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graham sutherland

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:42 am
by Grahamsutherland
I am the graham of the jenn and graham that have in the past asked quite a lot of questions of AJ in his seminars.
i have a 40 acre property about a kilometer from AJs place.
I dont know if i am really following gods way but i aspire to.
i have a passion for creating a loving ecosystem on my property.
My house has a number of spare bedrooms that i would love to share with others with a passion for creating loving ecosystems and that desire to tackle the emotional challenges that come up in sharing a house with others.

Re: graham sutherland

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 4:21 pm
by Scott
Thanks to both you and Jen for asking those questions :)

Re: graham sutherland

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:33 pm
by Nicky
Hi Graham

Welcome to the forums here. Yes, I have seen you in many Divine Truth videos in the past. I would like to thank you for participating in the seminars. All the questions asked by yourself and the many others really helped with my intellectual understanding of many Divine Truth principles.

Great to meet you.


Re: graham sutherland

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:08 am
by julie_bennion
Hi Graham,
I'm just now reading your intro, attempting to get to know people here a bit, before getting too involved in discussions on various topics.
I used to read posts from you on the Exploring DT Facebook page, so you might recall my name from over there.

This morning I read Mary's new blog entry about the upcoming Love for Dummies :D Assistance Groups, and I just knew, finally That's where I belong!!! Straightaway I'm thinking, I gotta get myself over there, and stay put for the whole nine yards (aka 2 year Love Study Course). So I sent Rita a fb message, asking if she knows of any websites where I can research some rental options for areas in Queensland. Then, here I am reading your intro... and I gotta tell you, I'm super all about the two things you have said you are wishing to create, and be a part of ~ Loving God's earth by re-creating a harmonious eco-system; And learning how to live with others (humans, not just the cats & dogs, right?) in a loving manner. So maybe we could talk? This is my 11th post, so I gather I've passed the first marker ~ phew :!:

I'll look forward to talking with you... and may we grow (upwards), as truth is lovingly expressed.