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Post by Lena » Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:17 am

Hi Nicky,

Mary has suggested to post this seminar for people to watch about addictions with music.

20100724 The Human Soul - Battle For Your Soul P1
Addictions with Music
1:11:33 Start
1:12:36 End

Link to the exact timing:

And so I thought it would be better to have it in your intro post so it always stays at the top and people can watch it first before making their posts, as that would potentially save us time to moderate that section as much as it needs at the moment.

I also thought about some questions to go with it, so perhaps people cans elf relfet more before they post songs. But I can not think of the right ones at the moment. It would be good to explore it more for me and connect more to the issue about using music as an addiction.

Maybe you will have an inspiration about it more, as you have said that you have natural desire for music :)

Anyways, just passing on some recommendations.

thanks Nicky,


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