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Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:21 am
by Elvira
I haven't read all the Padgett messages but through many ways and means I have been bought messages which have really helped me when I needed (and wanted) it. A friend recently suggested a message about spirit influence, from Luke on February, 16, 1916. It is all information which I have heard many ways and times from Jesus and Mary but it is a great two page reminder (which means I can read it more often) about how our feelings, addictions and sin attract spirits with the same feelings (or codependent feelings) and when we sincerely turn our hearts to God and love we will receive help from spirits with those feelings. I passed the suggestion on to someone else who pulled out the right book and opened it in that page!

Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:38 am
by Sandra T
Hi Elvira

this massage is great. I had a read of it this morning and it came as a great gift because I have decided to start praying for morality, to be more loving to people and this message embraces the need for the development of natural human love. There is a precursor to this message, which is equally valuable it is written by Luke on the 3rd of February, 1916.

This message can be found here

I find that both these messages explain so well, how our free will used to feed our addictions creates sin, and is the greatest inhibitor to our growth in love and towards God, as well as how these addictions cause negative spirit influence on us. Also Luke clearly explains the need to let go of these by using our free will. I have a lot of questions about the second message, which I'd like to ask in my next post, but for now my favourite parts of this message are:

"In the first place, I wish to say that there is no such thing in the world as original sin or evil, and that God did not create them or permit them to exist, except as He permits man to use his own will without limitation - and I mean by this that He does not say that a man, in the exercise of this will, shall do this or do that; and as respects this will, man is untrammeled. But he does say, and his laws are inexorable in this particular, that (when) man, when in the exercise of the great power of free will, causes that will to come into conflict with the will of God, or to violate His laws, he, man, must suffer the consequences."

This clearly shows, that we are the creators of sin and evil, when we act out of harmony with God's Laws.

"....the mortal who, in the exercise of his free will, violates the Will of the Father, or the laws limiting its exercise by the mortal. He must suffer the consequences, and (from) the results of this violation are sin and evil created, and in no other way. And surprising as it may sound to you, man is the creator of sin and evil, and not God, who is only good."

This is important because I like to blame God and others for my suffering.

Later Luke says:

"So you see, the one thing necessary in order for men to become happy and free from everything that defiles them, or causes unhappiness or discord to exist, is to develop their souls in this natural love, until this love comes into perfect unison with the laws that control it. And thus may be applied the oft quoted expression that love is the fulfilling of the law; but this means love in its purest and most perfect state."

As we know from Jesus and Mary, it is all about our development in love, and yet I have not been able to see this for all these wasted years....

And I love this part of the message as to me, it reflects how our addictions own us, rather than us owning them, but also drives how we are the creators of our defilements and therefore can be the destroyers:

"So you see, man is a creator as well as a creature. As the latter, he cannot alter or change any of the effects of his creation; but as the former he can alter and change and even abolish the effects of his own creation, for as the creator, (he) is greater than the things that he created - although these things of his own creation have held him in bondage and unhappiness, to a more or less extent, ever since he became their creator. The strength of this apparent paradox is that the creator, man, has for all these long centuries believed it, and submitted to his creations, and still does so."

And here Luke gives us the solution!:

"So what is the remedy?"

"Simply this: man must awaken to the fact that he is greater than his creatures; that they are subject to his will, and that whenever, by their existence and workings, they bring discord and unhappiness, and cause his will to be exercised in opposition to the Will of the Father, then they must be destroyed, and never be permitted to come into existence again. Let men become the masters of their creatures, and obedient to the great will of their Creator, and they will realize that sin and error and unhappiness will disappear, and their natural love will come into harmony with the laws of its creation, and earth will indeed become a heaven, and the brotherhood of man established on earth."

I love how he calls our addictions or sins, our creatures and/or children :)

"If men will only think, and thinking, believe that all sin and error and the resulting unhappiness and sorrow in the world are children of their own creation, and not the children of God, and that in the economy of His universe He leaves the control and management and even the existence of these children to the will of their parents; they will (then) understand why evil exists, why wars and hatred and misery continue on earth to blight the lives and happiness of mortals; and why, as some say, and especially the so-called Christians, God permits all these things to exist and flourish and apparently contradict the great truth, that He is good, and the fountainhead of all goodness."

Luke encourages us to imagine a world without sin:

"Suppose, for a moment, that man's will was working in accord with that of the Father; can you imagine that there would be any of these creatures of man's perverted will in existence? Would there be any evil or hatred or disease or suffering known to the consciousness of man? I tell you, no."

And here is the punchline:

"Now I say man, their creator, must destroy these inharmonious creatures. Man must kill and bury deep and forever these children of the perverted exercise of his will, and until then, sin and error and all their concomitants will continue to live and flourish and torment their creator.

And I say here with all emphasis and with a full realization of the great significance and responsibility in the sight of God which I assume in saying it, that man can destroy these bastard creatures of his will so perverted and discordant.

I find this message very powerful and very encouraging.

Here is a link to the following message that you have proposed here Elvira

I wan to dissect it a bit more and post some of it here too for a possible discussion. Thank you for sharing it.


Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:50 am
by Mary
Hi guys,

Not sure if you all knew but you can access all of the Padgett Messages via our site as well: ... adgett.htm

Here are the links to the two messages from Luke that Sandra mentioned in the above post:


Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:03 am
by Sandra T
Hello Mary

thank you for the links. I have heard that The Book of Truths does not have all of the Padgett messages, is that true? I really get a lot from reading messages from darker spirits who ask James for help, and if there are more of those, I would love to be able to read them. I have just compared the messages on the Divine Truth site with those in the printed Book of Truths and they seem to be the same???

Also Mary, would you be happy to share why there are no massages from you, or are there?

I have so many general and specific questions that keep coming up in this book, maybe I'll create a thread with just questions about the messages, to help keep on topic here.

Thank you


Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:00 am
by Sandra T
Hi again

I would like to ask a few questions about the message from February 16th, 1916 by Luke on spirit influence. He says that since we are all very much influenced by spirits, it is really beneficial to try to attract good spirits to us, by cultivating good thoughts and by indulging in good and moral acts.

My question is this: how can we generate good thoughts and actions, if our soul is driven by unloving intensions? Do we first need to actually desire to change and to love in order to generate those thoughts? It feels like, we first need to use our free will to do this and the will is driven by the soul. I have experimented with just using my thoughts or intellect to desire to be more moral (loving), and somehow the desire seems to be growing (or at least I think that is might be), so I guess my soul is using my mind to generate the desire and not really the other way around?

Luke goes on to say that if our thoughts are evil, spirits of similar mind/soul set will be attracted to us, exacerbating these evil thoughts and that our will must be exercised in order to reduce or eradicate the spirit influence. Is this where, our actual choice comes in? I have experimented with this, where I saw the choice to get angry and have decided to not feed this and this choice has seemed to have lead me deeper, especially because I am realising that a lot of the time my anger is completely spirit influenced and experiencing it is fake and just darkens me further, and I then self punish.

Luke does explain that first some progress is needed to actually generate good thought, because all thoughts are generated by our soul's will in the first place. This then gives me an answer to the first question. He also explains that surrounding ourselves with the things such as books, films, people and other addictive modalities, that influence us in the direction opposite to love, we will spiral down further. So this relates to things that Mary spoke about in the Assistance Group, drinking waters of truth and feeding ourselves with spiritual "food," rather than junk.

This is where I am just realising that my addictions keep me bound to the spirit influence. I struggle severely with this and I am seeing how much prayer must be included in the process to receive help from God and spirits, the issue for me is faith and perseverance as well as sincerity, which I just don't yet have or have very little of.

Luke also speaks about the importance of engaging acts of charity and kindness to help our progression, but any acts I thought were with this intension, I now know have been for my own gratification of my addictions. I suppose it is always about the true intention as to whether our actions are of any benefit to others and to our own growth?

He says "for every act of charity and kindness and self sacrifice for the sake of others... helps their development." I suppose the word self sacrifice is not the same as self compromise? Which means doing things for others from love and not addiction?

Luke also says that praying to God for help with growth in natural love is very important and that God supports us in this and that God answers these prayers just as much as prayers for Divine Love. This message means a lot to me right now as I have been so depressed by what I see that is within me, feeling that I can never change and become good. I have found watching the Dealing with Addictions seminar by Mary from the Assistance Group last night, is in line with this message and very, very helpful, I seriously do not remember bing there.

Thank you once more Elvira, for sharing this great message.


Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:18 pm
by Elvira
Hey Sandra
I'm glad the passage gave you so much to reflect on, it is really Lanyi you have to thank, (you might have met her at the AG). She suggested it to me.

I'm not really good at succinct answers, probably because I haven't worked through things myself yet; but reading your questions a few things came to mind. I did ask a question at the Assistance Group that I think might be related to what you are pondering, it is 29 minutes in. It is about how you cannot fake love, by using will power in your facade. The kind thing it to remove yourself to feel why you are not in a loving place with someone; so my understanding is if you can't do 'good and moral acts' and have 'good thoughs' the loving thing would be to feel why. For me one key has been to identify that I am being unloving, (ie getting out from behind my facade). The big challenge for me then is to not revert to my favourite addiction, self punishment, that is a place where spirits can go to town with me. ... RdBW&index

I've struggled with this because I have wanted to feel that if I at least do a more loving action than what the feeling inside me is, I might do less harm. It is so not true. I have been catching myself when I am in my facade, it is actually a horrible manipulative thing pretending one thing and projecting something else. It is particularly confusing to other people because it is harder for them to know the truth.

In this post
Mary talked about there is not more or less loving, there is only loving and not loving, I'm struggling with that as well, in my own mind I have become a bit more loving on some things and if there is only loving and unloving, I don't think I am ever loving which I'm circling at the moment and not really wanting to face.

I had an experience a couple of months ago which ties in to your thinking about spirit influence and anger. I was really angry about a situation and I thought instead of denying my anger I would just stomp around the house feeling how angry I was to try and connect with it. After a day of that off and on, I realized I wasn't feeling the anger just living in it and projecting it. I started talking to God about how angry I was and how I really just wasn't wanting to know the addiction and fear, could he please help me. I started to feel what was really going on and still didn't want to go there. So I said God I just don't want to do this but I don't want to project this anger anymore, I'm sick of it. I got up and all the anger had dissipated but I suddenly got the worst pain in my head and started to feel violently sick. For a moment I went into a panic, feeling I would be bed ridden (again). I realized it was spirit attack because they wanted to keep me in an angry place, I admitted to myself how scared I was and just felt I wasn't going to do what they wanted and it all went away. I'm still a bit confused by the whole thing in that I didn't get to any real emotions, either the cause of the anger or my fear of how much spirits can attack me. At the moment I am feeling like it was about making choices about living in and projecting the anger and of course how much spirits can tap into the anger when I refuse to feel. Stepping back from living in the anger, I think allowed me to see more clearly what was going on and progressively choosing to tackle the cause.

All my best

Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:07 am
by Sandra T
Hi Elvira

thank you for your response, it is very helpful. So from what I understand you are saying that unless there is a natural desire to do good things and think good thoughts, instead of trying to have them, (which feels like it is impossible anyway), is to ask why I do the opposite. This is good, the asking seems paramount, noticing what is happening and asking why it is, rather than trying to generate a fake state.

Like yourself, I have not been able to see that I am being unloving, in my case I have always been convinced that I was in the right and still am most of the time. Once again, there must first be a desire to see this, without a soul based desire, nothing can happen, I can just lie to myself for ever. The self punishment issue is enormous for myself also, and in the Assistance group Corny talked to Laurleen about the necessity to stop it. It is difficult to stop when you self loath and when it is the most default addiction in your life.

Yes, Mary's response to Mon is very clear, that we can't reduce the damage to others, for as long as the damage remains in ourselves and we do not release it. Thank you for sharing this post, it is very good.

Regarding your experience with anger and spirit influence, it seems like you have made a loving choice, by desiring to no longer project the anger, and the spirit attack that followed proved that just by making a loving choice to stop harming others is a huge step forward. And you are breaking the addiction with the spirits, this is so important.

What motivated you to want to stop projecting the anger? What made you "sick of it"? This must have contributed greatly to your desire to make the choice to stop being angry.

From what you have communicated, it seems that the first thing is a desire to notice where we are breaking God's Laws, then to NOT SELF PUNISH, then make a choice to stop the behaviour, and feel the consequences of that.

I was also thinking that just admitting to myself or remembering that when I am angry, that it is just my addiction not being met again, it gives me a different perspective on it, as I can start to reflect on what it is that I am demanding from my environment and people.

I've recently noticed a shift in a friend, Phoebe, who you might know from the AG. She went through a period of going to the bag and just expressing her anger, no matter what and she became much softer after a while. I attempted to follow in her foot steps, but I think the difference in her and I, is that she had a sincere desire to change, which I don't yet have. I still just really want to be angry and have my addictions met, and it hurts sometimes, but not enough to motivate me to really want to change. And this is the greatest issue within me that I can see.

Anyway Elvira, thank you for your time and for sharing this with me, I appreciate it.


Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:57 pm
by Elvira
Hey Sandra,
there is something which doesn't feel right in this interaction I have had with you and I'm having a bit of trouble seeing it clearly. My initial feeling about your first response was that you were feeling excited about the passage in an intellectual way but were putting out a lot of questions without really feeling what the truth about it is for yourself. I feel I was in addiction responding to you, I am sorry I did that. I'm feeling now (and I am happy to hear if I am getting this wrong) that there was a demand coming from you for people to engage in your questions with you and give you the answers. I have had very unloving demands with Jesus and Mary a lot because I haven't wanted to feel my fear, (remains to be seen how much of it I have or haven't worked through), it is a long list including I can't work it out for myself, can't do this, it is too hard, can't get anything right, I'm not up to it, can't deal with the consequences if I get it wrong, God isn't there to help me.

All my best Elvira

Re: Spirit interaction and influence

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:58 am
by Sandra T
Hi Elvira

yes, there is a large demand for interaction coming from me and while I do feel excited about the Padgett messages, I wanted to get my addictions met to receive your and other people's attention through my neediness for interaction. There was certainly a feeling of compulsion driving me.

When I read over my questions, I have realised that I have already heard the answers to them from all the explanations that Jesus and Mary have already provided a thousand times, especially in the Assistance Group, but I am still unwilling to know them for myself. So I have just wasted your time really, even though I did find what you have written helpful. I also feel now that I have targeted you as someone who would be willing to give me what I want, which actually comes with a lot of judgment from me, when I reflect upon it Elvira. I see that I have manipulated you in this process.

I can see clearly now that I just wanted the interaction, "Please respond to me!!!" so I could feel good that someone is willing to do so, and avoid the feeling of what it would be like to have no one respond to my demands. So yes, it felt good to have your response.

I'm feeling confronted by your message, the feeling of my addiction not being met this time, by you exposing my true motives for me posting and asking these questions. Thank you for being honest and giving me the opportunity to reflect upon this, I can't yet say that I am sorry, because I am not, but definitely confronted, I just want so much to feel good instead.

Thanks Elvira