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Banner Advertising

Post by ChadMontreal » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:55 am

I just wanted to suggest some possibilities where banner advertisements on DT websites might work with the principals of the teachings. If I'm right, this would perhaps make it easier for those wishing to promote the path on the web, helping people like Nicky and even Igor & Lena who may be able to participate in the YouTube partner program.

The main thing I see is that banner advertisements have no demand or expectation that you click them - they are only clicked when a visitor of a site has the desire. Everything we're attracted to potentially is an opportunity to learn. Additonally, advertisements provide an secondary way for users to support the site which I see as very loving.

There are 3 common ways types of banner ads. Thought I'd do a quick run down with how they work and ways I can see they are in harmony.


How they work: You place a code on your site where you want the ad to appear. Google crawls the content of the site and serves ads that are based on the site content as well as surfing history of the user. For example, if you search for a flight to Sydney, it's likely there would be an expedia ad for flights to Sydney.

All ads must be "family friendly" and in harmonly with Google's TOS. Google also allows you to select the option to only serve ads you have approved, although I would suggest this because it would eliminate user specific ads.

Why I think it's great: The ads you see are feedback - they are literally a comment on the content of the site and of the user themself. You either get paid per click, or on a CPM basis (a flat fee for every 1000 impressions.) All sites are different, but I would guess that a site like this would get about $1 for every thousand impressions, per ad.


How it works: Many sites offer an affiiate program where you can select products and get paid a commission every time a sale is made. There are sites like Commision Junction that provide banners and payouts for MANY sites. Examples would be Cafe Presse, etc. On many sites you could even build a custom storefront containing your own designs on print-on-demand products, etc.

Why I think it's great: You get another level of control beyond Google Ads. If someone wanted to design T-shirts, or anything like that, I think a lot of us would like that.


If you are able to identify companies that are in harmony with the teachings, they may be willing to purchase advertising on the site. In this exchange the person buying the ads gets to support a DT site, the members get access to loving products or services.

Many people are cynical about the commercial look of advertisements. But I think you can take a step back, look at the bigger picture and see beauty in a system where people can provide a forum, or create content, or manage a youtube channel and have the people who enjoy it support it not only by making donations but by supporting sponsors. In a perfect world, "sponsors" would be people in their passion wanting to find an audience for their art, or music, craft, etc.

Just thought I'd share - I'm guessing that since there aren't advertisements there are probably reasons, but perhaps I've added something to the conversation about the subject.

- Chad

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Brian Brill » Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:57 pm

Divine Truth is a gift, not a commodity to be monetized. A step down the path of commercialization would be hypocritical to the content itself.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by ChadMontreal » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:18 pm


Yes, I suspect that your conclusion is the most likely outcome of my suggestion. I would add though that a donation button is monezation of a site (and a loving one at that) and that even with ads, this site would still be a gift, still be free. It would be up to the site owner to have the sponsorship be in harmony with DT, if possible at all. Just because it's easy to imagine ways it could go negative, doesn't mean it has to. For example, if Nicky stopped giving Red Strikes because he wanted more traffic, or allowed sponsors to control any aspect of the site because he was addicted to their revenue - then obviously it would be a negative thing. But it doesn't have to be like that.

I found myself worrying that I've obligated Nicky to reply - and I just wanted to say that of course I don't expect a reply, and since I didn't make the suggestion because *I* want to run a DT site, I don't need a reply.

The reason I made the suggestion is that I work in online marketing and seeing Nicky's desire to have more freedom to engage in his passion for the path, what I wrote was intended as gift that might help him and others generate enough funds to dedicate more time to this passion. I'm sincere in my belief that there may be a way to bring advertising revenue into harmony with the principals of DL.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Lena » Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:06 am


this is a great point you have raised, which I felt to use as an opportunity to open for discussion.

Here are a few points I have made about the issue of using advertising to fund the forum which you may have not considered yet:

People who have registered on this forum are looking for a soul progression, help, assistance and to have an opportunity to understand Divine Truth principles in practice. So putting any other 3rd party material, or advertisement of it, is abusing the member's trust or the purpose of the membership.
I actually feel that putting a 3rd party material on this site can be very intrusive. Just like compulsory advertising happening on the TV and Facebook other services etc...

Why putting somebody's else details on the website can also be problematic and create more work:
Nobody can guarantee what these 3rd party businesses or material are driven by love, guarantee their intentions, and commitment to doing things God's way.
So for example if you did place the details of somebody's gifts on your website, this person is committed to love today, but how can one say that they will be committed tomorrow. And if you have a selection of people who you place on your page and advertise, you would also need to monitor if their intentions are still in harmony with Divine Truth daily, weekly. Which would ultimately add to the administrator's work. Which is ironic, if Nicky was not appreciated for the gift he is already offering, than would he be more appreciated for working even harder?

I don't see any issues with somebody creating a dedicated website for this kind of advertising. So if people choose to visit that site, at-least they know what they are up to. I do not agree that it is loving to sneak advertising into something that it was not intended for and dilute information provided here.

The main lesson of love here I feel though, is that this suggestion does not address the issue of appreciation. And to act on this suggestion would mean to act in fear of lack and avoidance of law of attraction as well as direct cause and effect.
So if the forum & Nicky can not be sustained with bare minimum living and forum expenses by doing what Nicky has decided to do, it is an indication that the gift is not appreciated or is been taken advantage of.
So by initiating this kind of ideas with advertising, I feel people are trying to avoid the main problem in themselves.
And also to avoid certain fears, that the site may disappear and will not last without any financial support, which ultimately could be the direct cause and effect of what people choose to do.

I also feel this is an overall attitude people have with anything free. Yes it may be of value to them, but they often do not think what it takes somebody to do that for them, yes its out of love and without expectations, but also yes it did cost someone actual money and it does cost actual money to live.
So the feelings of lack and the lack of appreciation in people, should not be masked by solutions which only address effects, instead we should strive to highlight these feelings and deal with them emotionally.



I wanted to leave out a specific example about what I heard Jesus & Mary share a few times with people and myself, but here it is as I think it is of super value and is applicable to the subject in question:

Bible Quote:

"As Jesus looked up, he saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. 2 He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. 3 “Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 4 All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

I have learnt from that, that no matter how small donation or appreciation is from a person it is the intention that counts, so that even the smallest donations can add up to the substantial amount of funds to keep the service going. However the difference is when people give what they can and feel the appreciation in their hearts or to just make themselves look and feel good, or when people give to just get the guilt off their chest, or when people only take and are happy about it.
So just for example, if all current subscribed members donated 10 pounds a month to Nicky, he would be able to not only keep the forum running, he also could live off donations and possible expand the services and offer more gifts. From what I know, running this forum takes him most of his time and doing any paid work would mean that he could not offer the same level of dedication, his attention and love to this forum and therefore it would not have been the same space of love as it has become.

With this example I am not instructing people to do something, but wanted to share this because perhaps it did not occur to many. As I do find that it is very often we choose to not think about issues that are too challenging for us emotionally, and may in return spend long time avoiding issues of love in our surrounding environment or in ourselves.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by ChadMontreal » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:46 pm

Hi Lena,

Thank you for the response, I can see you put a lot of time and thought in and I apprecite it. Your points are especially true for the work you do since the only way to monetize YouTube is with their partner program which offers much less choice.

I would still put it out there that advertising is Law of Attraction since the advertisers are drawn by content & community and the actual acting on the advertisement is LoA.

I also noticed that you used words like "intrusive" and "sneaked in" and "compulsary" to describe advertising. This is what I meant when I used the word cynical. In my mind it raises an issue of love since it demonstrates that people do not appreciate what is being provided to them at no charge.

From the bottom of my heart, I see beauty in a system where I can buy something I want or need and by doing so, I support those who are engaging in passion.

I think I can agree though, that advertising is probably not appropriate here or on youtube so I won't attempt to "sell" the idea any further.

Thanks also for the bible quote. Your interpretation of it was nice to reflect on, since for me, it's one I've always had a bad feeling about. The Catholic church in particular has used it relentlessly to extract money from the poor all over the world while sitting on top of literally immeasurable wealth

It's nice to get to know "the voice" a bit by seeing all of your interactions on the forum. Thanks for not only just this response, but everything you do - I find you've given me lots to reflect on.

- Chad

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Lena » Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:40 pm

Hi Chad,

This is a great thread I feel. As we all get to learn a lot from it, if we choose to.

I just wanted to firstly say, that I do feel you have some level of resistance to validate the emotional point I have made about reaching out for the advertising, due to some investment you have with advertising itself.

While I would like to expand on the 3 key words you have highlighted from my post, I really hope to not mitigate the point I have made that to reach out for advertising in the case of solving financial situation, is normally done to avoid fear, law of attraction and other emotions.

It seems me & you also do not agree on the nature of the advertising these days, which is ok, but I feel to offer you to share what you actually meant by offering such as service, how you saw it to be implemented lovingly.
I do not suggest that it is a solution to look at, but thought to invite you expand your personal view of what you see as a loving advertising.

As for me I see a loving advertising can be for example an announcement on my own page about my own goods or services. Also I may be inclined to announce friend's similar service or similar goods, completely in line with what people come to see on my page. I personally think this is a non intrusive, relevant and honest way to use people's time and attention.

But hey, here is more on those highlighted points you have picked up on:

Intrusive - I mean that people who have interest or do not have any interest for the product that is advertised, are both forced to look at that advertisement. Think any TV program - not infomercials, ads around the public transport services - like walls of the trams or trains, junk mail, websites or blogs - like Youtube etc... ( I do, just feeling now, want to justify Youtube's monetization though, as their service is amazing, huge and very expensive and its free and from my experience talking about youtube with others, most people do not ever think to appreciate them let along pay them, in fact most people have a feeling of entitlement towards free services like that)

Sneaked in - I mean that people did not originally sign up for the advertising to be present within the material they are interested in. This also is a problem for me when I watch a movie, which I paid for, let's say movie Chef, but it ends up being an infomercial-movie, which is all good as long as it was labelled so, so my decision to watch it was an informal decision.

Compulsory - Is that nobody has a choice to remove it from the service they are using. So I can not remove advertising from a TV program I am interested in. This was especially evident to me when I was subscribed for 6 months a while back to the paid TV and still received ads throughout the channels. So as almost most websites I visit these days there is a some kind of banner or promotion.

While I am explaining my thoughts & definitions, above, further, I do feel though, that you have some emotions of me falsely accusing advertising of being out of line. Which I completely do not agree that I think or feel of advertising falsely, so therefor I don't think I am cynical about it either.
I am very real about how advertisement has been used up until now. And I understand the reasons behind it.


p.s. hahah 'the voice' that is funny, and you are welcome, it is our pleasure to help Divine Truth.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by ChadMontreal » Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:43 am

Hi Lena,

If you're sure you would like to have this conversation...a word of warning/confession, when I met AJ in Philadelphia he was kind enough to share with me what he felt was my single biggest issue preventing me from growing in love. I don't remember exactly how he worded it, but the issue is that I have an ability to justify unloving behaviour to others and myself. He nailed it, I can justify just about anything.

With that in mind, and with the acknowledgement that sponsorship is probably not right for this site, here goes...

There's an old conspiracy theory that says that Mattel intentional damages little girls with their products and marketing so that when the girls become older, the fashion industries can trigger these injuries and cause women to buy just about anything. There's no question that advertising DOES exploit injuries of all kinds - but that's law of attraction. It's demented to capitalize on it, but the lessons are there. Read a "womens" magazine - the advertising is screaming at you "THIS IS BAD FOR YOU" but the point is missed. When you go to conspiracy theory websites, the ads are all about "BUY GOLD!" or "Buy this snake oil" or "Obama is secretly planning to take your guns" - the message is "This site is crazy" - but people miss it. When I talk about Law of Attraction, this is what I mean and there are just as many examples of positive LoA being reflected in advertising. So in reponse your question about reaching out for advertisers, I would simply suggest to not micromanage it. Let the lessons be there. If a site owner DOES want to micromanage the ads, there are options there too as I explained in my first post. On most sites you would just place an "Advertise here" banner and on the page with contact info, explain any rules you might have. (My first post explained how google ads finds advertisers, and also about selecting companies with affiliate programs.)
I really hope to not mitigate the point I have made that to reach out for advertising in the case of solving financial situation, is normally done to avoid fear, law of attraction and other emotions.
I agree with you. But it doesn't have to be like that. Just about everything can be done in harmony, or out of harmony with divine love. You can accurately say that most people stay in bad relationships for the same reasons you mentioned, it doesn't mean that relationships are bad. All I'm saying is that if someone has a desire to support themselves by operating a website, one additional source of revenue is sponsorship. The truth is that most site owners can be very selective with who the advertisers are, where most people get shady is how they get and keep site visitors.

In terms of other positive examples of advertising:

Perhaps there's a musician in our midst who travels around the world and performs donation based live shows and buys online advertising to attract visitors to his/her site where you can listen to music, make donations and find out the touring schedule. Perhaps there's an artist who sells prints and print-on-demand products on (fantastic site, btw) - a site owner can be in their affiliate program and make a commission each time a product is sold. Seriously, check out and tell me you can't find something you would love to have - and would love having it even more if you knew that Nicky got $5 too. It's a challenge! The site is all independent artists making or subsidising their living expenses by submitting their fantastic work.

The other side that you might not be thinking about is the whole other side of 'who are the advertisers'? Well, they're companies that are made up good people who rely on advertising to generate revenue that pays their salaries so they can have a nice life, send their kids to schools, pay taxes. If you think having a functioning economy is a good thing, consider what is made possible through advertising. I'm not sure if AJ has ever addressed the notion of the ENTIRE economy being a donation based economy - but don't get me started on that! :lol:
Intrusive - I mean that people who have interest or do not have any interest for the product that is advertised, are both forced to look at that advertisement. Think any TV program - not infomercials, ads around the public transport services - like walls of the trams or trains, junk mail, websites or blogs
We're not forced to look at anything. There many things in our faces and we may not like those things, but we're not forced. TV programming - I loved shows like Seinfeld, but I didn't want to pay for them. Maybe instead of being annoyed by commercial breaks, I could have appreciated that these companies were providing me with content I enjoyed. Here in Montreal, a monthly public transportation pass is $82 ($60 USD, £40) it includes unlimited access to the extensive subway system and the bus system for the whole island. If not for advertising it would be much more. I can be grateful for the advertisers who subsidize my transit expenses. If we all consciously supported them, they would pay more and my fair would be even less. (Advertising is valued by the results) Junk mail can go to hell (or the lower realms of the first sphere as some might say :lol:), you're right about that one :lol: - but blogs and websites give me free content all for the low price of having ads in my face.
Sneaked in - I mean that people did not originally sign up for the advertising to be present within the material they are interested in. This also is a problem for me when I watch a movie, which I paid for, let's say movie Chef, but it ends up being an infomercial-movie, which is all good as long as it was labelled so, so my decision to watch it was an informal decision.
You're talking about product placement. That can be very sneaky indeed.

When I say cynical, what I'm really trying to get at is that people see advertisements they automatically make assumptions and want to not see them. What I'm saying is that there isn't a feeling of gratitude for what's being provided either subsidized or for free, that there is a lack of trust and that people are unconsious as to why they have attracted certain ads or why they are drawn to some but not others.

If you've gotten this far, I hope you don't regret too deeply engaging this conversation I started. I kind of feel like it started out being a suggestion but has turned into a discussion about something else.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Tara » Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:14 pm

There is a recent upload of Mary interviewing Jesus about finances. Jesus does say why he does not use any advertising. Since he is in a better condition at the moment than any of us to follow his advice here will be beneficial. I also feel that advertising is a more physical way to attract people while using for example the law of attraction which would be using more emotions. The emotional way to do something is always more beneficial. There is also a recent upload of a Law of Attraction video. This may help in discovering more about Law of Attraction.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Lena » Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:52 am

Hi Chad,

Firstly I would like to say your logic on this subject is corrupt with error thinking and lack of basic love-ethics-morals, and as a result your post consists of very illogical points.

You have not shared your personal feelings and reflections about how advertising can be loving, or if it even can be, but instead you have written an argument with illogical justification. Which is not what I invited you to do.

The reason I have asked you to share here what you feel, is that I thought it may then help you to recognise some of the emotions you have on this subject. Also to give you an opportunity to reflect on your own feelings and resistance.

I can see now that it is an addiction in myself to not trust what I originally have felt the truth to be and act on it, I can see now can my addiction has enabled you to be very unloving in your last post.

What you have done in it, is exactly what Jesus has already given you feedback about. You have displayed a compete lack of any sincerity to grow in love on this issue.

You have justified your opinion, an opinion which actually is out of harmony with God's truth, and have created an argumentative post(s), rather than writing a reflection on what you feel is loving about advertising or how it can be loving in your eyes.

Secondly, I would like to also highlight couple of other issues I have felt from your post.

Just a quick background. I have studied advertising at the university, I never finished the course as I have migrated to another one.
One of my first jobs in Australia, around 14 years ago, was as a telemarketer, I worked for a year until I was fired for not doing the tasks as per the job requirement.
Telemarketer is a person who phones people's homes to conduct a survey, which later is used to qualify those people or not, in order to sell them a holiday package. I was crap at digging up people's personal financials over the phone to a total stranger, which was the main part of the job. This job was considered as a marketing survey, to isolate the wealthy population.

My last long term paid job was a sales rep for a promotional company in Melbourne, where half of my clients were marketing departments, HR, promotion supervisors etc..
Through out my work experience there, I became depressed, severely pained and enraged by the end, so I was urged by my partner to quit the job in order to keep my sanity, marriage and myself in a way.

Why I am mentioning this, for a couple of reasons:

Firstly I have come to see that during these experiences, specifically the ones I am mentioning above, I have actually felt the wrongs of the industry had on other people and as a result on myself.
While I was certainly invested in having a job and money, yet, I couldn't shake off the awful feelings of intrusion upon people this entire industry has, and I was part of it. And the pain upon my soul was so great, every time I was at work, that it was nothing I have felt as strongly about my entire life.
I can see now, why I hated these jobs just so much, while I was absolutely terrified of properly engaging the advertising industry or pursuing a career in it.

And here is my first observation, I feel Chad, that for a number of emotional reasons you are completely not sensitive to any pain from the engagement in such a industry.
This is why you go on to justifying and minimising any effect that this industry may have on people or on your own soul.

I feel it is the same reason why you are unable to connect emotionally to anything I say about advertising and marketing.

And I do feel that supporting such an industry and participating in it, or by simply justifying that advertising industry does not harm anyone, you are actually causing your own soul pain and degradation.

So, if you find that it is a concern for you and you wish to investigate, which I strongly feel you do not have any desire to do at this moment, hence your latest post.
But if you do wish to take it on, I would pray to God, to show you what you get out of working in the industry.

I feel this is what is stopping you from realising the full effect it has on your soul and other people's souls.

Also I would pray to God to show you what is potentially wrong with advertising industry, as I feel at this stage you have dismissed Jesus' suggestion or anything that I have said to you, and perhaps the only way you may come to see your justifications that are out of harmony is through God bringing you some events into your life to learn from.

Secondly I have shared my personal experiences with advertising, because I felt that you had a need to tell me things about nature of advertising from your point of view, as if I couldn't have known the insight of it.

Which is an arrogant thinking on your part, that nobody can possibly know what you know about it. And hence you call everyone to have a cynical point of view. You have also went on insisting that I was in fact cynical and I do not see the truth about advertising as it is in God's eyes.
Which you can now see is far from Truth.

Not only we are all surrounded by advertising, which is intrusive, sneaked in, compulsive & completely unloving in God's eyes, and I am yet to hear anyone say that they love it and want more of it, so again anyone can vouch about how they feel about advertising. Which you do not want to take notice, but wish to argue that they are simply cynical.
I felt it was not enough for you to see that advertising does create pain in people, and in those who create it. So I felt that I needed to be more bold with you and to share that I also have a personal soul based experience with being part of it, and I know now why it is wrong and is unloving.

This is as much as I would like to say, as I feel I have already spent a lot of my time trying to help you see the error bases view you have about advertising being "loving".


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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Mary » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:37 am

Hi guys,

The issues of love pertaining to advertising and marketing are largely to do with (though not limited to) principles relating to the gift of free will.

It is unloving to intrude upon a person's life and try to alter or influence the way that they use their will.

Using our personal will to try to pressure, force or coerce a person into a certain action or choice is what occurs all over the world today via marketing and many forms of advertising. However from God's perspective (and the perspective of love) this is a seriously unloving action that has negative consequences upon our souls. In effect we are attempting to influence a person's decisions and choices (the use of their will) and thus are disrespecting one of God's greatest gifts to that person.

This is different to simply providing people who seek learning or change with the opportunity to gain information and education pertaining to what they want to learn about via a static or 'passive' site. This is also different to providing information or presentations that do not coerce, threaten or use fear or insecurity to motivate but rather are presentations of truth that enable people to actually embrace their free will to make their own choices and decisions.

Some of the greatest lessons in love we can learn while in our earth life are:
1. That we each have a personal will that we can use in any way that we want, and;
2. That we have personal power to create both positively and negatively as a consequence of using that will in, or out, of harmony with love, and;
3. That we are completely personally responsible for how we choose to use our will (and incur either penalties or rewards upon our soul depending on how we use the gift of our will)

When anyone decides to not honour the gift of free will that God has given to others and instead decide to use their personal will to attempt to influence other people's wills through advertising and marketing - then they are disregarding something that God deeply desires for each of us to learn. They are choosing to use their will out of harmony with God, God's Love and Natural Love and thus will incur negative penalties upon their soul (just as Lena mentions feeling within herself when she engaged in these activities).

Some years ago, I wrote to a group who were asking back then about how to inform other people about a visit we were making to the USA.

I've pasted part of that letter below so as I thought it may be helpful to assist people in understanding concepts like advertising and marketing from a love perspective:

As most of you would be aware, Jesus & I have pretty definite feelings about 'advertising' the Divine Truth. That is, we believe firmly in honouring the free will of others.

The clearest way to explain our views are to give you the following definitions and work from there:

Marketing – in our opinion marketing is any form of advertising that imposes itself on a prospective consumer or customer whether that consumer has exercised their free will or not i.e. without the consumer’s choice. E.g. telephone marketing, television advertising, internet advertising, spam emails etc. We are against marketing.

Advertising (in our definition) – places information in a location that people can choose to access or not. E.g. newspaper advertisments, unforced facebook adverts, internet website that people to visit to access, google searches, flyers on noticeboards and so on.

Going by the above definitions it would be appropriate to advertise details our visit but not to market!

To expand our feelings a little further:

In general we feel that marketing is in opposition with people's will and desire to know things i.e. information is thrust upon people without them first connecting with themselves and their own desires.

For example, a group email publicizing an event or a blaring television add offers the recipient or viewer no option but to receive the information there-in. The individual’s choice as to what they desire to explore or discover is not allowed. We are very clear that we do not wish for the Divine Truth to publicized in these sorts of ways.

However we have recently received some queries about advertising via flyers on noticeboards or in newspapers. In such cases we do feel that the law of attraction is in operation to draw people to the information according to their soul’s desire and readiness. This is similar to a person finding our website or youtube channel via a search that they initiate via a search engine.

In instances such as facebook, we feel that creating an event that bulk emails people an invite does not honour their free will or desire. Creating a specific page or displaying the information on your own page, where individuals are free to choose whether they take note of the information or not, is more in harmony with God’s Laws of Free Will, Desire and Attraction.

If you have a mailing list of people who have already expressed an interest in the Divine Truth then we feel that you are in fact honouring their free will by sending them the information!

If you, exercising your free will, choose to market against the principles of Divine Truth and Love then we suggest that you examine for personal emotional motives for doing so, and you will also find that breaking God’s Laws of Love will always result in negative or unloving consequences. Of course you can still make the choice to be unloving since God gave you the ability to do so.

So while we would like each of you to whatever you desire to spread the word about our visit, our personal preference would be that any spreading of information is done in a way that respects all of God’s Laws. In other words, we are OK with advertising (as defined above) but not with marketing under any circumstances.

We find that by operating in this way we usually end up with a group of sincere and interested people in our audience. This helps these people with the desire to hear and absorb truth to do so in a fairly open and loving environment.

I hope our intentions and desires are clear here. Please feel free to email me any questions that you may have.


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