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Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:22 pm
by Lawrence
Hello Friends. I'm Lawrence Bakur, born in Brooklyn, NY, with some roots in San Diego, CA and now living in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I found out about Jesus and Mary five years ago and it's certainly been the best thing that's ever happened to me. But I'm writing today to ask for some help.

I was recently contacted by a woman who saw some comments I had written on a Facebook page and felt that I might be able to help her with some personal difficulties she’s going through. We have been conversing daily for a week and she’s been very open-hearted and responsive to that which I’ve shared with regard to Divine Truth. We get a bit deeper into things day by day although I have not yet introduced her to Jesus and Mary and the Divine Truth Channel, etc. I feel the need to tread very deftly and carefully because she is a devout Muslim from Pakistan who speaks of her faith with great reverence and I don’t want to be arbitrarily trampling on her treasured beliefs. I will continue to correspond with her for as long as she likes but I had the idea that perhaps there is someone already on the Path who comes from a Muslim background and could therefore help bridge the gap for this sister. If anyone is aware of such a person I’d appreciate it if you could let me know; or if you have any other suggestions that could be of benefit to this situation.

Thanks very much.

Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:20 pm
by maureen
Hi Lawrence...nice to see you here!

I have heard Jesus mention (and I find it to be true) that it is most loving to allow others to make their own choice around engaging Divine Truth or not. In other words, it is best to not try to prevent or "protect" others from potential emotions they may have in relationship to learning that Jesus and Mary are here and they are sharing these teachings with the world. Especially when it comes to people who are engaging with us specifically because they are attracted to the content of the teachings. In other words, it is loving to allow them to know the truth and make their own decision without making it for them or trying to manipulate the situation and their experience in any way.

So, I find that being willing to feel my own fears and feelings of responsibility for other people's emotions (and perhaps wanting to prevent them for my own reasons due to possible attack, abandonment, loss of love, loss of connection, unpleasant conclusions that could result in their change of hear about me, etc.)....being humble to those possibilities and also to the actual rejection of me and the teachings in some cases, is the key to remaining loving. I let them know where I am learning these things and from whom when it is relevant. Like in this case, where you want to connect this woman to the teachings directly.

I know you have had a background of feeling and being made to believe you are responsible for your mother's emotions. And this could be related to exposing the error based belief in your soul that you are responsible for the soul based choices others make or might make.

On that note, even if someone else took over this exchange for you with this woman (which would relieve the pressure you feel) it would not release the false belief in you that you are to blame or are somehow accountable for the choices others make and the feelings that you must do it perfectly or else you will be made accountable for their soul condition down the road.

From God's perspective, we are not responsible for those things. And, this woman does have the right to make her own choice to embrace or not these teachings. And, you have the right to connect her to the material directly if that is what feels like the best way for her to learn or decide how to progress on her own journey.

Maureen (you know me as "Moti")

Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:37 pm
by maureen
One more thought I had is that if you let yourself feel through the potential bad outcome you are seeking to avoid by getting someone else to tell her about Divine Truth and Jesus and Mary as the source of these teachings she is seeking...that may help you get more clarity. Because it is your fear of those potential things that is making it hard to see what is truly loving for both you and her.

For instance, there may be spirits who are with her who would be provoked at the sight of her learning Jesus and Mary are on the earth and have answers for her with whom she shares her faith....etc.

And, for example, if that was the case, she may not choose to remain loving toward you once those spirits are triggered if they were to be...and perhaps,instead, align with them to maintain that relationship. And reject you and the teaching because of their influence. But, again that would be for her to address in time. If she chose to.

I just find there is so much to see and face and feel if I just face the fears I feel about what may happen if I act in a way that could provoke others but would be loving from God's perspective in these situations.


Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:18 pm
by Lawrence
Hi Maureen.

You hit the nail on the head in many respects, although I was not planning on having someone else tell her about the DLP. I was only thinking to find someone with a similar background that she could relate to. But all the rest of it is definitely something for me to ponder and feel about. She and I have spoken for probably about 20 hours in the past week, which has been a very enlivening experience for both of us and a bonding has occurred which I don't think either one of us wants to lose so I'm sure I need to feel more about my tendency towards having codependent relationships. I have begun to face those fears of loss, as you've suggested, but no doubt I need to go deeper still.

But on the other side of the equation, I do believe there is a right and loving way to handle this that can provide the person with the easiest possible entry into a new perspective on life. I feel that when a person has deeply held beliefs it may not be correct to try to snatch them away via immediate confrontation until the new awareness is at least beginning to form. I also feel that she is my initial point of contact into a world that is completely foreign to me and I feel respectful of that.

Many thanks,

Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:36 pm
by maureen
Hi Lawrence,

I understand you currently believe that you are acting in harmony with love.

I also do believe it is worthwhile asking this loving? Are your motives pure? Is what you are doing here truly loving, honoring and respectful?
From God's perspective.

Is this loving for me?

Is this loving for the other person?

Am I honoring the other person's free will and allowing space for them to feel and exercise their own will fully or am I trying to manage their experience and intervening in ways that I think are me being loving and being respectful and caring for others when perhaps it is driven from a place of injury that I am engaging another person's potential relationship to these teachings?

Hope that makes sense.


Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:50 pm
by Marina Smargiannakis
Hi Lawrence, nice to see you on the forum.

I wanted to share a bit of my experience with discussing Divine Truth with an individual who is Muslim. Though I do not know anyone personally who could help your friend, I could just share some insight based on my own law of attraction/occurrence.

This individual was a friend of (my) Nick's and was very deeply attached, and still is, as many of Islamic/Muslim faith are, to the prophet Mohammed's teachings. He did, though, acknowledge that there could be some holes in the Koran, like for example, a man is allowed to have 3 wives (with no 'punishment'), but he did feel, instead, that the concept of soulmates was more of an accurate feeling within him.

Now, there were many occasions where I could've avoided Jesus and Mary's identity, but if it is a part of who I am, and I am proud of the teachings, I could not hide it, no matter what his response. Ironically enough, apparently, it is mentioned in the Koran that Jesus WILL come back, so he was actually not so against my beliefs on Jesus and Mary's identity; there was a major discord, again, on many other fronts.

I am not mentioning this part to assuage your fear, but just to share, again, my own experience.

You mentioned something:
I do believe there is a right and loving way to handle this that can provide the person with the easiest possible entry into a new perspective on life.
I think, sometimes, the greatest Truths, or when a person loved me and told me a Truth, it actually felt the opposite to it being an easy entry.

Your friend's feelings are her feelings, and she will have to choose how to go through that on her own. I think that the way one worries about presenting material to anyone else, is based on fear, or facade, for a potential outcome. I think, and as it goes for pretty much any action, your motivation is something that needs to be looked at, like your investment with her believing you, or the connection you both currently carry, etc. I feel Maureen wrote you great questions to ponder, to ask God what He would do, and is most loving, and also I would just say to you that if she is your friend and likes your character and what you share, that you deserve to be loved for who you are, even if you both have different beliefs. I think truth and honesty are really important foundations, and when you are telling her the whole truth, you are loving her to the whole potential degree. She deserves to know the truth, and perhaps you could just direct her to a link on YouTube. By being transparent, even openly discussing your own fears while still telling her the truth, you are offering her the ability to know you and your heart fully.

I, do though, think, you'll have to look more into personal motivations and investments about what you are afraid to lose, or what you think will happen if you are 100% honest.

Hope any of this helps.


Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:38 pm
by Lena
Hi Lawrence,

Something came to my mind which I wanted to ponder about and share with you.

On very rare occasions when spirits come for help to Jesus and Mary in their mediumship sessions, spirits do not know who they are talking to. And they don't ask. Those who ask of course get an answer. But those who don't at times walk away not knowing who has helped them, I am sure they get answers from the guides, but not in a moment of help.

So I wonder about that, if when I am not attempting to hide truth, it may feel different, which I feel Lawrence you are hiding while trying to "protect" this lady from the truth, which is an addiction.
What I am saying if you are with all honesty open and looking for an opportunity to say the truth, that opportunity will come through a law of attraction. She will either ask how you have come around to such a thinking or she will be guided to question something in her own religion that will give you an opportunity to share.

I feel like if that hasn't happened yet for you Lawrence, then there are some addictions and fear in play for you with this lady that you have not been wanting to challenge. And that is what is driving the situation.

Another question I want to ask you: do you want to have a "friend" who you are in addiction with or do you want to assist that person and allow them to become your friend through the workings of God's truth on their soul.

I do agree that it is very tricky and hard to explain to a person about God's truth when they are deeply entrenched in their own beliefs.
This is why they must be seeking the truth themselves, thinking that you can trick them to accept it by taking them out and about the issues isn't going to work at the end.

I find if one's heart is naturally open and is seeking for God's truth, their own desire will get them closer and closer to it.
But one must respect the truth and the free will choice of another when conveying the truth.

Even if she runs away from it for while, you must respect that, because if she is seeking then the confrontation is only temporarily and she will be guided back to the truth in one way or another at some point in the future.

There is a law in place even between the spirit world and the physical, that a spirit can not manifest on earth at this time to convey God's truth.
Truth must be longed for first before it becomes available. In this example through a medium.

I want to say that it's important not to sacrifice truth for some kind of goal, even if you see that goal as being a special one or worth while.

So my suggestion Lawrence to firstly look at all of your emotions and addictions you are getting out of this interaction.
Connect to them, seek the truth on the issue of your own errors and watch the law of attraction change.

What ever you choose to do good luck with it,


Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:46 pm
by Courtney
This whole discussion is interesting to me; Lena I was wondering how it fits in how in mediumship sessions where a spirit is being assisted that Jesus often has a more loving spirit come to talk to the spirit being helped who may have lived a similar life as the spirit being helped. I most recently listened to the shot farmer session where it sounded like another spirit came who had developed in love but used to live a similar life. Of course Jesus also helps the spirit and doesn't just hand it over right away to the spirit who may have lived a similar life. So perhaps this isn't very related to this thread as in this thread its mostly addiction and fear and truth being discussed, but it came to mind as something I'd really love to understand more regarding the topic of people who might be "similar" also helping others?

Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:48 pm
by Courtney
To clarify, I didn't mean the spirit who comes along is in a higher sphere than Jesus necessarily, but more loving as in having developed in love more than the spirit being helped.

Re: Islamic connection

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:15 pm
by Lawrence
Thanks Lena, Courtney, Maureen and Marina,

I know I can be stubborn especially when it comes to taking advice from a woman. All of the “advice” I ever got from my mother seemed to make me wrong about one thing or another. So if nothing else, this thread has been great for stirring all of that up. But the truth is that all of your comments have actually been very timely because it has come to me today that no, I don't want to have a friend simply on the basis of a codependent relationship. And perhaps my concerns about timing were more about me being ready to say what I want to say, and not so much about her. In any case, her words to me just a little while ago today were, "I met you because Allah wanted me to meet a wonderful man who will show me the real side of mine." I think those words speak of an opportune time to present what I've been wanting to.