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Red Strike - "Xarragh" / Darragh - ON PROBATION (now muted)

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:29 pm
by Nicky

Having read a number of "Xarragh" (real name Darragh) responses across the forum, I have felt it appropriate to issue him with a RED STRIKE and thus mute him for breaching the terms of use that constitute this type of administrative action.

I feel the majority of his posts are in facade and wanting to get various addictions met.

In his intro thread (found HERE), he wrote:
Hi all! I'm Darragh (Da-Ra) from the earth, living on the island called ireland. I'm always broadcasting my love, so tune in!
He just managed to satisfy the anonymity terms of use by sharing his first name with everyone (as his username is a nickname) however there is very little humility in his introduction and I felt a degree of arrogance from him. He does not openly share himself or any of his experiences and the part of his introduction that I've highlighted in bold above show me his true intentions for joining the forum which I will now describe in more detail.

I feel Darragh has displayed a facade/addiction of arrogance in the majority of his posts across the forum along with a feeling of wanting superiority over others. The first posts that Darragh made were in the "Assistance" section of the forum where he seemingly offered advice to a few people. The true intention of his posts here were not to offer real assistance, but to gain feelings of worth and appear knowledgeable to himself and others. This may not appear clear in the words he uses when posting, but they are feelings I can strongly feel from him. However, in one of his posts, it is pretty clear when he wrote:
the point is that when you have fully felt the feeling, your last observation will be your mother in distress, or a stranger/known person in spirit in distress. You will Know when you get there.
He is telling Laura (who started the thread) what she will experience once she goes through the feelings, which I actually feel are not true. The part I have highlighted in bold is not only condescending but it also acts as a way of portraying to other that he knows what he is talking about, and has more experience than them, which I cannot agree with. It is his addiction in wanting to feel superior to others playing out on the forum.

If somebody is new to the forum and jumps straight onto the "Assistance" section of the forum offering words of advice, that draws my attention pretty quickly. People who are arrogant and want to feel superior over others are usually drawn to this section of the forum to get these addictions met. This has happened with a number of people in the past on the forum here and has happened again with Darragh.

In the "Faith" section of the forum, Darragh wrote:
God gave us the ability to have faith automatically in god. If I look for this, I can have auto-faith in everyone and everything with a "Knowing". What could stop me then! nothing i believe. So I'm off on the hunt now for "the knowing" within myself, so this will take fierce determination, confusion, emotional release, longing. Cool! 8-)
What he actually wrote here is not in harmony with the teachings of Divine Truth. God did not give us the ability to have faith automatically in God. Faith is an attribute of the soul that was not there at incarnation (potential only), but a part of the soul that we can grow over time. Faith can only be grown through our own desire and use of our will in wanting to learn more about God and God's ways.

There is a lot of arrogance in this post as I get the feeling he feels very assured in his conclusions about faith, which are all intellectual and come from emotions that are in error within himself. He has no soul based truth on this subject and again is portraying a facade of knowledge to others about areas of Divine Truth he does not know much about currently. There are many other examples I can take from his posts across the forum to highlight these addictions he is engaging in.

In conclusion and relating back to Darragh's intro thread where he wrote "I'm always broadcasting my love, so tune in!" it is pretty clear to me how Darragh is attempting to use the forum. When writing his posts, it gives him a platform to present what he feels as his own truth, love and knowledge and when I read his posts I almost feel that I am listening to an episode of "The Darragh Show" rather than tuning into the forum to learn more about Divine Truth and God.

In reality, it is really him just wanting to get his addictions met of feeling superior to others and being arrogant. He is simply just displaying a facade of knowledge to everyone in an addictive manner where the "knowledge" he presents is not real soul based knowledge underpinned by Love, Truth and Humility.



Re: Red Strike - "Xarragh" / Darragh

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:37 am
by Nicky

After some reflection and consideration, I have agreed to return posting privileges to Darragh following an appeal he privately sent over to me a few weeks ago.

I feel that Darragh has sincerely been looking at and tackling the issues that I initially raised in this strike thread from an emotional level as to why I felt it appropriate to mute him previously.

This is important for many reasons, but the main reason is of course, that if somebody has not truly explored the reasons why they were striked in sincerity, it is almost guaranteed that they will act in the same manner in the future causing an unloving outcome to not only themselves but everyone else on the forum.

A vast majority of the people who have previously been banned or muted from the forum have sent in private appeals to me asking if they can return and on every instance up until now, I have felt that each person had not sincerely addressed the issues that they were struck off from the forum initially.

I have also created an announcement thread explaining the rank of "On Probation" and provided the link to this below:



Re: Red Strike - "Xarragh" / Darragh - ON PROBATION (now muted)

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:44 pm
by Nicky

I have again muted Darragh for breaching the terms of use document on a number of occasions since posting privileges were returned to him.

Darragh has been using the forum addictively on a number of occasions. I have highlighted some of these instances to him directly to help in any self-reflection he may wish to engage in.

However, he is still posting with the same intentions and it can be seen that his behaviour has not changed in accordance with somebody who is sincere in addressing the emotions within oneself. This is unloving towards other members of the forum.

Here are a number of threads where this can be seen: