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hello from Egypt

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:32 pm
by kareem
hi i am kareem from Egypt
my background is Islam, i am 32 years old single
i watched jesus videos for about two and half years and thought i found the ultimate truth but i didnt really understand it at soul level until recently i start to see what soul condition mean and how my soul condition affected my life or created my life experience as it is

since i got a little freedom from my parents control i followed a lot of teachings that are not from my culture in order to find truth that work for real in this life and after life if i can measure that
my perspective of truth started to form when i was teen and saw my parents do mediumship and exorcise some people and doing some occult work and in our society islam forbid any spiritual contact and as every thing in islam you can find sheikh approve it and another sheikh want to to kill you for doing it :)
this twisted culture made me always have an idea about truth that it is very very hard to find it and that if you only know about it some how you are redeemed (its not soul based i only need to know it) so i studied a lot of theory that try to unify the truth like new age explanations about manifestation and psychic stuff and most of modern occult studies try do the same thing so i done some occult , new age and my own techniques to get simple things to tell my self i found the truth but that never satisfy me or convince my that i got the truth
as its very obvious how Jesus's teachings really summarize the truth in the metaphysical way which i was searching for and beyond that to soul truth and beyond that to god's truth i really think that every technique that worked in my life worked because it moved the soul to the direction of the intention so i was under soul based law all the time so i want to go with it , i want try the great experment and how it will go
and i now i came to the forum to get my self in the stream of thinking about divine path to get my soul at that intention and i hope i do it on soul level sooner

thanks Kareem

Re: hello from Egypt

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:38 am
by Bex
Hi Kareem
nice to meet you! Ive always been fascinated by Islamic beliefs and studied a lot of Middle Eastern history at uni and have been so curious and excited to find out how people growing up with an islamic background will find Divine Truth! I look forward to learning more about that. Yeah every single thing Ive experimented with from Jesus and Marys teachings has turned out to be true for me - its very faith building! I very much encourage you to "try the great experiment" as you expressed. Ask for gods love to come in when you are feeling sincere and or in the midst of emotions!
I look forward to getting to know you more, theres loads of good info and film recommendations etc on here that have helped me lots and im sure you will enjoy the tips and chats too x

Re: hello from Egypt

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:07 am
by Sarahpetty
What a journey you have come through! I was a Baha'i until July of this year when I finally heard my guides teach me that all religions have been created and promoted by spirits on the Natural Love Path who do not know God's way and so decided to do something to try to help people be in better condition. They DO know about morals, rules, with guilt and fear as motivators. Since then, my relationship with God has truly been freed up, and is more real. I got out of my head and began to receive Divine Love into my soul. This ain't religion! Congratulations!

Re: hello from Egypt

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:45 am
by kareem
thanks bex
growing in islamic background can be obstacle to find divine love because the lack of even natural love in formal islamic teaching (meaning in schools and mosques) but muslims guided by spirit friends any way but each one has to face that islamic teaching is false in general and didnt even formalized in good intention.
the good news is many of islamic teaching can not find its way to most of musilms hearts (remember the example taught by jesus about the one who says he is ok to eat meat but wehn he's about to killing the animal he discover that he feels bad about it. thats how most muslims feel about islam teaching)

it is really good to talk to you and i like to talk to you and learn from your background and be friends :)
bty sorry i wasn't following the the thread for long time :)

Re: hello from Egypt

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:49 am
by kareem
yeah sarah what a journey we have hold by the guilt ,shame and fear for a long time
congratulations on the gift of finding gods love ♥