ET visitation (?)

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ET visitation (?)

Post by MikeCollier » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:40 pm

Not really sure what to make of this in the context of Divine Love. I had a fully awake, (initially I was unable to move, but I could hear soft clicking sounds sort of rotating around my bed), and clear-headed experience with some entities in my bedroom one night.
It was a very typical encounter: Paralysis, which I broke out of with immense effort; and, as I rolled off my bed onto the floor, caught a glimpse of a typical small grey alien standing there with a white smok sort of thing on.
As I went to the floor, I reached out and touched him softly on the forehead. Then I blacked out. I sensed there were others there, and they were in charge, but I didn't see them. Only a bright light.
The emotions that came up as a result of this attraction we all good. I was exhillerated and felt somehow lucky to have a conscious experience, especially to have been able to break the paralysis and touch one. I never felt violated or intruded upon for some reason. I didn't feel any emotion coming from them, except now as I write I can feel someone smiling at this letter...hummm...
Anyway I was wondering about this alien thing. Jesus has peripherally sort of alluded to their existance, but seems happy to keep his focus on earth humans for now, although he has spoken to Pleadian humans through channelers, but hasn't said anything about their purpose or role here on earth; but I may have missed that. I am just curious about this law of attraction event. I have had several very close ufo sitings, and they always feel very personal to me. In the early sixties my family had a group experience once too. They communicated to 4 of us telepathically. Thanks...

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Re: ET visitation (?)

Post by Jenny » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:48 am

Hi Mike,

From what I can remember (someone please correct me if I am wrong), the spirits who look like aliens to us are humans who are in a very dark condition which has caused their spirit body to become grossly disfigured.

I too, have had a quite a few encounters with sleep paralysis. I started a discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=271

I haven't had the courage to actually try to see the spirits that are causing the paralysis, but the feelings that I feel from the spirits holding me down are never loving, unfortunately. Plus, I don't believe a loving spirit would do something to me unless I asked or gave my consent.

I also remember Jesus mentioning that the Pleadians were actually humans in the 6th sphere of the spirit world. At least, I am pretty sure this is what he said.

I don't know either why I attract these events and I'm also curious to know what is actually happening when sleep paralysis occurs and the emotions associated with it. I do know, however, that when I actively seek to know God's truth about me and find ways to put God first and receive Divine Love, I am less open to the attacks. I'm also curious to know the truth about what is going on with UFO's and crop circles. I haven't set aside to time to really reflect and feel about what is happening to me, but I have faith that when I do, God will provide all the answers I'm looking for through my law of attraction. Now I just have to find the courage to do this. :-) Good luck with your questions.


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