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Re: Hello from Long Island!

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:00 am
by Brenda
Hi Perry,
Thank you for your feedback. At this time I will respond to some of the points your made, as it is past my bedtime. I am justifying my fear. I watched the personal feedback link you linked me to and the group feedback that was held on the same day. I had only watched the personal feedback for a few minutes originally and stopped because I had trouble hearing the two ladies speak (I have hearing loss). This time I did learn some things. I will go back to feeling like when I was 7 when my parents separated. I know I was terribly upset and angry and I missed him terribly. As years went by I felt forgiving him was the thing to do. Then Jesus comes along and says that alcoholics are most likely spirit possessed and I forgive my Dad again, but forgiving never addressed my anger I suppose.

I will address the other things you mentioned tomorrow. Thank you Perry. You opened "a can of worms" here.

Thank you Elvira and Dave!