Unsure of my physical experience

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Unsure of my physical experience

Post by Mummytime » Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:03 pm

Hi I'm new to this forum and am looking for advice.

About 15 months ago I decided to experiment with Divine Love teachings for the first time. In particular I wanted to know if Spirits existed.

So one day I decided to sit in a room (where my daughter was having a day nap at the time) and just sit there to see what happens. Mind you I felt terrified and scared of potentially seeing a ghost etc. So I started of praying to God to help me believe that they exist and to be brave to experience my fear.

The curtains in the room were drawn shut and the window was closed. There was no fan or air con on in the room at the time. Suddenly the curtains lifted up like someone had pulled them forward and dropped them. I was absolutely terrified at this point, and pushed on. I started to feel a wave of heat beginning from my feet crawling up along my legs, up to my chest and down through to my hands. I started crying intensely like a child and trying to breath deeply diaphamatically so that I remained in my body. I covered my face with my hands while praying out aloud to help me through my fear. I felt like there was someone (possibly my late grandmother) sitting in front of me trying to help me get through it and to not be afraid and felt like if I had opened my eyes I would see someone. Then suddenly I got interrupted by my oldest child walking through the door asking to fix something. At that time I went to pickup the item my child was giving to me and I couldn't feel my fingers. I was aware that I couldn't control my own hand and fingers to grip the object. It felt rigid and stiff.


Was I experiencing an out of body experience?

Did I leave my body because I was so afraid of processing my fear of spirits?


I tried to return to the fear but I couldn't get back into it. And ever since then I've tried and have just not been successful. I feel that I've just scratched the surface with this fear of spirits. I have a desire to communicate with them but can't get past this fear of them. I feel as though my late grandmother (my mothers mum) can help me with the process but can't determine if what I'm feeling is right as I am such a newie in mediumship.

That experience set other experiences over a period of about a month or so.

Another experience...

The next day I woke up with a ball of blood in my right ear that seemed like someone had placed it in my ear and it rolled out when I moved. I had never experienced something like that before. My mother is partially deaf in both ears and wears a hearing aid in her right ear but the day before she told me that she decided to see if she could hear without her hearing aid and to her surprise she could hear clearly (actually even better) than she did with a hearing aid! What's up with that one!?

My conclusion to these experiences is that Im in the process (well, WAS in the process - I've since shut down any fears as I'm too afraid to revisit them) of being spiritually awakened.

What do you think?

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Re: Unsure of my physical experience

Post by Benjamingp » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:35 am

Hi Mummytime (what does this Name mean?),

Refering to your first experience i feel that because you sincerely wanted to go through your fears and asked for help, someone (your guide? Or grandmother?) decided to move the curtain fot yout to give a direct answer to your request and that triggered some of your childhood emotions which is very good.
And i feel that the person was there because of your sincere longing for her.
At a certain point the fear got too big and so you blocked the experience. Your child felt that you didn't want to be there anymore and so he came to you and "helped you out".

I feel to be overwhelmed by love from god and/or a higher developped spirit can let you feel your body in its actual condition and so when you couldn't feel your hand is something emotional inside yourself, like the feeling that you are unable to take action by yourself or something like this.

I would not call this an out-of-body experience but rather an in-body experience.

That are my personal feelings about the first experience you described. I hope this helps.

The second experience to me shows that there is something going on between you and our mother based on the injury of deafness. At this stage i cannot see or feel what is going on in more detail but some others may can.

Benjamin Gschösser

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