Vivi from Brazil who lives in Colorado. USA

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Vivi from Brazil who lives in Colorado. USA

Post by Vivi » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:10 pm

Hi. I'm Viviane, I'm actually from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but I've been living in Colorado USA for the past 6 years.

I have always sought spirituallity. When I was a little kid I visited the catholic church for a while and did the cathechism (is that what they call?). The course that you take to learn more the principles of the church to be able to eat the bread. But I asked the teacher about the afterlife, reincarnation,etc.... Questions that popped into my head and he got frustated and asked me to just concentrate on what he was teaching.

Then later years ... part of my family (uncle and aunt) were evangelic and would always insist on me visiting their church. I'd visit with an open mind but none of their teachings resonated with me.

As a teenager in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a friend was visiting a Spiritism Center. A center that gives lectures about spirits, our physical life, the afterlife etc.. That caught my attention, especially because they would talk about us being more loving. They would talk about love and being better beings.
I read the Allan Kardec's book - The book of spirits. Some things resonated with me, some not. But I'd go to the center because I'd always leave feeling a bit "better", although, not fufilled and some times with some questions unanswered. The Spiristim was the closest one of being more truththful than the other religions I visited, in my opinion.

I moved to Colorado Usa to marry my husband in 2010 and after some years I left the spiritism alone. (Spiritism is sort of like a new age phylosophy that believes in constant reincarnation until one achives a higher state of being, self sacrifice to "love" & and "help" others, etc...)

My husband became more spiritual after we got together. We'd always talk about spirituallity, he also read the Spirit's book and other spiritual books.
After he read A wonderer in the spirit Lands he was looking more information on Franchesco (the man in the book) and he had a deep loving desire to find the real Jesus. And that's when he found the divine truth page. He has always been a opened minded person as well. So after he watched some videos of AJ, he texted me and said "Baby I found the real Jesus". And we started watching.

At fist all the exciment and everything..
We felt some things, or we believe we did...
And then we both became very blocked. I probably more than him.
I got angry that I wasn't getting anywhere and left the path.
I decided to live the "mundane" way, the "addictive" way, because it's more fun, exciting, pleasurable.
I went back to listening to Abraham Hicks, The Secret movie, to try to change my financial life (which has always been chaotic).
I made a lot of mistakes leaving the path, degrading my soul further down. I was trying to lie to myself with the mind and hoping that my life would change.

But my life was getting worse and my husband started to watch AJ again, but this time my ears were actually wanting to hear and wanting to change.
So this year I decided this "You know Viviane, you are just lying to yourself, hurting yourself and others. Life is more painful now. I don't want this anymore"
So I know now that the other things dind't work for me and this is the path to become a better person. I want to change and become a more loving person. Which I haven't been before my whole life.

I'm still quite blocked to a lot of things but I belive there's light at the end of the tunnel now. :lol:

You can call me Vivi ou Viviane.


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Re: Vivi from Brazil who lives in Colorado. USA

Post by Angie G » Sun May 29, 2016 11:07 pm


It's nice to see another Coloradan on here. Welcome.

I too experienced the frustration of being blocked and I don't consider that I walked away from the DLP, I did "put it down" for about a 6 month span. I'm learning to accept that I have so many layers to get thru that I just need to be patient and persistent and include God. The new assistance group videos have been very helpful and I can hardly wait for the ones to come!!

Much love,

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