The Restoration of the soul's perfection

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The Restoration of the soul's perfection

Post by julie_bennion » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:02 am

These handful of messages are in-depth on the subject of our fall from grace, the necessity of clearing our souls of false beliefs & damage that we & our forbearers have created, and why God created Laws with provisions & elements that continually incline our souls towards 'righting', when we have fallen into error & sin. I have included a few quotes where I felt...Ah, I just gots to! :D

First, 2 messages from John: ... 60203A.htm & ... 60216A.htm

Jesus How a mortal may obtain the development of his soul without the help of the Divine Love: ... 60617A.htm

Jesus: What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth, in order to receive the cleansing from his sins, so that he can acquire the purification of his natural love: ... 60611A.htm

James: Human Frailties of mind & morality: ... 70524A.htm

"Now, first let me say, that the nature of man is, today, the same as it was when I lived on earth, and the perversions and sins of the souls of men are just as many and of the same kind as they were in my day in the flesh, and temptations, both outward and inward, are just as hard to overcome as they were when first the glad tidings of Love and redemption were proclaimed by the Master; except that prior to that time man had not the Divine Love to help him overcome and subdue these temptations, as he now has. And the regret is, that while this Great Helper and Regenerator, and Conqueror of sin and temptation is now in the world of mortals, and subject to their call, yet so comparatively few make the call, or realize the fact that this helper is always waiting to enable them to overcome temptations."

James: How man can again be restored to the perfect man, like the first parents before their fall: ... 70308A.htm

"The spiritual may be said to be the natural state. I mean that in that state, the animal is subordinate to the spiritual and is controlled by it, and man’s true tendency is to exist and act in accord with that natural state. Then such being the fact, it may be asked why, or in what manner did this natural spiritual condition become, in the manifestation of what man’s dominant dualities are supposed to be, subordinated to the control of the inordinate exercise of this animal side of his nature, which resulted in the sin and unhappiness that so many of the teachers and philosophers proclaim to be his natural condition?

"Well tonight, I will not attempt to explain the manner in which this inversion or perversion of man’s true nature took place, but will at some future time write on this subject." { :lol: Julie here... I haven't found a future message from James on this, which I found funny, since I have had some disgruntled feelings & questions about this, in the past! :D }

"The question now is, how can man obtain the restitution to his created perfection?

"As I have said, this can only be accomplished by making the perfect adjustment of the two apparent conflicting sides of his nature.

"And first, he must recognize that he has the spiritual nature as well as the animal, and that there is such a relationship and coordination between the two that the supremacy of the latter disturbs the harmony of his perfection as man. The spiritual having been subordinated, the remedy is to remove the subordination and restore the equality. The spiritual, notwithstanding its condition, is always fighting to regain its place in the true adjustment and will always answer the call of man, to come to his rescue; and the only thing that has prevented that response is that man has not called for it to assert itself.

"This improvement and gradual restoration depend upon two causes—one, man himself by his own thoughts and reformation of the animal appetites and desires; and the other, the influence and guidance of spirits who, in the spirit world, have arrived at that perfection, or are progressing thereto, and are in a condition of harmony with these laws, superior to that of mortals to whom they lend their influence and help."

I appreciate having a place to come & find these messages again!
I hope this is useful for others too,


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