Red Strike - "Helmick"

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Red Strike - "Helmick"

Post by Nicky » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:32 pm


I have issued "Helmick" with a RED STRIKE and a ban from the forum.

"Helmick" is in fact Pam who joined the forum when it became live a few month ago. I ended up issuing her with a RED STRIKE due to a number of unloving behaviours she was engaging in. You can read more by following the below link:


This is now the 3rd time I have had to ban Pam from the forum, the last two times because she has returned to the forum under another name and coming back to a place where she has been already "banned" from.

Not being truthful/transparent about your identity and forcing yourself upon others is the opposite of the principles that Jesus & Mary teach and again, I have no other choice but to ban this account.

Lena and Pam had a private exchange which Lena brought to my attention. After reading the exchange, I quickly realised who the person was.

Pam has been posting on the forum in the same manner as previously, asking many questions that she has absolutely no sincere desire of exploring further from a Divine Truth perspective. She is extremely fixed in her current set of beliefs and when she engaged with Lena privately, she became argumentative and arrogant.

Pam, I'm sorry but I cannot allow you to be an active member of the forum whilst you are engaging in all of these addictions and while you have no sincere desire to change. Your actions are becoming darker and more manipulative. Every time I have banned her, she responds via private email to me stating that she feels AJ cannot be Jesus because Jesus wouldn't allow such things to take place. Pam, I feel your definition of love is pretty flawed and that's why you feel this is the case every time you have been banned.

I have chosen to create this strike thread for the benefit of the other forum members so you know what is going on as a number of you have engaged Pam during her third stint on the forum and may want to know what has happened.


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