Update to the Terms of Use - 30/09/2015 (RECEIVING DIRECT FEEDBACK)

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Update to the Terms of Use - 30/09/2015 (RECEIVING DIRECT FEEDBACK)

Post by Nicky » Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:36 pm

Hi guys

Another update to the terms of use today concerning the area of RECEIVING DIRECT FEEDBACK.

It is assumed that by registering to the forum and participating, you would welcome and be open to the possibility of receiving feedback from either myself and/or the teachers of Divine Truth (Jesus & Mary).

Feedback may come in the form of video, voice clip or on the forum itself as per our discretion of what we feel is most appropriate. Any video clip would be published on YouTube for the benefit of not just yourself but to other viewers with the underlying intention of educating and demonstrating lessons in love.

People who are truly humble and sincere about progressing on the Divine Love Path would welcome the reception of direct feedback and would see any such act as a gift. If you are not comfortable with this, I would advise that you do not register to the forum so that you cannot expose yourself to this potentiality.

I have also slightly amended the terms of use concerning BANNING.

You will now receive a RED STRIKE and be issued with a BAN from the forum if you breach the anonymity terms as well as the previous area of attacking and/or abusing me privately following any disciplinary action that I have taken.

Cheers everyone.



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