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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by ChadMontreal » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:11 pm


I took some time to consider your response, and I understand that you don't wish to continue the conversation, so I was hopefully able word this response in a manner that won't cause you to feel like you need to reply.

In retrospect, I think what happened is that we weren't on the same page with the conversation. My intention with the first post was simply to make some suggestions that might offer Nicky & others ways to generate income through sponsorship. I now recognize that you were attempting to help me feel my way through some of the points I raised - I completely missed that.

I can't agree with you that I was being insincere mostly since I don't claim to be the path. As I stated in my introduction posts, I recognize that there is a great deal of truth about the true nature of love presented by AJ & Mary and I'm currently evaluating whether or not I want to make a sincere attempt to grow in love on the path, or if I want to use the wisdom the grow on the natural love path. It wasn't my intention to use this as an opportunity to grow in love, but rather to have a discussion about the principals of Divine Love.

This is one of the reasons I didn't share my feelings about how advertising is or could be loving since I was focussed on a conversation about the principals in play. There is no denial in me that I live out of harmony with Divine Love princiapls, nor is there a feeling that advertising in general is positive. The point I was trying to make is that there are some beautiful concepts at the heart of advertising and how they could possibly be made to be loving. If you don't explain why you are asking something, and the person misses the point, it's not necessary or humble to call them insincere and arrogant.
Not only we are all surrounded by advertising, which is intrusive, sneaked in, compulsive & completely unloving in God's eyes, and I am yet to hear anyone say that they love it and want more of it, so again anyone can vouch about how they feel about advertising. Which you do not want to take notice, but wish to argue that they are simply cynical.
I feel you have misrepresented my views by saying this. It looks as though you have interpreted me making two claims that I didn't make. The first being that advertising IS loving. The second being that the only objection to advertising is cynisism. Instead, the points i was making are that there are core loving elements in certain advertising models. And the second that people often miss seeing the loving aspects due to cynicism. I never felt like YOU personally were cynical, but rather that you raised some cynical points. When you said used television advertising as an example, I was only trying to point out that people who want free network television are often times unconcscious that the ads are the reason they are receiving it. Watching television is not compulsary and so the ads are not compulsary or forced. My genuine assumption was that you would grant me the point, not that you were too cynical to know or understand the concept.

The reason that the principals matter to me, is that I'm considering what a loving world "could" look like. Attempting to justify the current standards or my own employment did not factor in to it for me and I certainly meant no offense to you. Also, since you said I was arrogant, I would like to add that in my heart and mind I did not feel, as you suggested, that you couldn't have known the insight as to what I was saying. Again, my assumption was that you would see where I was coming from - I was attempting to use clarifying language.
This is as much as I would like to say, as I feel I have already spent a lot of my time trying to help you see the error bases view you have about advertising being "loving".
Reading between the lines, it feels as though you are saying you're disappointed you spent time trying to help me, and again repeated your incorrect belief about my view of advertising. It might be worth pointing out that I started this thread in the suggestions category as an attempt to offer something that the community might be able to benefit from, not the assistance category. I do appreciate what I feel was a sincere desire to help me, and I'm sorry I missed it, but I don't feel like I deserved this frustrated response you sent.

I hope you understand this is the best answer I'm capable of at the moment - it felt wrong to not respond and I also didn't want to be insincere - these are my true feelings. I know you have a heart of gold. I think what happened is just the sort of thing that can happen with interaction done over a computer rather than in person.

- Chad

Tara - Thank you for the links to the video. I will watch those when I get time.

Mary - Thank you so much for your feedback as well. Lots to think about, I look forward to watching the video Tara suggested to get a deeper understanding of your feelings on the subject.

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Max » Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:46 am

Hi, I wanted to share my feelings about what working in advertising felt like for me.

After I left high school I worked as a commercial photographer for a couple of years before changing careers. My aim then was to work with some very well known photographers, assisting them while trying to establish a reputation for myself which I successfully started to do. The vast majority of our jobs were with advertising agencies for large companies and some multinationals. This involved flying around Australia and overseas, staying in luxurious accommodation, being wined and dined, flown by helicopter, treated as a VIP and paid way too much for what we did. For many of my friends and family it seemed like at that time everything I touched turned to gold.

It was during this time that I felt intense inner turmoil. From the outside I was living the dream but on the inside I was miserable and felt a growing awareness that I was part of a deceitful blight on society. I felt like I was contributing to what was wrong with the world, presenting people with a carefully thought out image that suggested to them that the fulfilment of their desire to be happy lay in the acquisition of what was being advertised. It was profiting by playing on people's insecurities and vulnerabilities and leading to what I perceived was an obsession with the materialistic, the superficial and the meaningless. It was all facade, junk food for the soul that promised fulfilment but delivered empty calories that led to a ravenous hunger that needed more and more to be satisfied only temporarily. This was exactly what I perceived was intended by the architects of this blight on our world. I was part of this beast and felt intense inner conflict as a result, I felt corrupt.

I remember having a conversation with the assistant art director in a jacuzzi the night before we were going heli-skiing in New Zealand at the end of a photo shoot. I was no longer able to hide my turmoil and was honest with him about the conflict I was experiencing about what we were doing. He told me that he had written a paper in his last year of Uni about the evils of marketing and advertising and had had similar views as me when he first started working. "I understand exactly what you're saying... but they're idealistic ideas that are just not part of the real world" he said through a big patronising grin.

I have a desire to help people discover what food will truly nourish and help their soul to grow.
I often see advertising as a well planned, deliberate distraction and temporary substitute to the real food for our souls. I find the idea of using advertising in a loving way intriguing. Like most of the tools we have created, its up to us as to whether it's used with love or not. My feeling is that if it was used lovingly from Gods perspective, the industry would be much smaller and we would see much less of it.


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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Anna S » Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:35 pm

Thank you Chad for this thread
Thank you Lena and Mary for your thoughts, viewpoints and information. And thank you Max for sharing your personal experience with advertising.

This gave me a lot of food for my thoughts and feelings.

With love
Anna S
Anna Skevik, Sweden

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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Lena » Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:03 am


There are many issues of love in this thread, which admins will write about soon.

So I will temporarily lock this post until then.



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Re: Banner Advertising

Post by Mary » Fri Dec 25, 2015 3:53 am

Hi Chad,

Based on your discussions in this thread I have recommended to Nicky to issue you with a RED STRIKE.

The reasons for this are:

1. You have demonstrated that you are not sincere about learning about God's Way.

You said:
"I can't agree with you that I was being insincere mostly since I don't claim to be the path. As I stated in my introduction posts, I recognize that there is a great deal of truth about the true nature of love presented by AJ & Mary and I'm currently evaluating whether or not I want to make a sincere attempt to grow in love on the path, or if I want to use the wisdom the grow on the natural love path. It wasn't my intention to use this as an opportunity to grow in love, but rather to have a discussion about the principals of Divine Love."
I can't agree that you actually even want to learn about the principles of Natural Love given the way you have responded in this thread.

2. You are not humble or honest

You stated:
"The reason I made the suggestion is that I work in online marketing"
You are not being transparent about your actual involvement in online marketing. This is not humble or honest. While you may have changed jobs since AJ and I met you, at the time that we met in person your job was as I understood it, in online marketing or marketing of pornography.

3. You are argumentative, and insincere about actually communicating with others in a loving way. You knowingly ignore Jesus' previous feedback about your biggest block to growth and continue to act in it.

For example you state:
"If you're sure you would like to have this conversation...a word of warning/confession, when I met AJ in Philadelphia he was kind enough to share with me what he felt was my single biggest issue preventing me from growing in love. I don't remember exactly how he worded it, but the issue is that I have an ability to justify unloving behaviour to others and myself. He nailed it, I can justify just about anything"
So even though you know that you like to argument for argument's sake (and in an unloving way) you go ahead and do it anyway.

This demonstrates that you have not joined this forum with any sincerity to learn, grow or share and instead you are acting in your addictions in your posts (I don't have time at present to go into detail about the specific additions you are acting in, but this is not really even necessary, you are acting in addiction and you know it). This alone places you in breach of forum guidelines. You are purposefully sinning.


Also, as you have presented a number of untruths in your posts as statements of fact about God's Way I feel, that for the benefit of others, so as to not confuse their understanding, it is important to correct those untruths.
"I would still put it out there that advertising is Law of Attraction since the advertisers are drawn by content & community and the actual acting on the advertisement is LoA."
"There's no question that advertising DOES exploit injuries of all kinds - but that's law of attraction. It's demented to capitalize on it, but the lessons are there."
Actually, using a person's injuries to manipulate others and to get things (monetary or otherwise) from them is NOT 'law of attraction'. It is taking a purposeful will based decision to act unlovingly and is exploitative.

A predator is a person who profits from the emotional injuries of others. You continue to justify these predatory actions within yourself and in your chosen job (whether or not you still do the job - you still emotionally justify it).

You are the kind of person who profits from the destruction of other people.
"Just about everything can be done in harmony, or out of harmony with divine love."
This is not a truthful statement. This is the kind of statement that you use to justify your terribly unloving behaviour and avoid any feeling conscience about your willful sin. This is what predators do.

Unfortunately, my time is limited and so I cannot go into this in further detail. I may be able to return later and add to what I have stated but it is important to correct the untruth and lack of love that you have displayed in this thread towards Lena as soon as possible.



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