Red Strike - "Junester"

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Red Strike - "Junester"

Post by Nicky » Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:19 pm


I have issued "Junester" with a RED STRIKE.

They registered to the forums with a nickname which, as per the terms of use, constitutes that in order to adhere to the anonymity terms here, they create an introductory thread so that we can all get to know them better.

They created an introduction post however I felt as though this was not a sincere and humble introduction to the community and was still in breach of the terms. I raised this with them directly giving them an opportunity to reflect and feel about what I had brought to their attention and in response, they said that they had not taken the time to read and understand the terms of use before registering which confirmed what I could initially feel coming from them.

Their introduction thread can be found here:


Once I challenged their facade, they responded by projecting anger towards me as well as being attacking. These actions have already showed me that they are not on these forums in sincerity and humility as somebody who is truly humble would never resort to attacking somebody else when being presented with potential new truth.

Further to this, "Junester" created a thread in the Divine Truth Questions forum section predominantly concerning metaphysical/spirit related areas which can be found here:


I feel as though they are spirit influenced and is in addiction with a group of very unloving spirits. I feel as though part of the reason they have registered here was due to the motivations of the spirits with them to degrade the forums.

I have emailed them with a copy of this strike thread.

***ADDITION/EDIT: I initially referred to "Junester" in my strike thread as a "he" however have since found out that they are a woman so have amended this in my post here to what I should have done initially (using "they" due to their anonymous username).



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