A poem/ The many and the fewer still

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A poem/ The many and the fewer still

Post by Perry » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:24 pm

This was one of the first poems I ever wrote after first discovering Divine Truth.

The Many and the Fewer still

I look around me and there are Few,
the absence of the Many gives rise to my doubts.
Safety in numbers the chorus sings, as I look in front and see,
the Fewer still.

'Something' compels me forward,
and what that something is I question, secretly knowing,
shy to murmur, I believe.

I cannot see beyond the Fewer still,
yet I yearn to travel over yonder, further and further into the...

I look behind, and over my shoulder I see... the Many.
I waver in disbelief, who am I to be? My tongue pauses, I frown,
who am I to take my lead?
The cord does not hesitate, it continues to pull me, to the place that whispers...
the Fewer still.

The Many lend their hand, and desire that I run with the pack,
the Fewer still, act not. Their brightness alone shows me the way,
as They wait for me to extend my hand to them.

One day, my courage will be tested,
leading me to even Fewer still.
And the Many will gossip and mock, as they see a child alone.
By then, I will be brave and smile "Alone" ? Yelling back in my glory "You must be blind...
all of you... come here and stand by my side, and see if you feel alone".

And as the Many hurry themselves to my open heart,
earnest to prove their claim,
the Truth will gradually enter their soul,
and love will force their tears,
and love will heal their pain.

Struck by the experience,
they will look back in astonishment,
to the place where there once stood... the Many.
And they will see... running towards us in awe...
the Fewer Still.

(Click below to watch an inspiring video related to the poem)

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