padgett messages questions,book club?

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padgett messages questions,book club?

Post by Bex » Fri May 27, 2016 11:24 am

Hey guys,
It still comes as such a shock to me how much I cant get enough of reading about God and the spirit world. I have been devouring the padgett messages whilst on my many tube journeys in London and am totally in love with them and the people that write the letters. There are many questions I have whilst reading them and thought maybe rather than bombarding Jesus and Mary with them I could ask here or for those in the UK would anyone be up for a monthly meet up about them?
Most recently I came across a question in "Messages about Soulmates." page 59"Prof. Salyards Describes his entry Into The Spirit Worl And his Spiritual Progression."
The question arose from this section of the letter:
"Soulmates do not meet each other always when we first come into the spirit world. I know this for I have met many spirits who have been here a long time ago and yet never yet seen their soulmates. This seems to be the result of something done while on earth, but I do not understand it. I am hoping to see mine soon......Ive heard something to that effect, but I have never been able to find mine. Your wife may be right, but if so she has never told me the way. I will ask her if she knows, for I want to know if possible."

Now I might just not have got to the bit yet where Helen or someone else does explain that to Padgett if they do? But I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about that? Could it be if we meet our soulmates in the earth life - knowingly or unknowingly it makes it easier to find them? Or is it to do more with our Will whilst here on earth? hummmm interesting!! Anyway I cant get enough of these messages and cant imagine anything better than sitting around a table with a group of people who love them too.
Lots of love Bex x

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