all of you for sharing and discussing and for taking the time to do so!

As the strikes come up I feel that it opens up more space for sincerity to be expressed and grow. I have lots of addiction stuff to deal with and this is being very much reflected right now!

thanks Guys


PS Nicky just wondering who you have begun formulating responses to? I am happy to write some of them up!

Re: Women >< Women

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:43 pm
by Nicky
Hey Eloisa

Thanks for your self-reflections and feelings on things. In response to your question, I have completed and shared my feedback with Jem but as of yet, not begun compiling feedback for Maureen, Cari, Marjorie and Rita R, partly because I am not sure on the full dynamics of everything.

Yea that is totally cool with me (you desiring to offer some feedback). I have been thinking about what could be the best way to deliver the feedback publicly as it could get quite messy, unclear and confusing if there isn't some kind of method to it.

I reckon the best thing to do is that we write what we feel from the women here and then one of us (don't mind who) reads through the stuff we share and feels about what is true, puts together the feedback and shares it publicly. That way we don't end up doubling up as Mary mentioned.

If Mary does get round to creating a thread regarding women and their mother related injuries, I think the feedback could go in this new thread (linking these other threads from there) so that it can all be tied in together in one place rather than being spread out across the forum. If not, we could just take a thread each or something?

As I have not yet properly shared my feelings about what may be going on with Maureen, Cari, Marjorie and Rita R, I will do that below:


I feel she is attracted to such threads with women in an addictive/compulsive sense and I reckon her desire to help these women is not as pure as she feels it to be. To me I feel this is apparent due to the nature of her posts being drawn out, lengthy and I feel a bit drained when reading them. I feel she has an addiction at wanting to be listened to and valued by other women and has an investment that they accept her advice because of her own feelings of inferiority and lack of self worth with women.

Although I feel the majority of the stuff she has shared on the threads is true, in terms of the advice given, when the women respond back to her in facade (Cari) or anger (Rita R) and do not give her these feelings, her hurt is triggered. Instead of letting herself feel this hurt, she has not been humble to the opportunity/attraction and has been drawn back to the discussions compulsively and has responded in anger and defensiveness herself, which I feel is quite clear in her posts to Rita and Marjorie.


I feel Cari is still in quite an amount of addiction and facade. In her spirit related thread, there are some things that she has shared which demonstrate to me some of her own injuries. I feel Maureen has accurately brought up some of these with her and at a soul level, I feel Cari has repelled this. Maureen has felt that and in her own addiction of wanting Cari to "see the truth" (which ironically forms part of the discussion between themselves and the spirits) maureen was drawn back time and again to the discussion in an attempt to feel valued and recognised.

It does not seem obvious in what Cari writes due to her maintaining her facade when posting, but I feel that she had quite an amount of resistance to what Maureen shared with her. She is saying "thanks" to Maureen but I feel these are just words rather than the feeling of gratitude attached to them.


I feel Marjorie has an addiction to placate a domineering, seemingly superior and angry women (i.e. Rita R). In Maureen's posts, she does not display a facade in the sense that what she has written is a true reflection of her real feelings (the anger and defensiveness) whereas Rita R has been in facade and has used words "diplomatically" and because of this, and Marjorie's own addiction, she is not sensitive to the anger, condescension and feelings of superiority that Rita R is projecting towards Maureen and felt compelled to join in.

Rita R:

I feel Rita R is in heavy facade. For example she stated that she has huge feelings of unworthiness which I think is not true.I feel as though she as you pointed out Eloisa, quite arrogant. This can be seen where Rita R felt a compulsion to share such details about her being an attractive women when she was younger, got loads of attention from men, as well as stating her art business being relatively successful. I feel part of the reason for her posting the thread on desire was a way to show this off to others. When Maureen was attracted to the thread and posted, I feel Rita got pretty angry and manipulative in response as she did not like what Maureen shared with her. I feel Rita R has an injury of being superior to others (being special) and this triggered Maureen's feelings of lack of self worth/inferiority.

But yea, these are my feelings on what my be going on. I am probably off with some of it, so would be amazing to determine God's Truth on it all. Huge learning opportunity for everyone on the forum here! It's wicked to hear how you guys are seeing it.