Red Strike (& Ban) - "Real Jesus"

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Red Strike (& Ban) - "Real Jesus"

Post by Nicky » Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:21 pm


I am issuing "Real Jesus" with a RED STRIKE and a ban from the forum for breaching the below sections of the terms of use:

1) Joining the forum anonymously using a nickname
2) Condescension, arrogance, belittlement and/or humiliation towards either myself or another member
3) Manipulation and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over myself or others

The person behind this account had not joined in sincerity to explore further the teachings of DT, but joined to deliberately cause disruption. Their story about changing their name by deed poll is not true, as I can feel the dishonesty in this statement from them.

They have chosen to attack Eloisa for being open about pointing out addiction amongst other forum members whilst also sharing that she is not yet clear on what the addictions are whilst this individual is not being open in any way. It is a belittling and humiliation based attack designed to pull Eloisa down and make her doubt/feel bad about herself.

They have also joined the forum using a temporary/disposable email address which further highlights their intentions and motivations for joining up.


*******I'd just like to remind all other forum members about this section of the terms of use:
Reporting Others
It is strongly encouraged that if any of you feel another visitor is breaching the
terms set out in this agreement, that you come to me DIRECTLY by either
emailing me your concerns at or send me a private
message on the forums with the name of the member as well as the thread
where you feel the unloving behaviour was observed.
Two members of the forum (MikeWithGod & Rita) engaged this individual directly on their threads thus exacerbating the situation and feeding this individual's addiction for attention and providing them with ammunition for further engagement, which they utilised. There are very good and loving reasons for why I have included the above section in the terms of use.

I will soon be amending the terms of use slightly to state that you can also go directly to other forum staff (via private messaging), and not just limiting it to myself.

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