Spirit Influence

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Amanda Stracey
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Spirit Influence

Post by Amanda Stracey » Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:29 am

This is a big thank you to Nicky and Perry (and Jesus & Mary for their feedback to the guys) for explaining what negative spirit influence feels like and putting into action positive steps in our own lives to close the doors that allow the influence. I've had a feeling that certain things happening in my own life were not normal, out of control and a bit hopeless and it's really helped to find out more about why that is happening ( fears about turmoil, confrontation, partner relationship fears etc, abandonment and attack).

So I would like to recommend the following video presentation on Nicky and Perry's channelhttp://youtu.be/gWAi_ZPxuOM

With much appreciation


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Re: Spirit Influence

Post by LisaQ » Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:15 am

Thank you, Amanda, for pointing out this recent recording!

Nicky & Perry, BIG THANKS for sharing what you went through and what you've learned re: spirit attack. It felt very helpful to me, and allowed me to connect with ways in which I, too, have been quite influenced by spirits lately. In fact, just upon watching the video, I began to go white and feel quite a bit of fear, almost a confirmation that a similar or same group of dark spirits has been surrounding me lately.

The key reminder for me is to keep being humble and feeling the fear. And praying for help through ANY emotion.


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