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Re: CraigN - Help

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:38 am
by Nicky
haha yea Lena, if spirits could influence bots then we would be truly screwed!

Eloisa, yea sure - what i'd try to do is just stick to the facts (unloving, attacking, manipulative behaviour, attack of not just me but other forum members along with the other stuff you have mentioned - listing all the terms of use that have been breached).

Re: CraigN - Help

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:57 am
by Eloisa
CraigN has been issued with a Red Strike due to going on a spree of angry, accusatory behaviour for which I can't see a reason other than to purposely and particularly attack Nicky, Lena, Mike, Pierre and the forum in general. He also wants to undermine what the forum is desiring to stand for which shows his lack of sincerity.

Craig has breached a number of the terms of use of the forum which come under the Red Strike Category, and seems to have done so intentionally and on purpose.

The terms breached are as follows:
  • Personal attack/abuse of forum members in terms of physical appearance, character, nature or personality (this results in a ban of your forum account too)

    Condescension, arrogance, belittlement and/or humiliation towards either myself or another member

    Judgemental responses to any content posted by either myself or another member

    Projection of anger and/or rage towards either myself or another member

    Manipulation and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over myself or others

    • Displaying immoral and unethical behaviour – particularly if done under the guise of investigating God’s Laws or Divine Truth principles
Link to the terms of use below: ... ument4.pdf

Below are links to the rest of what I refer to:


in the above link Craig tries to undermine Lena and Nicky and hook Pierre into agreeing with him which is manipulative. He is also angry and attacking, has no desire to up hold the forum Terms of use.

Craig also tries the divide and conquer tactic in the link below:


Where he tells me how ‘lovely and nice’ I am and then overtly attacks Nicky with lies and untruths. I feel this is to draw others in to also attack Nicky with the intention of destroying the forum. This is a really nasty thing to do.

The last link is to a one liner from Craig who is condescending and belittling to Mike about a question he asks. Which is a form of attack also


I feel the accusations Craig makes towards others on the forum comes from a place of anger and desire to harm.

I feel Craig has intentionally and blatantly gone out of his way to sin, I do not know why he has 'suddenly' decided to do so, it feels like he just decided to go all out about it.

I Craig is responsible for the actions he has taken and the choices he has made, he has used his freewill to act in an unloving manner.

I feel that there is a lot of negative spirit influence happening at the moment in the form of attack with the intention to particularly harm Nicky as the creator of the forum and towards the rest of us, admin and forum users alike, in order to manipulate us through our unhealed emotions in order to not act and to do anything to bring the forum down and destroy it.

There is a law of attraction for all of us here and things to feel about, but the attack is unwarranted and nasty and it is the choice of people in spirit and physical bodied people to engage it, and that is an issue of love.

This is a good opportunity to observe and feel a blatant attack that clearly breaches many Terms of Use of the Forum.



Re: CraigN - Help

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:06 pm
by Nicky
Hey Eloisa

That reads and feels pretty clear to me - thanks for writing it up.

As I said, I have banned this person so feel free to post your strike thread when you are ready.

Once you have done this I will email him the strike thread to notify him.


Re: CraigN - Help

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:35 pm
by Nicky
Something else to note too. A user whom I red striked/banned in September yesterday sent me a private email asking to be let back onto the forum.

Thread here:


When I banned this woman, she was extremely attacking privately (probably the most rageful email I've ever received to date) and still feel the same rage from her. It is no coincidence that this is all happening at the moment with these other attacks going on.

There's definitely some big spirit stuff going on here. Lots to feel about. I may create a thread about it when I'm feeling clearer.

Re: CraigN - Help

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:46 pm
by Eloisa
Thanks Nicky.

I posted it. feel free to add anything if it comes up or to correct me at any time.

I am off to bed, enjoy your day.


great idea creating a thread about spirit attack and spirit influence. I feel it would be really useful!