A Spirit in the hells receives love & encouragement

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A Spirit in the hells receives love & encouragement

Post by julie_bennion » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:18 pm

https://www.divinetruth.com/www/en/html ... 60105A.htm

These messages from those who are suffering are some of the most moving for me, especially as I read them out loud & invite people in spirit to listen. In this message, George says he cannot begin to describe the torment, and how he only now, feeling hopeless & torjured, realizes & regrets the carnal nature of his life.
In reading this message and imagining the reception of love from others or from God, I felt overwhelmed (which, I am still learning, is a good thing! :) )

Sometimes I feel like if I just read these messages out loud every day, perhaps I will be helping someone out there, and this very much encourages me to continue to invite friends to listen.

I'm So Grateful to be here ~ Thanks everyone!,

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