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Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:45 pm
by Natalie

I am Natalie. Officially my name is Natália, but I like when people call me Natalie and this is why I have this nick here :)
I incarnated to Slovakia and I still ive here. I am 22 and soon will be 23.

As a child I wasn´t tought about God very much. (I was told there´s no God.) It was about five years ago when I found a person who assisted me personally and told me I can have a friendship with God. Her name is Jenna Forrest and I am hugely grateful to her. I still learn from her.
And she is actually the one who sended me a link to a video on the Divine Truth channel. It all made a lot of sence and made me excited and since then I have watched many Divine Truth vids as well. I am very grateful to Jesus and Mary for the amount of information that they have already tought and shared.
I learn from various sources.

I still have A LOT of emotional clearing work to be done. I am humble about my state. It is all very challenging.

I love nature and being in nature. I love children and spending time with them. I love animals. I love music.
I enjoy yoga and it helps me. I am interested in healthy nutrition, holistic healing like in Chineese medicine, herbology, sound healing, music, psychology...

I guess this is enough for my introduction.