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2 Amber Strikes - Rita (REMOVED)

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:08 pm
by Nicky

I initially issued Rita with 2 amber strikes for what I felt to be her addictively using the forum in general and for not taking personal responsibility for her own emotions. This situation began after an interaction that was had between Rita & Mike in the below thread:


Over the past couple of days, myself, Lena & Eloisa had been reflecting on how we dealt with the situation between Rita & Mike and we began feeling that we did not handle the situation with Truth & Love. I sought Mary's advice yesterday about our latest reflections and Mary provided us with some really great feedback concerning the situation.

Firstly, Mary stated that she felt as though there was no issue with Rita's post towards Mike. Rita was just sharing information that she heard was mentioned by Jesus beforehand regarding the 14 who have returned to Earth and chose to share that info with Mike as per his open invite for people to share their thoughts and feelings.

I stated in my response on that thread that although I felt Rita was sharing information, she was being dismissive towards Mike. This was inaccurate on my part. I also stated in my initial strike thread to Rita that I had not striked her for this interaction with Mike, but her subsequent posts on other parts of the forum that I felt she was engaging addictively in to potentially avoid her "fears" about receiving any feedback/warning/strikes from the forum team.

By my striking of Rita for providing the above reasons in her strike thread and not addressing Mike's actions (which were the real issues of love), I acted in my own fears thus being hypocritical in the way I handled the situation (again, thanks to Mary for this feedback).

This has made me reflect further on the 2 strikes I issued and have realised that I did act prematurely in issuing them. By striking Rita, particularly considering the timing of the strikes, we (forum staff) realised that it may be confusing everyone else on the forum that Rita was the unloving person in the interaction with Mike, especially when Mike was not issued with a strike.

To be honest, I am not sure whether Rita was acting in some addiction in her latest posts, only she will be able to determine that for herself if she decides to self-reflect on what her emotions were when she chose to post her comments.

As a result, I feel the loving thing to do is to remove these strikes that I had originally issued to Rita and just encourage Rita and everyone else (including myself) to allow ourselves to pause and fully feel through what our emotions are when we come to writing posts out on the forum, because if we don't, it will be highly likely we will not be in Truth or Love in our engagement with one another here. This is perfectly illustrated in my own actions as described above. However, please do not misunderstand what I have said here. I am not suggesting that we pause to then act in facade and conceal what we really feel. If you engage with a sincerity/realness but are found to be posting addictively, this is better because at least now you have been made aware of something that you might not have been made aware of before. If you chose to conceal your true feelings and act in facade, it makes it harder for the forum staff to assist you - we are not Jesus & Mary so we still find it tricky to feel through people's facade at times!

I'd also like to apologise to Rita for not feeling her initial post to Mike accurately and issuing her with two strikes, particularly considering the situation as a whole.

A big thanks to Mary for gifting some of her time to providing feedback to myself, Lena & Eloisa - as you can guess, she is very busy at the moment with many things therefore it is greatly appreciated.


Re: 2 Amber Strikes - Rita (REMOVED)

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:32 pm
by Nicky

Just a note to share with everyone that I have removed the strikes I initially issued to Rita.