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Hi, I'm new here.

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:24 am
by Kayla
Hi, I'm Kayla, and from the U.S. Have recently came across Divine Truth forum and videos. I study Swedenborg, and a lot rings true here. I was brought up Catholic, but felt something was off, and Swedenborg's writings rang more true to me. I've been very interested about learning about God since at least three. Have also had a lot of trauma throughout my life.

Really am trying to make love of God, and others a main priority. Think I'm doing good with that often, but wonder since I continue to have problems with the past. I've gotten many Dx that were completely wrong from mental health, but did have symptoms of Tourette's from a young age. I've wondered recently a lot if it's spiritually related. In the past I was made to feel guilty over certain aspects, but I no longer believe them. I also have had wondered about death, and the after life before being told about them. Got the sense most people didn't think death might be better. This was all probably at three. I did ask just what death was, and was told about heaven. Which I falsely assumed my thoughts of wanting to die, would be more accepted. My mom was terrified, when I said I wished to go there right then and there. Thinking I knew I shouldn't have said anything back then. Still saddens me a lot to look back on. However, from there I was able to ask questions about God, and life. My mom even brought a book based off the bible with pictures, and easier vocabulary.

Despite studying, and what I believe to be understanding, and often times even improvement, seems I'm still stuck in my past. Have reached out a bit the Green Party, and know could probably get a job there, and have another opportunity from a personality profiling company that reached out to me. However, things haven't worked out. Stuff involving family, or the meantal health system seemed to have ruined past work opportunities. I don't want to start what I can't finnish. Even as a vollentear for the Green Party I worry about this. I do think theses could be opportunities to let people better experience the gift of free will, and help people live up to their full potential. However, I still feel stuck for many reasons. I'm hoping for a good discussion though, that will give me new perspective. Think I'm in need of that. Heard some things that may really help me too. Appreciate the opportunity.

Thanks Kayla

Re: Hi, I'm new here.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:49 am
by julie_bennion
Hello Kayla,
Welcome! Thank you for sharing about your desire to know & love God, your search for Truth, and a bit about the challenges you have faced. If you have not yet listened to the interview with Jesus on Soul Causes of Physical Illness, hearing this will offer you further to think & feel about, in relation to Tourette's in particular, as well as ALL of our physical & mental dis-ease:

Also, since you mentioned your study of Swedenborg, I wonder if you've read his messages to James Padgett in 1917. These are Swedenborg's messages, sent from spirit realms, long after he passed from the earth, leaving his physical form behind. Here are the links to three of these messages: ... 71223A.htm ... 70408A.htm ... WEDEN1.htm

If you are not yet familiar with the Padgett Messages, you can access them in total here (through Mary & Jesus' website): ... adgett.htm

I hope these will further aide you in your search for God's Truth. It is overwhelmingly awesome to find out about God, for real, while we're still here!


Re: Hi, I'm new here.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:55 pm
by Kayla
Apriciate the reply Julie. I've often conciddered how Tourette's can be related to spirituality. I see the this with illnes in general. Especially with what is labeled as mental illness. Especially seeing as no physical cause has been found, and is very correlated to discrimination. However I wonder the same thing with physical illness. Realizing how it's all tied together.

I do find one aspect of Swedenborg to be helpful in realizing there's a lot we're uncertain of, many religions can still be corrects, but overall emphasizing love. That was already already what I tried to take away being raised Catholic. Although Swedenborg certainly rang a lot more true.For so many reasons. Even though religiously intended to keep fairly open mind about not necessarily one right way, can still find myself bogged down with certain dogmas in general.

What I learned fortunately does allow me to ponder stuff such as this. Uncertainty can be overwhelming, but also comforting. I guess just knowing it's okay not to know everything. I do want to keep that in mind with enough emphasis on discovering, and sharing the truth. It's certainly a balance on how much emphasis on what. Swedenborg's teaching have helped. Here, as well as those, a huge emphasis is on love. So I guess I hope regardless that enough truth get's through where the world can be an overall more loving place. Something always important to m is every individual can offer something no one else can. Rignt now I've heard some new information. I'm interested in learning more. Certainly a lot to ponder. Defiantly interested in reading more on what you showed me, as well just continuing learning about the other stuff I'm finding here.

Thanks Kayla