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Board Warning Issuing Example

Post by Nicky » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:13 pm

Hi guys

Following on from Mary's audio feedback, an opportunity presented itself this morning whereby I could test out this new guidance which was shared with us in the file in terms of issuing board warnings.

I believe if I have somewhat understood Mary's feedback, I have taken what I feel is a necessary step to issue a board warning to a new user. Here is a link below if you would like to take a look:


Just thought I'd create a thread which may help you guys if what I have done here is in harmony with the guidance Mary shared.

I have realised that one of my own errors in love since the forum went live is that I was attributing a board warning to a strike. e.g. somebody would only ever get a board warning if they received an amber strike. I now see that this has not been a beneficial and appropriate use of this function on the forum board itself and board warnings can be issued WITHOUT the need for a strike, just to help raise awareness for that person and so gives them a chance to reflect and potentially choose to change before engaging further on the forum. If they are sincere to what has been shared with them, then there is no need for a strike. This feels more freeing to me and I can feel the benefits/love in approaching forum admin stuff in this manner.


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