""What is the most important thing in all the world..."

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""What is the most important thing in all the world..."

Post by julie_bennion » Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:20 pm

This message from Luke is primo, concise reading for reminders on what first & foremost needs to be understood & done along The Way. Here's one pertinent paragraph that for me sums it up, along with a link to the message in full ~

"Then what are the causes of the present condition of existence on earth, marred and tainted and controlled by sin and error and disease? These causes are two-fold—the one arising from man’s fall from his created perfection of body, mind and soul, in permitting and encouraging the animal nature to subordinate the spiritual and thereby, by the over-indulgence of the former, causing the carnal appetites to grow and transform the man into a lover of sin and things evil; and the other arising from the influences which the spirits of evil, who are always endeavoring to make close rapport with men, and exercise their evil influence over him."


In reading this message, I can see how I lean into this learned-behavior of relying on others ~ in this case J&M & Corny, so far as I know, and there may be, probably are, many others that I lean on for dissemination of God's Truth into my mental & emotional awareness. And, Jesus has shared how much arrogance we on the divine love path get into (or simply stay in, while in denial of it), when we talk about this path with others, and/or without talking about it, stand in judgment of people "out there" who "don't get it".

Since I Do want to know God's True Being and to learn & grow in understanding of and love for God's creations, I get super excited when I talk to people, or just feel about & Want to share with people, what I am learning. This is where it's super duper important to remain, or get, humble! and then remain so, so that I am not pretending to Know Everything, or some such ridiculous proposition!, while at the same time... honestly, this feels like a tight rope situation for me to stand on, err, in... It's a fine line between.. my enthusiasm for the feeling of getting to know God's Truths, and any arrogance I am in that will show up in various ways, i.e..not being truthful about, and sitting humbly inside, my own damaged, seeking, feeling, not feeling... self.

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