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Reincarnation of John Mark

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:50 pm
by Mike A.
Hey Julie,

I have considered writing to them in detail about my experience but have not yet. I did send them an email not long ago in which I asked if it was possible that I could be one of the fourteen but I did not receive a reply. I know they get hundreds of emails so they could have possibly missed it or they don't feel it's loving to give me an answer right now. Before I go writing to them again I do intend to feel more about my memories while trying to discover the loving thing to do. As of right now, I am just grateful that Nicky has provided this loving space to "come out" about my feelings with this issue.

Your Brother,


Re: Hi from Mike in the U.S. of A.

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:03 am
by Rita
Hi Michael,

You ask for comments:
1. As far as I remember Jesus has either personally met all of the 14 or definitely knows who they are.

2. I know 2 others who thought they were one of the 14.

3. You write "based on what spirits are telling me..." and as far as I am aware of it doesn't involve spirits telling themĀ  that they are 1 one of the 14.

Good to share what you "have been feeling recently over the past few weeks" and get clarity.


Re: Hi from Mike in the U.S. of A.

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:43 am
by Mike A.
Hi Rita,

I feel there is quite a bit of underlying condescension and arrogance in every one of your comments towards myself.
1. As far as I remember Jesus has either personally met all of the 14 or definitely knows who they are.

I feel your intention with this first comment was to express your arrogant belief that Jesus would have already clarified my identity if I was one of the fourteen. I have never talked with Jesus about my identity, therefore, have no idea what his thoughts on the matter are, and neither do you. Also, I don't feel you actually did any research to verify your comment. You just acted out of pure emotion.
2. I know 2 others who thought they were one of the 14.
In your second comment you are basically justifying your first comment without expanding on the what became of these people nor do you explain how you think their experiences relate to my experiences.
3. You write "based on what spirits are telling me..." and as far as I am aware of it doesn't involve spirits telling them that they are 1 one of the 14.
The third comment is clearly your own opinion and lacking any references to what Jesus or Mary have said. Spirits have not just come out and told me that I am John Mark. They have guided me towards information and memories that have allowed me to come to that conclusion myself. I probably wasn't very clear on that in my initial post so can see how I could have been misunderstood.
Good to share what you "have been feeling recently over the past few weeks" and get clarity
This final word from you feels to be the most condescending part of your whole reply. You have reiterated what I have said in a quote in order to minimize it and "remind" me that these are probably only passing feelings with no merit and that you are happy you could help me find clarity.

This feels very unloving as you have only displayed doubt and condescension towards me, Rita. I hope you can see how your comments have not helped me or yourself grow towards our God.

All the best,

Re: Hi from Mike in the U.S. of A.

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:36 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

Another member of the forum flagged the interactions in this thread as a potential issue of love, therefore brought my attention to it.

After reading and initially feeling about the interactions, I agree that there is something "off" however as of yet I am not clear on what the real issues are, as there are some of my own emotions that are affecting my clarity on the situation. As a result, I have decided to temporarily lock the thread to give myself and the other forum staff some time to feel about the situation to hopefully arrive at the truth of what has gone on.

We will write back soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Re: Hi from Mike in the U.S. of A.

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:07 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

So after giving myself some more time to feel about the interaction here between Mike & Rita in this thread as well as discussing this with Lena & Eloisa and obtaining their feelings, I have come to the below deductions:


Although the information you have shared with Mike regarding your own experiences with 2 others who felt they were reincarnated (and were not) as well as relaying some information that Jesus may have stated in the past may be accurate, there was an underlying feeling coming from you of being quite dismissive towards Mike. There were no real feelings of wanting to offer assistance to Mike, and this is what he partly reacted to in his response towards yourself. The feeling coming from you towards Mike is that you do not agree with him being one of the 14, which you are entitled to, but it was the feelings attached to your post that was the issue.


There is a lot of stuff going on with you emotionally.

Firstly, in terms of your feelings about being one of the 14, you will have to go through your own feelings to determine whether or not it is true. There could be a number of situations to consider and feel about, if you so desired, which I will highlight below:

1) Manipulative spirits are hooking into your unhealed emotions (addictions/fears) and are providing you with knowingly false information to confuse you/lead you down the wrong track
2) You want it to be true and therefore are deluding yourself as to the truth of the situation (which can lead to scenario one being true as well)
3) It is true and you are one of the 14

Now, I am not saying that you are reincarnated or not, but what I am trying to do is offer you some assistance in terms of the principles of Divine Truth that will help you get to the truth of what is going on for you. If I was in your situation, I'd revisit the spirit channeling reincarnation related talks as well as the addiction based talks as this may help you get into some emotions that will make you feel clearer. Only you can determine this for yourself, so I wish you the best in this regard.

You mentioned in an earlier post Mike about your father whom you feel reads the forum time and again. This could be a clue for what may be going on in terms of certain addictions and fears you have concerning how your Dad has been interacting with you. There are a number of unhealed emotions there for you to feel about including the potentiality of seeking approval/validation from others because your Dad is currently not giving you that feeling. This may also be the "hole" where spirits could be manipulating you too.

Also, I feel this highlights some of the dynamics that could be going on between yourself and your Dad. If it is true that your Dad tends to read the forum from time to time to "check up on you" this could suggest that there are not many real/truth based chats that you have had with one another. It is pretty "cloak and dagger" stuff and I feel if you allowed yourself to feel about certain fears you have concerning projections coming at you from your Dad, you may be able to have an open conversation with him later on down the line and address the feelings you have towards one another directly, rather than this Cold War situation going on between you both at the moment. The truth is, your Dad has his free will and can read the forum if he wants to, but there are definitely some big emotions in there for you to feel about in terms of why his actions are having such a profound effect on you.

In terms of your interaction with Rita, I feel there is some other stuff going on for you in this regard also.

You responded to Rita in a very defensive manner. In part this was because of the underlying emotions of dismissal coming from her towards you but also it highlights a few more things to maybe consider.

If you see, your reaction to Julie is very different to how you responded to Rita. This may be because of certain feelings (addictions) that Rita did not give you, which Julie did thus caused you to overreact.

Again, this could be due to you being emotionally invested in wanting to believe you are reincarnated (due to certain emotional addictions) and when someone offered a differing angle and thus not met an addiction, you responded defensively. It is important to state that you did openly invite comments and questions from others, so this is something to consider.

It could also be because of your unhealed injuries towards women. I did highlight a co-dependancy between both yourself and Rita earlier on in this thread a few months ago. It is no real surprise that you both reacted in the polar opposite direction of this addiction this time around and it is a result of you both not owning your emotions. You accused Rita of this but have done it yourself. See below:
You just acted out of pure emotion.
As you can also see, there was very little time difference between Rita's post and your response to her (exactly 100 minutes, including the time it took you to write the post itself). You did not give yourself sufficient time and were not humble to your own emotions that were triggered.

I have felt it appropriate to keep this thread locked as it has significantly veered away from an "Introduction" and an unloving interaction was observed. You are free to create threads in an appropriate section of the forum concerning the issues raised here, but I feel if you both reflect on the above, it will provide you with much food for thought definitely for the time being.

Thanks again for your patience and I'd also like to thank Lena & Eloisa for their input.