Update to the Terms Of Use 27/09/2015 - (CHANGES TO THE RED STRIKE CRITERIA/BANNING)

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Update to the Terms Of Use 27/09/2015 - (CHANGES TO THE RED STRIKE CRITERIA/BANNING)

Post by Nicky » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:07 am

Hi everyone

Upon careful consideration and reflection of the terms of use document, I felt it was appropriate to make some changes to the disciplinary measures that are taken when somebody receives a RED STRIKE on the forums.

Going forward, a RED STRIKE will now result in an instant MUTING rather than a ban from the forum.

The main purpose of creating the forum was to promote and aid spiritual progression for all involved. Although somebody who received a RED STRIKE was out of harmony with love and has displayed unloving behaviour towards another, I feel they would benefit more so by still having viewing access to the forums to help them further in their reflections whilst also observing future forum activity and discussion.

I came to the following conclusions:

1) People who received a RED STRIKE in the past and thus not having viewing access to the forums any longer may feel as though they have been "cut off." God does not do this with anyone and is infinitely patient with trying to provide everyone with as many opportunities as possible to learn more about love whilst also having rules in place where they cannot inflict damage on others who are in a better condition.

2) I can still "remove" somebody's influence on the forum by simply revoking their posting rights so that they cannot continue to affect the forum negatively and therefore still uphold the condition of the forums therein - Muting them

3) If I joined a forum led by somebody who was in a higher condition of love than myself and was banned, I'd still love to have at least viewing access to help with my self-reflections and an opportunity to learn further by observing posts.

4) Allowing viewing access to those who have received a RED STRIKE rather than banning them may help inspire them to build a sincere desire to want to look at and heal their own injuries to promote their own development in love which would then make them more desirous of wanting to get back to participating in the forum again to assist others.

The AMBER STRIKE situation hasn't changed meaning that three of these would still result in being muted. The only difference is a RED STRIKE is an instant mute as the unloving behaviour which warrants this type of strike is more severe then those that warrant an AMBER STRIKE.


The ban function will still be in operation for those who resort to attacking or abusing me in any way privately following any disciplinary action I have taken.


These changes therefore mean that those who have received a RED STRIKE previously and have not resorted to the behaviour outlined above under the banning section will now be muted and have viewing access to the forums restored to their account. The people that fall into this category have been emailed with a copy of this thread informing them of this change.

Those who have resorted to the behaviour outlined above under the banning section will still be BANNED from viewing the forums.

This is a fairly large and important update to the terms of use so I would recommend that everyone takes a re-read of the entire terms of use document by following the below link:


I feel these changes are the most loving way the forum can be run considering all of the possible outcomes and after seeing what has happened during the first month of the forum being live.




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