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Post by AlexanderJohan » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:58 pm

Hello all,

My name is Johan, but sometimes (especially online) I go by Alexander. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 27 years old. I actually started a similar forum, with similar rules to this one in the past, but I let it die more or less. I did not spend enough time posting myself, so the few posters that were there kind of lost interest themselves too. The site was: http://theway.createaforum.com

I found the Divine Truth YouTube Channel near the very end of 2012, when I was looking for more meaning to life than I had accepted previously, in part brought on by that whole idea about the Mayan calendar, that the world was supposed to end then. The video I stumbled upon by chance was the Geoff Whitehead interview with Jesus and Mary. I was initially very intrigued by the video, and it felt very relaxing to me, and I started watching more. In the beginning I was trying to balance my views by watching different anti-Miller videos on YouTube, but I decided those didn't really seem to correspond to the way reality appeared in the DT videos themselves.
I quit smoking and drinking, and became vegetarian and after a few months vegan. In about July 2013, I visited Australia, to visit the Faith and Prayer 3 & 4 seminars, and do an interview with AJ about spirits and spirit influence on mental illness. I was too nervous and scared to have the interview go through properly so Mary took over the questioning. AJ also said he had problems answering me when my fear/nervousness made it clear I didn't really want the answers. The next day I sent a text to Lena, the woman that does a lot of the camera work and was going to pick me up with her car, where I was kind of short and unappreciative, and AJ decided I couldn't see him any more during that visit to Australia and recorded a memo for me.

When I was back in the Netherlands, after some time I decided to pursue a relationship with God more, processing through emotions about my past, relationship with my parents, with the opposite gender, etc.. I thought I was somewhat successful in this, but recently I'm really having doubts. In the last week or 2 I visited another forum, the theveganatheist.com forums, where -you guessed it- the majority of posters are vegan, (skeptic) atheists. I wanted to talk to them because I thought the story about longing for and receiving Gods love would be different than taking your views from a book such as the Bible. However they pointed out that there really is no way to differentiate between the feelings of love you can "receive" from God to them being generated inside the brain. To conclude all sorts of stuff about the universe from a feeling that you have no way of knowing is coming from inside or outside of you, is not justified. They also stated that no psychic phenomena have ever been observed, despite extensive scientific research in that direction. I don't know if this is completely true, though.

So right now I'm in this state of doubt, like Descartes, doubting my own experiences and not knowing if I will still believe in God in the future. I was an atheist all my life before discovering the Divine Truth (Channel).

Maybe I should start a new topic about my doubts, I don't know if an introduction topic is really appropriate for this, but I'll see how it goes with this topic first,

Thanks in advance for any responses,


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Re: Hello

Post by Rita » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:47 pm

Thank you Alexander Johan. Can relate to a few things you said.

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Re: Hello

Post by Nicky » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:36 pm

Hi Johan

I would like to welcome you to the forums here.

Regarding doubts, I would suggest viewing the below DT video clip may assist you (if you haven't already seen it):


As a note, I too have had times where I have doubted my previous experiences and it is a truly crippling place to be in. I also realised that a bunch of spirits were manipulating me.

There is an awesome DT video between just Jesus and Mary who discuss doubt specifically for a prolonged amount of time that I found incredibly useful to watch but now cannot seem to find it on YouTube. If I find it, I'll post it here.



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