2 Amber Strikes - Maureen - REMOVED

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2 Amber Strikes - Maureen - REMOVED

Post by Nicky » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:37 pm


As you guys may have already seen, myself, Lena & Eloisa received some detailed feedback from both Mary & Jesus regarding the recent strikes we issued over the past week or so.

I announced that as a result of this, there may be a number of alterations/amendments to the strikes that we originally issued. For those of you who have not seen this announcement, you can easily do so by following the below link:


Since the feedback was shared with us, I have given myself a couple of days to reflect/feel about the issues that Jesus & Mary raised, and as a result I now feel it would have been way more appropriate and loving of myself to share feedback with Maureen directly on the thread itself rather than choosing to issue her with a couple of strikes.

I will be relating my discussion here to the below thread:


Truth be told, Maureen entered the discussion with Rita in sincerity in a bid to help raise a few things that Rita may not have been aware of before. Rita appeared to invite this in her initial thread and as a result, Maureen offered her own feelings about the stuff that Rita spoke about.

Now, although not all of what Maureen shared with Rita applied to Rita herself, I felt that some of it did. Even if NONE of what Maureen suggested applied to Rita, the response Maureen received was definitely NOT warranted.

I now feel that, although Maureen responded with some of her own projections towards Rita as a result of receiving an abusive response, she was trying her best to stand up for truth and love in the interaction whilst also attempting to point out the unloving behaviour.

In light of what I have shared above, I hope it helps people to see that the strikes Maureen received from myself were definitely undeserved and harsh in nature. Maureen was being sincere in her approach and I feel she is actually one of the more sincere participants on the forum at this time. Also, if somebody who was being sincere attempted to stand up for love and truth in response to being subjected to an abusive interaction, but yet receives a couple of strikes in the process, I feel it sets a pretty inaccurate example to everyone else of what love would dictate in the situation. As a result of this, it makes absolutely no logical sense that she be issued with a few strikes for her part in the discussion, particularly as I even stated in my original strike thread that I felt Maureen was being sincere/not in facade during the interaction.

The reason why it ended up that Maureen was issued with a few strikes for her interaction in the thread was a direct result of my own current injuries towards myself and my lack of self-love. Mary pointed out that myself, Lena & Eloisa have a tendency to be hard on ourselves in different ways and as a result of this, we tend to also be hard on others who have similar kinds of injuries to ourselves. This is exactly what happened here and drove my actions to issue Maureen with two amber strikes initially. God showed me that this was the case after I had gone through a repentance process with God for my action towards Maureen. To my surprise, God very quickly and gently (so gentle that I cannot even describe in words), led me to see why this happened and I was shown that it was a direct result of how my Dad treated me when I was a child. He was quick to ridicule and belittle me when I did not know something that really only an adult would know. As a result of this injury, I took on into my adulthood a feeling of being hard on myself for "not knowing" certain things that I felt I should know and as a result, I do not like admitting to people my own flaws and "mistakes" for fear of the same response that I was exposed to as a child.

I overruled what my own soul was telling me to do, what my guide was trying to help me with in favour of responding and acting in my own fear which resulted in an unloving outcome towards Maureen as well as everyone else who I set a "bad" example to in terms of what love would do in this situation where somebody attempts to stand up for love and truth after receiving an attacking/abusive response.

I realise that I have been somewhat hypocritical in the way I striked Maureen for something that I was MORE guilty of doing myself. Maureen stood up to the situation whereas I procrastinated. Due to my own fears, it led me to almost strike someone out of participation on the forum, a person who was on the receiving end of an abusive situation (and therefore less likely to personally attack me and not trigger my fear) than someone who was actually abusive.

I feel if these latest strikes were not corrected, it would have a detrimental impact and set an unloving precedent going forward on the forum if sincere people are "punished" while the angry, resistive and abusive people's behaviour is almost re-enforced to a degree. As a result, I feel this would definitely not help the sincere people work through their injuries, such as Maureen here. There is a huge learning experience I feel not only for myself, Lena & Eloisa but also for everyone else should they wish to understand the situation better, so we have felt it appropriate and necessary to take the following action, which was initially suggested by Jesus & Mary:

In a bid that the current forum staff are as transparent with everyone as possible, I will be making the audio recording Mary (and Jesus in the background) created available for public access so that you guys have a chance to understand the stuff going on for us personally but as well to help in your own understanding of the things that played out on the forum over the past week. In the coming days, I will be uploading the sound file onto the main hub site and will create a thread on the forum informing and directing people to it should you wish to listen so keep your eyes peeled. This is a huge lesson in humility for me personally and it directly challenges some of my own fears by sharing my own imperfections, limitations and "errors" in love with you all as you will learn more when listening to the recording.

I would like to take this opportunity here to apologise profusely to Maureen for issuing her with these amber strikes. They were not warranted. I really hope that this does not affect your own confidence in participating in the forum going forwards from this point as you have been a valued member here. You have been offering your own advice to others where possible as well being open about your own stuff. I feel if everyone was approaching the forum in this way, things would be really awesome and everybody would be learning lots.

I would also like to thank both Mary & Jesus for offering their continued support to myself and the other forum staff in the hope that the forum continues to be a loving space for everyone to interact. I am very thankful that we are in a situation whereby we can correct our errors in a prompt manner and this is hugely due to Mary & Jesus' own willingness to help us.


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