Forgiveness/Repentance in feeling scenarios that we don't know what we actually felt about??

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Forgiveness/Repentance in feeling scenarios that we don't know what we actually felt about??

Post by Cari M » Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:53 pm

Good day everyone!

I have started a massage therapy course and yoga as well, trying to work with myself to loosen up so I can connect to my emotions.

I am reading a book called Walking the Tiger, Healing Trauma by Peter Levine. It goes into how when we aren't allowed to fully experience our traumatic experiences that emotional blocks get frozen into our bodies and that we will continue to create similar events in our lives "re-creating" the experience trying to allow the feelings to be able to come to the surface to be experienced. It also talks about how our conscious intellectual mind can not connect the re-creating to the original event and spends its time trying to look for reasons/answers and how people can get to a point where they can just think they are going nuts. They spend time looking for answers instead of just feeling the emotions that are in their body and allowing it to basically manifest and be felt. Very much along the lines of what we have already been taught, he just doesn't mention LOA specifically. The book talks about feeling emotions, taking time to allow them to reintegrate into us so that they can be felt, but then basically states that is about allowing the emotions to flow through us and not necessarily recalling the actual event or placing blame. That once it has left there is no need for forgiveness because we allowed ourselves to just feel the emotion.

Many times I recall AJ saying in his talks that we do not have necessarily have to identify what the event was, just allow it to be felt and released from us. If we do that and have no idea what it was about, how do we or can we forgive someone or repent for whatever it was? If I am understanding Divine Truth concepts correctly these are necessary steps?

I am asking this question, because I know that it is another block to just allowing myself to feel, because I am thinking that if I allow myself to just feel it with no connection and don't forgive or repent that I feel I will not have completed the work. If that makes any sense?

I have come to realize in these last 2 weeks in starting this course that my soul is on lock down like Fort Knox and is basically in flight/fight mode 24/7. Not allowing me to trust any person, spirit, or even myself to actually surrender to the fact that my emotional state is much worse that I actually believe it to be and I NEED HELP. I continue to attract people in this school that tell me that this is a safe space and then they literally turn around and try to control me emotionally letting me know that it is not and I cannot trust them. I believe that spirits are assisting in this trying to keep me in this fearful bondage loop by making this look hopeless to get down into because I am not emotionally safe ANYWHERE.

I am going to keep praying and fighting this. I really feel trapped in my own circumstance with a lifeline I can see, but just cannot reach right now.

Best Regards,

My name is Cari.

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