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hello everyone

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:10 pm
by Perry
Hi there, my name is Perry, I'm from the UK from a city called Hull.

I fell in love with divine truth from the first secrets of the Universe youtube series. What a God send they were. Saved my life. I dare say I am applying DT teachings in my life and thus I have been experiencing life changing events and feelings within myself.

I'm not sure how I used to live without God and the teachings of divine love. I am forever in awe of God and her creations. This has been such an interesting time in my life discovering and experimenting with Gods truths. It has been a scary process, treading into the unknown as Truth gently forces me to become more real, however been wonderful having felt snippets of my real self start to shine through. Going through the 'fear' of Truth and coming out the other end, has always left me feeling exhilarated and proud, and it feels like my soul expands just that little bit more and that feels amazing. What on Earth was there to fear :)))))) ha

I hope and prayer that I will continue to live in Love, Truth and Humility -
I hope and prayer for courage and patience to help me on my way.
Gods Love is the greatest thing I have ever experienced - in just a few years I have changed so much, I can totally understand how more of Gods love will turn us into a different creature - WOW !

Enjoy the ride guys
Lots of Love

Re: hello everyone

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:59 pm
by Nicky
Hello mate!

Great to see you on the forum. Hope that you can find the material on here really beneficial as time goes by.

For the benefit of everyone else...I know Perry in person and have been staying at his place in London intermittently over the last couple of weeks through a gift he extended to help me in viewing rooms/places in London that I will be moving into hopefully sooner rather than later depending on when a suitable place comes up.

For this gift, I am extremely thankful and consider him a really good friend/brother already, particularly as we share extremely similar passions and desires which we will hopefully be working on together in the very near future :)

Just thought it would be best if I shared that with you all to give you more of a background/understanding.


Re: hello everyone

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:27 pm
by Amanda
Hello Perry,
Very nice to meet you. When I read your introduction my first though was yes, I've felt this too, and I know exactly how he feels!
Who'd have thought there was this "way" that we didn't know about, and what a change now that we do!
All the best to you