New Member Rank - On Probation

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New Member Rank - On Probation

Post by Nicky » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:54 am

Hi guys

I have just added a new rank to the forum - "On Probation"

With people in this rank, their usernames will appear a lighter shade of green (as evidenced in this post) and it will state under their username on any posts that they make as "On Probation" (which is the same for all ranks).

How this rank has been defined:

Somebody who has previously been banned or muted and posting privileges have been returned to them following a successful appeal where the admin has felt that the individual has addressed the issue that the initial disciplinary action was taken against them. Being in this group is NOT determined by any set time frame OR post count, but based on the feeling/nature/intention behind the posts upon their return.

If such individual engages in the same behaviour that they were initially striked off the forum for, posting rights will be instantly removed from their profile for a second time with NO OTHER WARNINGS/STRIKES BEING ISSUED. If said individual engages in a separate addiction/injury to the one they had been struck off for originally, then they will not be "penalised" by their probation status and normal forum rules will apply on that particular issue (unless of course they engage in behaviour deemed a red strike action to which their posting privileges again will be instantly removed).

The individual will also be privately notified when their status has been changed back to a Registered User dependant upon how their probationary period goes.



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