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Post by Lena » Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:49 am


Firstly thank you Jesus and Mary for sharing a discussion with us that included Jealousy and the dynamics between women, it was hugely valuable! This post is inspired by that chat.

If we can see where our error lies and how to change that in a positive direction on any given issue, we have the opportunity to change. The potential for change when God’s Truth is known is really exciting!

There have been a number of attractions on the forum, publicly and privately, that have been attacking in a back handed way. When you read the words said, the women (in this case), seem like they are being honest and sharing how they feel. But when I feel about what is being said it feels attacking. There is a difference between being honest, transparent and open about our feelings in a genuine sincere manner, and projecting the feelings we have that are still unfelt.

We are going to be using jealousy as an example in this post.

We are emotional beings. Our souls are powerful and create our current reality.
People react to our soul based feelings rather than what we say.

As Jesus and Mary teach we live in the emotional reality. We often think that our emotions are not as important as the intellectual and physical part of ourselves, actually the opposite is true. God made us to be 100% emotional beings. Because we are emotional beings our souls are powerful creators and actually dictate our intellectual and physical decisions. Our Soul creates our current reality and we act and react to soul based feelings rather than words.

The Law of Attraction, God’s Messenger of Truth, brings us gifts. It is showing us where our soul condition is at, right now and how to grow in a positive direction every moment of every day.

Attractions and choices we make are all about our emotions, are emotional attractions or about emotional addictions.

Any confusion that any of us may have is due to our lack of understanding of how the law of attraction really works in regards to our soul injuries.

God is giving us the perfect opportunity for the most amount of personal growth each moment, it is up to us to recognise and take those opportunities. God’s laws are designed to keep working on us no matter what.

There seems to be some confusion on the forum about the difference between being self reflective vs admitting but continuing to justify our unloving emotions/actions towards others or ourselves.

God is constantly giving us opportunities, we are not always recognising them. We need to be honest, for example: “yes I feel jealous” then we need to find out WHY. Especially when the person we have the feeling towards has done nothing to us and is not responsible for harming us in any way. We need to sincerely look at what is going on in OURSELVES and work through the issue for ourselves with God, for both parties.

Jealousy is an addiction, an anger based emotion we use to avoid our own feelings

Definition of Jealousy from Jesus:
Jealousy is an anger based, attacking emotion. From God’s perspective it is a sin and unless we are willing to address it there is an issue.
(you could substitute other emotions above also)
Jealousy is the refusal to feel ones own worth (the feelings you have of your own worth) in the company of the other person. So that person becomes jealous as a way of avoiding their real feelings about themselves.” Jesus quote
“If you aspire to be like a person and you feel you are not - which is an issue of worth - and you refuse to feel your own feelings, that feeling you will project at the person” (in this case jealousy) Jesus quote
Projections vs owning our emotions

Let’s take the comment/feeling: ‘You are beautiful - I feel jealous’. ‘You have that - I don’t - I feel jealous’.

Just because you say you are jealous doesn’t stop the projection.
The projections don’t stop until you feel about the issue. Saying, ‘I am just being honest about how I feel,’ can become a way of manipulating or justifying what you are doing and an excuse not to feel through the issue and rather pull someone else down in order to make yourself feel better, or to avoid feeling how you really feel.

So the difference between owning and projecting is as follows:

Firstly, realise you have the feeling, “I feel jealous”, notice it, notice when you have it, with whom etc, then feel it fully (there is no need to involve others in this part), and discover why you feel that way towards another person - emotionally (this will happen automatically when you feel it), this is owning it.

Secondly, there is projecting the feeling of anger/attack at others (which by the way is happening every time we don’t feel any of the feelings we have) rather than exploring, investigating and feeling your own pain about it. This is a choice we make in our heart when we choose to harm/attack others because we don’t want to feel our own pain.

In the example of jealousy in this case, the excuse or justification to project it at another is the refusal to feel feelings about their own worth and using that as an excuse to attack another.

Truth and transparency are so important. Truth is the doorway or opening to Love. Without God’s truth we cannot actually receive Love.

So when is it okay to admit to the unloving treatment of another?

It is always okay to admit your feelings to yourself and God, in fact you need to be totally transparent and open with yourself and God about EVERYTHING.

Truth is the only way that we are going to actually grow in a positive direction and Truth is the thing that opens us up to Love, so it is very important. (Jesus reminds us again and again of this in the information he presents).

What are our true intentions and motivations?

It is important to be truthful with those around you, with a caveat being as long as your intention is not to harm them; which is something you are going to have to become sensitive to if you don’t notice or automatically do it and feel it is ’normal’ to pull others down. Upholding basic ethics - treating others as you would LIKE to be treated; examining our intentions and becoming aware of our addictions as soon as possible so we know and are sensitive to what we are doing/feeling and how it is affecting others and ourselves, is a good place to begin. Our intentions and choices are the important part.

It is good to question things and find out why we do what we do, and to understand what is going on. Discussing issues openly, honestly and transparently is how we learn, find out more and get in touch with how we really feel which is really important. We just need to examine our intentions and underlying motivations and the feelings we have for doing so. We often need the opportunity to recognise what we are doing before we can actually see it for ourselves in order to change, mostly this seems to come from external sources in the beginning.

When you are wanting to tell another person about the negative feelings you have towards them, be very honest about why you are doing it. Examine and feel your intentions and desire to do so first.

You could ask yourself questions such as below:

• Is it because you desire to Love them?

• Is it to avoid guilt?

• To avoid taking responsibility to personally change?

• To avoid being caught out on the issue?

• To hurt/harm or pull another person down?

• To make yourself feel better or look like you are more honest than another without humility or loving intention?

Or is it a true apology, because you have taken all the time you needed to investigate the roots of it all, and have a huge desire to repent for the damage that it must have caused? If it is a true apology you will know you have felt through the causal reasons why you did it and in doing so will do everything in your power to never do that to them again.

If you have a “close" ongoing friendship, where the person doesn't know what you have been feeling about them, it is good to be honest, this is what friends do. But before you do that, you must be honest with yourself that you actually want to change. You are not a friend if you feel such feelings towards another person, expect them to absorb them and have not intention to change yourself.

If you do not want to change, or are not even close to realising the sin of what you are doing/have done, you are going to continue to treat people unlovingly due to acting out of the injury you have yet to heal.

If I was in that situation I would withdraw from the person physically and emotionally stating that I have been feeling some pretty strong unkind emotions towards them which I know they do not deserve but since I am yet to change I must leave the friendship for the time being to do so.

We engage addictions when we don’t desire to feel our own feelings

When we have a ‘need’ or a compulsion to tell another about our feelings towards them, this is an indication that there is an addiction in play (revisiting the Assistance Group presentations would be super beneficial to find out more about this from Jesus, Mary and Cornelius first hand. Link below). Depending on our intention it can be manipulative and an underhanded way of attacking them in order to avoid our own feelings. ... addictions

There is often an addiction between those who desire to feel powerful & attack and those who desire to self attack (please note self attack is also an addiction, which is a sin. Attack of another is never okay and we need to find out why we desire to attack another rather than feel our own feelings).

Lets talk about the addiction dynamic going on: If the person who self attacks (due to being taught to do it by their parents) chose instead to feel their fear of attack and how poorly treated they were as a child (which the law of attraction is showing them), they would no longer emotionally accept the attack. Those who want to feel powerful might still try it, but wouldn’t get the desired result. The same goes for the one who wants to feel powerful. If they actually felt their own feelings about themselves they would no longer project the emotion any longer, nor take advantage of those who feel powerless, less than etc.

Addictions are sins. If we emotionally knew the truth of what we were doing we would not do it.

(Jesus and Mary talk about this in detail the following feedback session: ... tbd-OD7xk)

So my fear of feeling my own pain causes me to act in an addiction (sin) that reinforces the sinful behaviour in myself and another person. This is all due to me NOT wanting to feel my own emotion/s. So each party has something to feel here for themselves. This is the beauty of God’s Way, we can change and grow no matter what anyone else chooses to do, it is about our desire and how we choose to use our will.

This dynamic is played out by both parties to get and/or avoid certain emotions/addictions.
If one party chooses differently then there is potential for change.

Jesus has said if we knew, emotionally, the truth of what we were doing when we choose to live in our addictions we would not do it (due to how damaging it is to ourselves and others).

This demonstrates that often we are intellectually ‘getting things’ but missing them emotionally. Real change cannot occur until it is in our soul’s as Truth, emotionally. Due to living in addictions we have yet to emotionally accept God’s truth on this matter.

Grieving the real issues is essential. When we don’t we automatically engage in addictions.

As previously mentioned, people react to our feelings and what is truthfully coming out of our soul rather than the words we say and actions we take. Those people who decided that attack and taking advantage of others is okay to do, will always be drawn to the ones who allow that treatment.

So if I attract women who feel they can attack me and it is easy for them to do so, it is because they feel my addiction to self sabotage and they feel my own addiction to not wanting to see how a woman treats me and my hope that she will treat me better than what she is/has. My own desire to avoid feeling the real feelings that I have not yet healed from my childhood cause me to act in addiction.

Women who feel and make the choice that it is okay to attack, will do so, as this is the way they chose to feel better about themselves.

If I just felt my true feelings about myself and how I was treated by others, then I would not be addicted to self attack. Even more importantly if I have grieved the treatment I received by my mother and father I would no longer avoid it by addictive and self destructive techniques.

In return some women would maybe feel unsure of themselves due to their addictions and emotions being challenged, but I would say they wouldn't even be attracted to communicating with me in the same manner as they have been. Or even be attracted unless they are willing to change themselves.


One example Jesus gave us as a way of knowing that we have worked through an emotion and are truly repentant, having felt the causal reasons why we did what we did, is when the person we have been attacking is naturally drawn to contact us without us contacting them. They will feel the difference and our love for them in steep contrast to our hostile and attacking feelings. They will seek us out, rather than us seeking them out. We would also automatically feel our emotions without any desire to attack another person or defend ourselves (our pain).

How cool is repentance?! (We have yet to personally experience this for ourselves).

Repentance (and forgiveness) are great things with only positive results - Jesus

I reckon we ought to pay more attention to Jesus!

So in summary:

• We are emotional beings. Our souls are powerful and create our current reality. People react to our soul based feelings rather than what we say.

• The Law of Attraction is showing us where we are at every moment of every day. It is the messenger of Truth.

• Truth and Transparency are so important. Truth is the ‘doorway’ or opening to Love. Without Truth you cannot actually receive any Love.

• What are our true intentions and motivations for sharing with others?

• Projections vs owning our emotions

• Jealousy is an anger based emotion - to avoid our own feelings - its an addiction

• Addictions are sins. If we emotionally knew the truth of what we were doing we would not do it

• We engage addictions when we don’t desire to feel our own feelings

• Grieving the real issues is essential. When we don’t we automatically engage in addictions

• Repentance is an amazing process which only has awesomely positive results.


Lena and Eloisa

*Aside: What we can’t see we cannot change. There is a mediumship recording with Jesus, Mary & Robert James Lee’s about this (link below), how difficult it is to change and work through the things you see as ‘normal’ or not as problems. Those things you know about and may even perceive to be ‘hard’ are actually more straight forward than the things we feel are ‘normal’ and don’t notice. ... aar%29.mp3

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