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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Nicky » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:24 pm

Hey guys

Thanks for your latest comments (and further info). With regards to Rita, as Lena said, I did not strike her for her interaction with Mike, as I felt this was just something to bring to her attention rather than take any further action, but for her general engagement on the forum. I noticed that after I locked the post initially to state we would be reviewing the interaction, she started panicking about any feedback that may come her way and went on a bit of a posting splurge of addiction which led her to create those two posts in the jealousy thread and that one in the intro section where she seems to be sticking up for you Eloisa. I felt this was not necessary on both Mike & Rita's part due to the terms of use that states if a member feels another person is breaching the agreement, that they come to us directly rather than getting involved with them. Both Mike & Rita engaged with the guy and he reacted to it in a negative way and it made the situation worse.

What I noticed was that in Rita's subsequent posts since I locked the thread with Mike, she only posted on threads where both you guys OR one of you were directly involved in, and it felt as though she was being overtly "nice" for an addictive reason (which I felt was to try and influence you in your feeling process of her earlier interaction with Mike).

Over the months, I have noticed that Rita tends to sign into the forum quite frequently yet withdraws from posting (which is OK, but kinda suggests she is avoiding some stuff). After feeling that something was off with these recent posts, I took a logical approach and investigated further by looking at the statistics on her profile, which says she makes 0.18% posts on the forum per day since she signed up. However, in relation to this situation, she wrote 4 posts in one day which is a substantially higher post rate than she normally engages in thus kind of confirming what I felt from her initially (compulsion).

I then looked back to what I shared with her a few months ago and where I felt she was in addiction, and saw that she first responded in facade by stating that she is not aware of the addictions, which kinda led me to feel she is not really that open to hearing feedback or self reflecting. I then felt as though she was doing the same again here in avoidance of her emotions in another facade kinda way.

Thanks about your feelings concerning Mike. After reflecting more, I can see why an amber strike may be appropriate to issue to him for his anger towards Rita. I also did provide him with some previous feedback about addictions with women, so I do feel one of the reasons why I didn't strike him yesterday was because of a potential fear of him going off the handle with myself. I will feel some more about it and issue the strike if I more certain and if so, will explain to others my delay. I am trying to be as prompt as possible with my admin actions, which I am finding quite tricky whilst feeling through my stuff at the same time (as I find this usually takes me a good couple of days). I think the stuff that I have said to Mike constitutes much of what I felt the issues were, it appears the only thing now is to just create the strike thread and link people to my response to him.

So in summary, Rita has been striked for her general additive/facade based behaviour (not the interaction with Mike) and Mike potentially should be issued with an amber strike for his angry reaction to Rita.

Anyway, yea guys if you have anything more to add, please do.

PS So awesome that one of the other reincarnated guys may visit the forum sometime in the future, I'd really LOVE to meet them all properly one day, just to say thank you more than anything...it's a huge desire of mine :)


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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Lena » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:58 pm

Thanks Nicky for doing the background research.

I really appreciate this one:
What I noticed was that in Rita's subsequent posts since I locked the thread with Mike, she only posted on threads where both you guys OR one of you were directly involved in, and it felt as though she was being overtly "nice" for an addictive reason (which I felt was to try and influence you in your feeling process of her earlier interaction with Mike)
This really indicates about her feelings of distrust towards yourself and a desire to hook into myself and Eloisa addictively through what ever openings we have with women.
This is quite manipulative if we think about it.

And I wonder now how me and Eloisa have reacted to Rita.
I find her unbearable to a degree, and don't want to have much to do with her. Which is an issue of love for me, as this allows me to skip over some fears I have about people like her.
And I felt Elo felt confused about Rita's doings deserving the strikes, if I got that correctly.
So that sounds like a fear too.
Both of these things is probably what Rita was hoping to hook into.

Yea, just thinking out loud here about the emotions behind it.


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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Lena » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:21 am

Hi Nicky,

Myself and Eloisa had a long chat today about the addictions that still going on between the three of us and how this has again effected our response to another very unloving person, who has basically gone under radar and now feels like has timed out for any strikes. I am talking about Mike.

Mike had been very manipulative and attacking.
You may feel more of his emotions in his latest post:
http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... f=30&t=919

I will write more and I know Eloisa will too.
Just need to get home first.

Talks soon

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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Lena » Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:12 am

hello again,

me and Eloisa have talked about that there has been a lot of talking about Rita, and even issuing her with strikes for being generally in addiction on the forum, while a person who is manipulative and has abusive tendencies (such an angry attack of another) has walked away un-noticed by us.

It feels that we are back to the same issue Mary has raised with us.

We have missed the timing for the feedback that Mike actually needed
We have concentrated on Rita and her strikes, which is less important or urgent
We may have confused people and Rita, by striking her at this time (as the timing suggests that she did something wrong by Mike)
We did not strike Mike, but striked x2 Rita, which gives an impression that Mike was right and Rita was wrong

Its almost a copy and paste scenario (same as RitaR), where we have taken too long to notice and properly feel about Mike's presence on the forum, and got carried away with noticing more easier things, such as Rita, who's issue while important is not as urgent or as important as Mike's behaviour.

Nicky, I feel that this is the same issue as what you have shared with us few weeks ago about how your father treated you.

For myself and Eloisa, looks like it is mainly about needing support and approval before we make a call that is firm and reflective about how we feel - in other words we are not feeling our fears and seeking safety.
And so we want to believe that we need you to make the strike to Mike not one of us for whatever the justifications and excuses we make, there is a list of them all completely just a story.
So the nasty men on the forum is all of ours attraction since myself and Eloisa are working on the emotions relating to our fathers and husbands, and you have mentioned that you are working on the emotions with your dad too.

I feel we all fell into fear and avoidance of feeling what actually was going on with Mike.
He now has gone ahead and have released, what looks like a self reflective post, admitting to some of his unloving feelings, however I feel he is doing this to manipulate us further, to avoid any further unwanted by him attention.

I find this particular paragraph interesting in his post:
After processing for quite a while today I immediately got into an altercation with my Mother upon her return home about me properly taking care of my sister's dog when they aren't home. It's an interesting law of attraction for me that tells me whenever I am in a heightened 'feeling state' it automatically triggers my parents fear and the smallest exposition of their behavior will escalate into an angry backlash. I have justified living here (at my Mom's) for a while because she seems to accept my beliefs and needing to process so long as I don't involve her. I am starting to realize that it is pretty unrealistic to really engage in this path fully in the midsts of someone so closed down to truth as there is this constant unspoken projection coming from them at all times.
I feel what he is stating is truth, however he has not made any attempt to move out from his parents, I believe he is over 20 years of age and is capable of separating from his parents in order to get on with his life instead of blaming them for not letting him feel his stuff while living at their house as an adult.

I feel Mike is very manipulative person, and is easily manipulated by dark spirits and is capable of an attack at a drop of a hat, as we have seen him in action. And he is in complete facade in the way he presents himself on the forum. I can specifically feel this in his last post.
Because he has not yet felt anything about how he has reacted, he is just doing the lip service, I feel this is a way to manipulate us to not take any actions.

I hope Eloisa gets a chance to add things from herself, as she shared a lot with me today which was very helpful for me to connect to.

What is the best action to take:
This is just my own feelings.

I would issue Mike with a strike based on desire to manipulate people, post in addiction, attack forum member.

I would change Rita's strikes to a strong warning, but if she hasn't changed and continued on in the same addictive way, I would re-issue the strikes at a different time so not to confuse the members.


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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Nicky » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:15 pm

Hey Lena

Thanks for writing back with the stuff you and Eloisa have discussed. Yes, it looks like we have done the things Mary mentioned to us previously (this time instead of a woman, it was a man).

I have spent all of my day today feeling through everything again and have realised that Mike should probably have been issued with a red strike for his angry attack on Rita. He dissected her post in an aggressive & manipulative way and accused her of a lot of things. The feelings I am starting to feel from Mike is predominantly a desire for power. I feel this is where he has spirits with him and wanting to believe within himself that he is one of the 14 as he is associating this with an elevated/special position over others. Due to his desire for power, I think it is driving his manipulative behaviour towards others (including us), which we (predominantly myself) have fallen for because we are fearing an attack if we addressed it.

In his latest thread of his that you shared Lena, I feel this is quite clear.

1) He has linked people to his introduction where he stated he feels he is one of the 14 (so people go over and read this all again)
2) His apology towards Rita is not sincere/in facade as again he has brought up his stuff about his identity and her doubting him, which he is very invested in it being true for this addiction of power (as evidence in mentioning it again to everyone)
3) I reckon the below part of his post is in facade and quite manipulative towards myself
I must admit I was a bit fearful of how Nicky was going to respond to the interaction I was engaging in on the thread and avoided feeling about it a majority of the weekend.
I think you summed his latest post up well Lena when you said:
Because he has not yet felt anything about how he has reacted, he is just doing the lip service, I feel this is a way to manipulate us to not take any actions.
I do have a big addiction to pander to potentially angry and violent men (a big fear of mine) and feel this is what I did with Mike. My "feedback" to him was just me pandering to him and not addressing the real issues he has going on hence my "waffleyness" in the post towards him, which is related to how my Dad treated me when I was a child (verbal & physical abuse/attack "at the drop of a hat" if he did not like something I said or did).

I think because of his latest thread that has exposed more things, a red strike is still appropriate and time current and can be linked back to his interaction with Rita (and explain how I didn't act initially due to my fear of him attacking me like he did to Rita).

With Rita, I can see how two amber strikes is not appropriate in this situation. One amber strike/warning for posting addictively on the forum over the months/being in facade may be better (whilst being very clear it is not to do with her interaction with Mike).

I can also see how due to the timing, it can confuse people thinking Rita was the unloving person in the interaction rather than Mike, particularly when Mike is yet to be striked. I think if the red strike is issued to Mike, whilst Rita's is reduced to one or a warning, it will be able to show people the difference.

I'm going to pop Mary over an email to ask if she could be able to offer some assistance before I go ahead and do anything more and confuse people further.

Thanks a lot guys for your feedback, it has really helped me today.


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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Eloisa » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:06 pm

Hey Guys

I just read your guys posts and some of my stuff doubles up with Lena's. Lena has also covered things that are true for me re men etc which are not included below. And more stuff has happened on the forum over night. I need to work through this issue of fear so I get to things immediately and not leave them hanging....

* * * *

Original thoughts begin below:

As Lena said we had a chat yesterday 9 Feb.

Stuff we talked about:

1. Addictions:

1.1 Our own addictions and how they are affecting what we do - procrastinating, the decisions we are making or not making etc, responding in addiction to others, acting out of our unhealed emotions

1.2 Addictions between the three of us and how they are affecting what we do - all kind of agreeing with each other or not being just straight up about stuff (this is true for Eloisa at any rate) I am not saying exactly what I feel all the time and I am at times waiting for approval before acting which is a problem. I feel I need to be far more honest and up front with you guys about how I feel.

1.3 Addictions between others interacting on the forum and how they are affecting the forum. It feels quite dragged down at the moment with a lot of stuff between people that is all facade and addiction and it is not inspiring or really truthful. I feel this is partly our responsibility for not speaking up more about addictions when we feel them.

1.4 I feel it would be good to begin addressing my addictions more sincerely and to address the addictions I recognise or feel when something is ‘off’ more on the forum. I feel we have already actually begun this in the last few days - timidly, smile. I feel we can all be firmer - not harsh, but more to the point with what we feel

I don’t feel that we need to strike others (unless breaking forum rules) rather to educate and bring awareness. I know it is through addictions being exposed or pointed out by others which has been helpful as I didn’t even see I had it until then. I realise God has been trying to share this with me constantly and I have been blind to seeing. Sharing what we are learning and know in context with people I think would be helpful. When we feel something is off to actually say so that others can reflect upon it more deeply.

2. We thought that some standard responses that are general on certain topics might be helpful.

Lena and I discussed maybe doing some posts that cover topics such as:

* Addictions
* Fake vs causal emotions
* Facade

Giving links to the Truth on these subjects and what we have heard or know & have experienced at this time.

A bit like we did for the jealousy one, with themes that are coming up for us/others on the forum so that in future when others may engage in similar stuff we can point them to these posts to reflect upon without needed to write heaps of the same for individuals up (Like Lena does with the Divine Truth Enquiries at this time). I feel this would be helpful now and is pre-planning for when forum gets ‘busy’ in the future.

We also felt this could be a good idea so that we begin addressing the stuff we notice (mentioned above) and what to aspire to and also with links to various talks by Jesus and Mary that people can use to explore further if they desire.

3. Mike and Rita

I feel Mike should get a strike for his attack of Rita. It was blatant unloving behaviour and if it had been reversed I would have issued Rita a strike without questions under the same circumstances. (I realise I am very afraid of men like my dad right now and their rage and attack. I am making a choice to pander - automatically - addiction for me here.)

I feel for me I was scared to give Mike a strike, due to his potential for attack which was demonstrated towards Rita later. Reflecting on it, I had felt I needed to strike him BEFORE Rita even responded to him and I left it till ‘tomorrow’ which was me procrastinating. And then other actions were taken.

I feel Rita’s strikes were ill timed and with the way it was done it seems that Rita is the one with the problem in the interaction with Mike not Mike, this is a problem.

As said previously, I feel in the interaction with Rita and Mike that Rita was actually being straight up with how she felt and she was spot on with her feelings actually. I don’t feel she was attacking in that interaction with Mike. I feel Mike was attacking because his addictions were not getting met and he wanted everyone to agree with him and when Rita didn’t he attacked her.

This is an issue of love that needs to be addressed and remedied for this particular interaction.

Lena and I felt that we deferred to you Nicky with this instead of actually stating what we felt and that for some reason you are reluctant to give Mike a strike and we were wondering why? I know you were feeling more about it, I would be interested in hearing how you feel.

4. Rita - individual case without Mike interaction.

I don’t feel Rita deserves 2 strikes at this time. As I said previously I would have given her a warning in this case and just watched across the forum to see what happens next. If you feel totally certain on striking you will need to go with your feelings here and I am okay with disagreeing on this point (something I have been trying to avoid, smile).

I feel Rita has addictions going on - yes. Lena explained about how she felt and we discussed what you had said Nicky about Rita and what was going on etc, I don’t yet totally agree for some reason, but I heard what is being said and I am going to read Rita’s previous interactions across the forum and will see what I come up with.

I don’t feel Rita is ‘worse’ than most people on the forum at this time. I feel she panic’d and from what you told us Nicky is coming on and pursuing the forum and then making manic posts, is she the only one to be doing this? Actually I will check it out myself as you mentioned that we can check people’s posting frequency and I don’t want to take up more of your time than needed.

Like Mary said to us a while ago, issuing strikes when the interaction has been and gone isn’t really appropriate.

I know with Rita if you are straight up and truthful in real life and address her addictions and what is going on (depending on the spirits with her) she will either attack you, OR she will actually quietly listen. Lena and I were discussing how she gives her will away to others constantly particularly spirits.

I feel that many are in this same position as Rita in the sense of constantly acting out of addictions and we need to be careful not to be addressing people for things we have previously heard/know about them before they are acted out on the forum.

An example for me is Eloisa2. I know she is in heavy addiction with people, particularly men and spirits. I know some stuff that has gone on but until she acts it out on the forum I feel I have to wait and see what she will do, I am hoping for a possibility of change! (We will see, smile).

5. Personally I know I need to stop pandering to my fears and get to the point far more rapidly. I am skirting around the edges and when it comes to potential conflict I feel really afraid. BUT interestingly enough it is with certain more facade based people. The Anti love (Padgett Messages guys) I feel really clear about and have no worries banning, they actually feel more straight forward and just TOTALLY off than the likes of Mike who is hiding behind this ‘nice’ facade, which is NOT nice. We need to be careful not to feed these types of people’s addictions and he got fed in my opinion in the interaction with Rita.

6. On another note:

I spoke to Mary as I saw her on the way out of the supermarket yesterday and we briefly discussed the forum. She said she had read the mike/Rita interaction and in that particular interaction she didn’t feel that Rita was attacking Mike, but Mike was definitely attacking Rita. Also she mentioned that Rita speaks like that in real life that is how she speaks. She didn’t feel what we were suggesting she was feeling towards Mike. So for that post a strike was unwarranted. (She said she hadn’t read other posts of Rita so couldn’t comment on anything else or what was going on.)

Also with Mike he is in a huge facade with huge desire for control/power/glory.
He is very like Alexis Tudor and my Dad. (Nicky do you know Alexis? or have seen him on DVD’s) Just asking so you have a context to ‘feel’. If not let me know and i can send the correspondence I sent him last year.

If you read his posts carefully he is manipulative, wanting addictions met and totally invested in being reincarnated. which is why he got so angry at Rita.

We also discussed the recent attack. MM wondered if any of us had addressed the attackers that they were actually out of harmony with the teachings of the Padgett Messages?
I said we had wanted to avoid giving them any attention what so ever. I thought though it might be a good point to talk about though for the benefit of others.

Mary and I were wondering in our conversation why you are getting pulled into Mike Nicky? Mary mentioned that maybe it has something to do with your dad emotions etc. We didn’t know.

7. Eloisa back again: I feel that it is pretty essential to address our own issues and addictions and also to be more open and honest to those on the forum if we want it to be upheld in a better condition. I feel recent activities have caused a dive in how it feels generally at this time. I find it ‘harder’ to wade through a lot of the stuff going on and am really monitoring it for things to address. I felt that this is not really how we want it to be. The feedback video you mentioned a while ago with things going on on the forum would be really cool if you are still interested in doing it!

8. Thanks Nicky for adding security measures and monitoring all the attack that has recently gone on. There is a lot of stuff happening in wanting to pull this venture down. Hope you are going okay.

Love to you Guys

Love Eloisa


I just read the meeting room stuff:

The recent post with Mike is really off. I feel he is actually being unloving to his parents (which I will mention to him). Like Lena mentions he is at their house and attacking them. This is off even if they have treated him badly in the past. And his ‘heightened feelings’ I feel it is facadey. He is in so much addiction that I doubt he is feeling his real feelings. As Lena and I were discussing you can’t feel while you are in addiction, that’s the point of the addiction. I also feel he is manipulative and influenced by dark spirits due to his unhealed emotions.

I would personally give Mike two or three amber strikes.

Reading the forum terms of use, his attack on Rita is actually a Red strike offence and ironically what he accuses Rita of is stuff he needs to look at regardless if Rita has those injuries or not (I am not claiming to know at this time). I feel that again we missed the opportunity as it was ‘wrapped up in a seemingly different package’ when actually it highlights I am still having trouble FEELING people. Big issue for me.

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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Mary » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:16 am


Whoa. there is a lot of discussion here.

I think it is best to tell you exactly what I feel from Mike and I'm a little perplexed as to why Eloisa hasn't mentioned that I spoke to her directly about the issues going on with Mike yesterday.

1. Mike is not John Mark.

2. Mike does not feel 'scared' or worried about sharing about his ideas about his so called memories or identity on the forum. I'm chuckling slightly because trust me the level of fear that the actual 14 have about discussing this stuff means that none of us bar Jesus has ever been brave enough to even initiate a discussion on the topic - EVER, ANYWHERE. This guy is actually getting a huge amount of addictions met through this thread and discussion of being what he perceives as someone 'special'. He is in total facade and actually desires power over others. However I don't think that you can strike him based on this as you can't feel that from him.

This comment:
I am just grateful that Nicky has provided this loving space to "come out" about my feelings with this issue.
is completely insincere and fake to the point where it made we want to throw up.

3. Mike breached the forum terms by giving feedback to Rita. Base his strike not on his emotions but on his breach of terms.

All three of you are still over reaching, trying to determine people's emotions when you can't yet feel them accurately. So going back to your terms of use and basing your strikes on how people have breached the terms in actual ways that you can see is important for you guys to go back to. You are getting yourselves into loads of problems trying to ascertain emotions. You aren't ready for that yet.

4. I see nothing wrong with Rita's response to Mike. It is direct and she is actually just giving information. Mike on the other hand projects a whole lot of stuff that he has no idea about onto Rita because Rita challenged his addiction to get special attention.

5. Mike's immediate problems do NOT relate to pandering to women. Be careful Nicky of thinking everyone is the same as you - they aren't. I've done this a lot myself and it gets us into problems :) Mike's first layer of emotions are going to be about anger with women and desire for control over everyone.

6. Mike's emotional condition is currently a lot like that of Alexis (Elo perhaps you could share some of the emails I sent to the mediumship group regarding Alexis?). He presents a facade which is VERY different to his actual desires. Sadly he is someone whose soul condition has actually worsened in the past couple of years. He is in heavy co dependence with a lot of very dark spirits. Again, I don't feel comfortable with you guys giving this feedback because you can't yet feel that and so will not be able to convey it accurately.

6. Guys, I'm concerned for all three of you - there is still a lot of talk about stuff and actions that are not addressing the issues of truth.

I believe that this is you all living in your fear instead of just challenging it. (This is a law of attraction for me as well as this is what I am facing at the moment). Also, you are still trying to 'be Jesus' and address and understand every motivation and emotion in people when I see that there are simpler things you could be doing to address the clear breaches of the terms of use and then to just sit and watch those people who you feel have something off going on and let them reveal their true condition.

I know this task must be very challenging but your living in fear is making it more complex than it needs to be.

I'm sorry I haven't had the time to review Rita's interactions with Eloisa and Lena so I can't comment there. I'm not sure that the 'statistics' of her posting is a way to gauge her emotions. And also you must keep in mind if she acted in fear to prevent a strike, then you need to be careful that you aren't being hypocrites because you are all still acting in your fears to a large extent.

Guys, I'm sorry I don't have more time at the moment. I do feel that there is a massive amount of addiction taking place on the forum now. I would really like the time to study a few of the posts in more detail but I just don't have it at present.

I think it is essential for all of you to do the following:

1. Recognise when you all want to talk it over endlessly then you are avoiding fear. Notice how much you seek each other out to AVOID FEAR, rather than to just say what you feel.

2. Work on your own issues with facade. There are strong attractions with people acting in facade on the forum.

3. Work on your issues with addiction. Lots of attractions with that as well.

4. Work on your issues about being attacked.

Love all three of you.


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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Lena » Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:13 am

Mary thanks so much for this and for yesterday's audio feedback.

Nicky, I have just read your post about Rita's strikes. And just wanted to maybe discuss this bit here.

You wrote:
allow ourselves to pause and fully feel through what our emotions are when we come to writing posts out on the forum, because if we don't, it will be highly likely we will not be in Truth or Love in our engagement with one another here. This is perfectly illustrated in my own actions as described above.
I feel like it can be a good advise. To be fully connected to ourselves when we post.
But what you wrote may be misunderstood by people or misinterpreted, as for most they don't feel their feelings but put on a facade, as if posting with facade of having no issues that are apparent.

And if we reflect some of it has started to happen already on the forum with some users. Where they post all cheerful and nice and polite and not real.
Also this makes it very hard work for us then to guess if there is anything going on for the person as they are not more upfront.
So I feel that in a way we make our own work harder by trying to make it easier and suggesting to people to pause and feel.

I feel like it would be better to encourage people to be real and connected when they post. And not try to mitigate their addictions or other emotions before they make a post.
Because if they do post in addiction, it's more real and it seems it would be easier to address that than playing a guessing game?

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Re: MikeWithGod / Rita

Post by Nicky » Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:11 pm

Hey Lena

Thanks for the suggestion. Yea I do agree it is important to make this clearer - which I have now done.


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