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Joe Lala
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Hello From USA

Post by Joe Lala » Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:22 am

Hello everyone!

My name Is Joe, I have been experimenting with Divine Truth for a little over two and a half years now. As I was very reluctant at first, I am now adamant about discovering more truth than ever before. I am excited to interact with others who may share similar desires as myself in a creative manner.

For a little bit of background:

I am 28 years of age. I am currently the sole proprietor of a graphic design company in Dayton, OH. Before pursuing this desire, I was a mechanic by trade for most of my life with a passion for automobiles. I have also been a musician for the better portion of my life, which I am now struggling with in regard to locations of venues being a serious predicament due to the unloving environment that most venues are currently in.I grew up in a family that did not participate in religion, but still carried a lot of typical beliefs that stem from religious concepts. In my early teens I started to abuse alcohol and drugs, which led to a very hard life for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. By the time I was twenty, I was really starting to have a desire to shed some of these physical addictions which I did very slowly. I started becoming very emotional in my early twenties as I was stepping away from all these addictions, as well as being on the back half of a "heartbreak" episode . At the time I had no idea about what I was really working through, I just knew that I was feeling better each time I would step away from something that was potentially harmful to myself and others. I have always been open to the idea of spirituality and this started when I was relatively young. When I was around the age of four or five, I would find myself being attacked by spirits in the middle of the night, sometimes waking up in random places in my house not knowing how I got there. I could not move at all, I would be frozen in fear and all I could do was open my eyes and look around without turning my head to watch as dark and very scary looking spirits taunted and attacked me for what seemed like hours. Yeah... Needless to say that has stuck with me even until now, as I am still working through a lot of the spirit attachment emotions surrounding those events. So yes, that was my very terrifying first experiences with spirituality. In my mid twenties I started seeking for more answers through now what I would consider to be pseudo spirituality. Visiting mediums became a regular practice etc.

I currently live with my partner, Nikki. Whom I believe to be my soulmate. She has been experimenting with Divine Truth for roughly 4 to 5 years now and is the person who introduced the material to me.

So that's where I am at!

If anyone has any questions for me or wants to know anything further, Please don't hesitate to ask. I don't mind sharing my personal experiences with anyone, I will try my best to help in anyway I can.

Thanks for having me,

- Joe

Angela Wright
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Re: Hello From USA

Post by Angela Wright » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:47 am

Welcome Joe (and a hello to your partner Nikki)! Great to hear there are others in the US. :)

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Re: Hello From USA

Post by Sarahpetty » Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:13 am

Hello Joe and Nikki! Your scary memories of spirit harrassment move me. I suggest watching the classes and videos on mediumship and healing. I believe my work now to be working with spirits who do not know how to improve their situation. I believe that there is much physical healing to be done by working with spirits. Being mediumistic can be a powerful avenue for helping others to progress. I do spirit guide portraits. You might try that, too. I wish you well. :)

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