Hi from Jennene

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Hi from Jennene

Post by Jennene » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:57 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jennene and I live in NSW, Australia, with my son and daughter. We are very excited to be moving to Queensland at the end of November, which will give us all an opportunity to follow our passions & desires, and new adventures to look forward to.

I grew up in Sydney with my two older brothers and two sisters. My home environment was unloving and dysfunctional and a lot of my memories were of my parents arguing and fighting with one another all the time. I remember from a young age that I would go into my room and hide so that I could try and not hear them or I would spend as much time as I could outdoors. When my parents weren’t arguing, they were numbing their emotions with lots of addictions and activities that would result in them avoiding one another. I was a shy child, quiet, and I observed more than I spoke. We did not go to church and were not brought up with any religious beliefs. What I learnt about God was through scripture classes at school. Although, I had a children's book, which has story’s in it about Jesus and I still have that book, for some reason I have never wanted to throw it out or give it away.

I came across Divine Truth in 2009, when a friend gave me a DVD to watch called the Secrets of the Universe. I remember being amazed at the information I was hearing and really excited to finally be getting answers to the many questions I had, and a strong desire to learn more. Six months later I met Jesus and Mary when they came to the Central Coast NSW, to do a Q & A, we were eager to learn more and to met the people who were gifting us this information. Since this time I have been experimenting with DT principals and more sincerely in the past year. Although there has been many personal challenges, fears, and emotions to work through, I am very grateful that I have been given an opportunity to learn about my soul, and to know that I can heal my soul, and become more loving from God’s perspective. As well as receiving the beautiful gift of a developing relationship with God and becoming aware of my passion & desire to share Divine Truth, and to see heaven here on earth.

Following my passion and desire gave me an opportunity to attend the first two Education in Love Series Assistance Groups, which I have thoroughly loved these talks and have really enjoyed staying at the beautiful resort where the groups are held (each time I didn’t want to go home - smile). I found the talks so beneficial in becoming more self aware of my soul’s condition and how I am using my will. Jesus inspired us to use our will to go out and be loving in the world, to not hide ourselves, and to develop our own aspirations to become more loving, and to action our loving passions and desires. I have become more aware over the past year just how much I do hide myself and the Assistance Groups have further helped me to see how I am using my will. So I have set my intention to develop my desire to be more open and to share myself more with others, along with feeling my causal emotions so that I can be more of who God created me to be.

Thank you again to Nicky and Perry for sharing your experiences with putting Divine Truth principals into action, and to everyone who is brave enough to share themselves. As I reflect back on the past 7 years of learning about Divine Truth and seeing the changes in Jesus and Mary, I have become aware of the beautiful gift they have given us by sharing themselves and their experiences with us all.

With love & gratitude,

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Re: Hi from Jennene

Post by Nicky » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:01 pm

Hi Jennene

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find the time spent here beneficial in learning more about your personal relationship with God.

I'm really looking forward to watching the new assistance group videos on YouTube!

Nice to meet and get to know you better.

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