Recommended Books on Veganism

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Recommended Books on Veganism

Post by Courtney » Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:57 am

Hi friends, wanted to recommend a few books! These are more on the side of learning the truth about eating animals and animal byproducts, but both are some of my faves:

1. The Food Revolution by John Robbins

This book was the one to inspire me to go vegan back in college, and I was very lucky it was the first vegan material I read/saw, because it covered all aspects of how veganism is more loving, and also was based of lots of science and statistics. At the same time, the author is very emotionally connected to it and writes in a way that felt inspiring and hopeful. He didn't shame or have an air of judgement, though in the book he doesn't shy away from the truth at all. Regarding covering all the aspects, he not only covers how it is more healthy, and how eating animals & byproducts is not loving to animals, but also covers what is sometimes lesser known--how much impact these industries have on the environment. And what tends to be even far lesser known--how whether we eat animals and byproducts impacts other humans. I cried a lot while reading this book and highly recommend it.

2. The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle Ph.D.

This book is a bit more focused on the spiritual side of veganism and why it is the best choice to foster a spiritual life. He talks in depth about the spiritual concept of nonviolence. For me it was another heart-based book on veganism. Though I read it after I was already vegan, it helped deepen my feeling about it being more loving.

Happy reading! :)

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