1 Amber Strikes - Marjorie - Removed

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1 Amber Strikes - Marjorie - Removed

Post by Lena » Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:33 pm


The strike to Marjorie has been removed.

I have received some help from Jesus and Mary which helped me to see that there is a difference between a willing person, who is sincere, and who has made a mistake (of course we all will and do) but is showing an openness to know about, who does not deserve a strike for making a mistake;

This especially relates to the strike which was issued to Marjorie.

And there are people in facade - appearing nice but in reality who are resistive, attacking and insincere people, who take unloving action as soon as something is confronted in them, who may show a lot of unloving behaviour and who will need a strike for the expression of their will in a very unloving manner.

I didn't feel like I was actually issuing a strike to Marjorie, but was more writing her a response-feedback, to help her with something, which now, after the feedback from Jesus and Mary, only makes more sense, that this post had to be reviewed and removed from the strike area and placed as a feedback onto its original thread.

I am very sorry Marjorie, as this would have come across very harsh towards you. I hope this will not stop you from participating in the forum in the same free manner you felt you could do before.

One of the things in the feedback admin has received from jesus and Mary was about us being very harsh with ourselves and therefore willing to be harsh on other people who maybe similar to ourselves, meaning sincere in our growth.
However we often overlook people on the forum (and in our private lives) who are abusive and have insincere intentions, who post in their facade or even those who do not hide and become quickly abusive.

So it is a new goal for us to become more sensitive and more self reflective about what emotions we feel are ours and what emotions we feel are from people. Become more fair in our treatment of people on the forum, meaning that we quickly take actions with people who are seriously unloving and damaging to the others on the forum, and to help and assist the ones who are sincere but struggling with issues that are part of their lives.

There will be more material available regarding the feedback from Jesus and Mary as stated in Nicky's latest announcement, so you guys all can learn too.



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