Thank you to Jesus and Mary - Recent Mediumship

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Thank you to Jesus and Mary - Recent Mediumship

Post by Marina Smargiannakis » Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:41 pm

To Jesus and Mary:

I just listened to the recent audio from 23 December of where Mary channeled Anthony, man who leads/led a group of spirits who abuse people
Spirits Who Exploit People On Earth. ... 0Earth.mp3

This mediumship session hit me very hard in my heart, from both angles of being a person who uses my damage to damage others, which degrades myself so much, and also, my willingness to be manipulated, and often have little to no idea what's really going on unless I connect to that.

I also feel how much my own lack of compassion and disregard for someone very close to my heart's life, for they were treated much like Anthony was a child. I feel so sad about that, and also what little care I have about that, not just for this individual specifically, but others as well, when all I want is my own addiction being met.

This audio has the potentiality to open us up on so many levels, including the armies of spirits in the spirit world, at least that's how I feel.

There is so much more than words can say, really.

Love you both Mary and Jesus so much. Thank you.

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Re: Thank you to Jesus and Mary - Recent Mediumship

Post by AlexanderJohan » Sat Jan 09, 2016 3:15 am

I remember I was in touch with these spirits recently. When I was about 16 or so, this or a similar group of spirits, gave me a future-telling dream. The spirits in the group from the channeling were really just doing malevolent things for their own enjoyment. The group I was in touch with just gave people mystic experiences for the sake of mysticism. It really made no sense, but now I feel they used this type of "buzzy" interaction or pseudo-mystical, pseudo-spiritual, weird, confusing experiences, etc, to also gain influence in my life. I recently met this group telepathically, Jesus and Mary were also there, and I think the feeling I communicated to the group was "there's not much point in creating confusion/mystification just for the sake of it, is there?".
I still have destructive interactions with spirits quite often, where they manipulate me to do negative things. I know God by showing me more of his mercy and majesty and righteousness would help me be more upright myself.

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