2 Amber Strikes - PierreJoseph

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2 Amber Strikes - PierreJoseph

Post by Lena » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:56 pm


Pierre Joseph Is issued with 2 Amber Strikes for repeatedly breaching the terms of use of the forum.

Forum guidelines which Pierre is in breach:

* Projection of anger and/or rage towards either admin or another member
* Manipulation and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over admin or others
* Entering discussions and forcibly pressing your beliefs on others of what you believe love and truth would dictate
* Not taking personal responsibility for your own emotions and growth by repeatedly trying to involve others in your own processing work from a narcissistic rather than from a loving/sharing intention

Full terms of use:
http://www.divinetruthhub.com/wp-conten ... ument4.pdf

Pierre is in full breach of private messaging guidelines:

Up until now, admin of the forum has been very tolerable of Pierre’s rage towards women due to not seeing that Pierre is now seeking power over women and seeking revenge for the treatment he has received by his mother and his previous partners.

I can see that Pierre has been using the feedback from Jesus (given to him at the 2014 AG) as a way to justify his blame of women and his rage at them. Pierre has not been reflecting about what Jesus has told him about his own addictions and demands for women that drew him into such an engagements.

I have had a personal interaction with Pierre in the past, explaining to him about his addiction to using forum to channel his rage at women.

The decision to issue the strikes rather than a warning to Pierre is based on a severity of his latest unloving interaction with Maureen, which can be seen below, through forum’s private messaging system. As well as an ongoing unloving behaviour on the forum. I will provide full details below.

This is a very dangerous direction Pierre has chosen to take and I want to stress out to him the seriousness of what he has been doing.

Using forum in addiction and or to attack another:

Pierre had contacted Maureen in an unfriendly way seemingly about her picture, but I can see he has contacted her with an addiction behind it and a desire to attack her, which he executes in his later response to her.

It looks like Pierre has been influenced to seek Maureen out.

From Maureen's response it can be felt that she has received Pierre’s initial message feeling that it wasn't friendly and stated that she doesn't appreciate it.

There is more I will say that fits into this category later in my post.

Entering discussions and forcibly pressing your beliefs on others of what you believe love and truth would dictate:
Manipulation and/or control tactics to gain a feeling of power over admin or others

Pierre didn't not respect that his message, which he sees as a gift of truth, was not wanted and has continued to use Maureen’s honest response to him, as a way to blame her, attack her, get power over her and channel his rage at her.

Pierre has assumed an admin/moderator role by forcing "feedback" onto someone who was not even asking for it.
He uses a feedback style response as very unloving and manipulative technique, in order to manipulate Maureen to feel like she has done something wrong.

Projection of anger and/or rage towards either admin or another member

More about addiction with the forum and passive aggressive rage:

This is a behaviour Pierre has been often engaged on the forum, when he is compulsively drawn to a thread where women are present and tells them about his own unresolved issues with women, while projecting blame and rage.

Pierre has been using forum in addiction to channel and to attribute his passive aggressive rage to women who have never harmed him personally.

A lot of Pierre’s posts are about him being targeted by women etc. I can see clearly that he is in addiction when he says that to women who have never treated him as such and get a thrill while justifying his rage.

At the moment Pierre just wants to blame women for his injury and manipulate others to avoid feeling his own emotions.
Pierre also often wants to blame spirits for his lack of desire to actually own his own feelings. Rather than seeing he is attracting spirits because he wants them and agrees with them.

It is Pierre's choice to do this. He is using his will in this direction.

It is such a problem when we don’t want to feel because we are so easily manipulated by others.

Not taking personal responsibility for your own emotions and growth by repeatedly trying to involve others in your own processing work from a narcissistic rather than from a loving/sharing intention:

At this stage Pierre can not see ( and I would question if he even wants to see) the difference between women who want to use him and overpower him from women who do not wish to do that due to his unreleased rage.

Pierre shares with women things that he himself needs to look at and feel about, and he often shares with them his feelings in order to avoid to feel them in his private life.

This is what happened with Maureen as well as other women on the forum as can be seen in the following threads:

http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... e4ef#p3455

http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... f=30&t=415

http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... 1680#p1680

http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... 1498#p1498

http://forum.divinetruthhub.com/viewtop ... 1966#p1966

I do not agree that Pierre is attracted to engage in such threads because of the law of attraction, as he himself states often in his posts, I feel he is attracted to engage in these posts purely to passively channel his rage at women.

This behaviour is not ok and it shouldn’t be ever encouraged.

I hope the above is clear.


On 10 February 2016 at 13:01, <nicky@divinetruthhub.com> wrote:
Hello Administrator,

The following is an e-mail sent to you through the administration contact
page on "Divine Truth Hub Forum Board".

The message has been sent from an account on the site.
Username: Pierrejoseph
E-mail address: Removed
IP Address:

Message sent to you follows

Hi Nicky or any other administrator of the forum,

I would like to share with you a private exchange of 3 messages that
happened between Maureen and me and that felt off, and, that they might be
issues of love here to address. I am perfectly OK to make it public if this
might help others. Thanks

TOPIC: Maureen Profile Picture
Sent: Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:40 pm
by Pierrejoseph
Hi Maureen,

your profile pic feels like you are wearing a mask/facade. Why?
Always see it :shock: and I desire to see the real face helping to connect.


PS: I did not manage to upload a valid recent pic of me, it does not work
for some reasons. But I find nice to see people faces and appreciate it,
Sent: Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:39 pm
by maureen
Hi Pierre....thanks for the request...but I do want to mention too that I
don't feel like it is harmony with God to message me to confront me about
something unsolicited.

I just want to share this with you. I am currently working on this issue
myself (which has many facets)...and am beginning to learn nowadays more
about honoring the free will of others and giving every human being space
to exist and be who and where they are at the moment. And learning too how
and when and where to coexist with "truth" with other people in ways that
honor them.

I am going to change my picture at some point when I have one to upload and
take the time to do that. And, yes I have emotions around the larger issues
of being seen and open and vulnerable...(that have a lot of aspects to it
that I am always exploring) but it is something that I am working through
with God and in my own way and at a pace that is loving for my soul.

So, I just wanted to mention that it does feel a bit off to me. To send me
a message confronting my "facade"...when I did not ask for you to give me
that input. It feels like you think I should address that at a pace that
you feel is right. But, I am addressing it already with God in a way that
feels really good for my own soul.

Though, I also appreciate your desire to "see" me more fully. That part is
lovely. And I do intend to change my photo soon.

Anyway, I wanted to share that with you. I know on the forum we are seeking
truth and sharing truth, but I don't feel like it is loving to seek out
someone in this way through a personal message to tell them they should be
addressing something.

It is a large area....honoring free will....that I am newly starting to
feel more truth about from all angles. And this is one situation where it
feels like you acted in a way that did not honor my free will....my
relationship to my own soul and my relationship and work I am currently
doing with God on this issue already.

I have done this a lot in my life without realizing it was actually out of
harmony with God's definition of love. And, I am revisiting my motives in
many of my relationships now. And looking at why I am going toward people
wanting them to see and face things.

I hope that makes sense.

Sent: Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:48 pm
by Pierrejoseph
Hi Maureen,

I have been praying about knowing God's truth about the issue and how
unloving I might have been to you and honestly, I can't see it for the
moment. In fact, all I get is the contrary.

I am not in a clear emotional state where I am able to discern clearly what
is going on within me and you and what is God's truth about the topic. The
reason I am not fully clear is because of my resistance to feel my fear and
grief about how mam treated me and not to placate you in the interaction
because of my belief that I deserve it and it is anyway all my fault.
However, I feel sharing from some place of clarity and love of self and of
you to the extent I am able in the moment, for staying in silence and fear
and flying from what my soul attracted is not loving at all.

Here is what I feel and wish to share in the hope that it might be some
good matter for self reflection for you and hopefully help you. And it
definitely helps me to stand up and take the risk of sharing what I feel is
loving at this point in time and to assume the consequences of it. But, if
if I have been in any way unloving towards you, I would like to feel it in
my heart because I have yet to feel it. I am sure God will tell me.

I understand that any demand/attempt placed on anyone in order to get
someone to change their thoughts, or behavior or emotions projected is not
God's way of love and honoring people free will. It is then accompanied
with expecting a certain emotional outcome, an emotion to be fed in return
in every case: be it a desire to attack, put people down to feel superior
etc, or imposing opinion or giving unsolicited feedback etc... However, I
understand God is constantly and always trying lovingly to help us feel our
errors and release them from us, and this without expectation of us to
change, just with a pure desire for us to be more happy and enjoy our life.
He is using all kinds of ways as the loa (which includes communications
from angels, animals, events and encounters with people in our life
etc...), the law of cause and effect, the law of compensation etc.

As regards to my prayer to now God's truth about the matter, I have not
emotionally felt any wrong about what I have been doing in the sense of my
message would have harmed your free will as you tend to assert, I mean that
it would be attached with a demand /expectation that you should do/change
something about it, or whatever about your profile pic. I was just sharing
with you how I would love to see a picture where I could truly see you. My
opinion was and is still : what is the point to have a profile picture if
one can't hardly see you anyway? I feel it is a valid question. I am
perfectly OK that you feel it is not. I don't want you to change your
picture. I am even perfectly happy with no profile picture at all. I
personally have no picture as many others. I know there is no issue of
breaching the terms of the forum. However, I like nice pictures of people I
don't know because it helps me to connect with them in some ways. I just
shared with you that I would love to see a clear picture of you instead.
So, it might be important for you as it seems from your reaction to my
message. For me, it does not matter at all in the sense that it does not
affect my life at all and I have no personal attachment or interest that
you do anything with it. In other words, my happiness is unaffected by what
you chose to do on the matter. This is why I feel I am able to respond with
some clarity here as I have no reaction whatever you chose to do. To be
honest, I had even no intention to address anything in you in the sense of
confronting an addiction/your facade or something else. The reason is
simple : I had no idea why you used this picture, so how could I address an
issue that I was not aware of? It was a sincere question. I mean one could
have answered in many different ways like :

"I love it!. Don't you? "...finding it beautiful for some reasons I don't
know like it being a piece of art photography or whatever


"Yes, I don't like it either and like to change it, but it is all I have
got for the moment."


"Yes, I know I have this facade/fear about revealing who I really am and
being exposed to others and I am resistive to deal with it for the moment.
Thank you for reminding me or pointing it out"

Does that make any sense? These would be more humble and truthful answers I

So, now, I will attempt to be loving us in the process of sharing what I
felt happening for you through the intention of your response, and while
you might feel it "unsolicited" on your part again, I feel it is loving to
address an issue of love going on here because there is matter to grow
here, and not doing anything would mean us living and nurturing our
addictions. Actually I think you might have (or me if you are right) been
breaching some rules of the forum here and that needs to be exposed. And
again I share it for your self reflection, not as God's truth, as I am not
fully clear on the topic:

You have been triggered by my message, and because you are resistive to
feel about your issue related to your facade, not being seen and exposed,
you did not feel what emotions were coming from me to you, and so you felt
attacked / exposed in your facade and you wanted to defend strongly your
facade. As a result, you were not assessing the intention behind my message
correctly as you could not feel it. Actually, because you were not willing
to feel your pain, you responded totally in facade to me. What I mean by
that is that :

- you used many ways to try to demonstrate and justify that the motive of
my message was unloving as a way to avoid feeling your pain (not taking
personal responsibility for your emotions).

- you were thanking me, and using loving words and DT terminology when I
felt from you an angry demand projected at me: don't you dare address my
facade again Pierre. I do my own pace. What I mean, you were being angry at
me for (unexpectedly on my part) pointing out an issue you don't want want
to feel about, and then trying to justify your opinion why I acted
unlovingly towards you in an attempt to manipulate me and make me stop to
trigger your issue/ make you feel better. All what you justify feels
completely off to me in this position of denial where you are blocked to
feel what is really going on. (read below)

- you tend to say that you are learning about honoring people free will but
what you write demonstrates that you have yet to learn the truth about
honoring people free will because you, in this case, you cannot discern a
pure and sincere intention (mine in this case) from a demanding / nasty /
manipulative intention (yours in this case) yet. You are being hypocritical
and not sincere here because you are actually manipulating my will in this
way, while you say you are working on the issue and that I am not
respecting your will. So you tell me "I have the same problem as you do"
and so I know what I am talking about and that you do wrong. But it is not
the case here I feel. (I have personally also yet to understand Free will
fully in my heart, but my techniques to manipulate free will might be
totally different from your, for instance I would placate women to avoid
feeling their rage and my terror and grief, or I would project sexually to
get sexual approval. I might also want in some instance to impose my
opinion onto another to feel better about myself. etc..., to feel superior
/ less unworthy etc. But again, these is not relevant here I feel.)

You say :

    it is something that I am working through with God and in my own way
and at a pace that is loving for my soul

you justify you are working with God on the issue at you own pace - when
this shows you are not as you have no humility in your response - , and
your angry/manipulative response (not the words, the intention/emotions
behind I feel) demonstrates that you are just not willing to work on it at
the moment, what would be more a statement of truth. And it is fine and
perfectly your right I agree, But God's desire you to work on it every
moment. Also, I would add it is NOT loving for your soul to resist working
God's Way in having your "own pace". That said, I am as well resistant and
not humble on many issues, and so, really, I do not expect you to be humble
as I am not myself. However, I don't deserve your anger.

you say :

"It feels like you think I should address that at a pace that you feel is

Again you don't feel what is coming at you so you just guess.

you say:

   " So, I just wanted to mention that it does feel a bit off to me. To
send me a message confronting my "facade"...when I did not ask for you to
give me that input."

While I fully agree with your statement, I feel you got triggered by a
loving loa event instead. Again, I had not a clue idea my message would
results in triggering an error in you.

You even justify:

 "I know on the forum we are seeking truth and sharing truth, but I don't
feel like it is loving to seek out someone in this way through a personal
message to tell them they should be addressing something."

Again you are not honest. You are on the forum and not seeking and sharing
truth on the matter. Well, why are you on the forum then if you don't want
to be triggered in a loving way? I feel it is the whole point to be here,
to learn truth about us and Love and Truth in a non demanding way.

I want to comment about why I chose purposefully to contact you privately.
Simply, because it was a private and personal question for you ! It had
nothing to do with others, and it felt at that time not related to an issue
of love that would benefit others to be made publicly as I already
mentioned before I was not aware of your issue.

I know that you have been acknowledged as one of the most honest and
truthful person on the forum, and while it is certainly the case and I can
often feel your desire to love others and to grow in love and truth, I feel
you have been quite dishonest, attacking and manipulative towards me and
acting fully in your facade in this interaction. This is the reason why I
feel to send a copy of our messages to the administrator in order to get a
feedback closer to Gods truth on the matter as we, but also everybody else
on the forum, can greatly benefit from it.

I tried to be as precise and detailed as possible in my response to you and
I hope this may helps you in any way.


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